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Harry, Hermione, Lupin, McGonagall, Molly, Narcissa, Neville, Draco, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-05-27 9:33pm
Last Chapter
2007-12-13 8:52pm
Last Updated
2007-12-13 8:52pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Begin at The Beginning and you'll be ahead

Hey guyz, the readers are real cool!! Here's a new storie!! luv ya. Please put this through, i have a whole new storie with 2 chapters that i need to put up, and a new chapter on this one!! Luv ya Reader people!

598 21
2 Colors and Patterns, and Chairs... Oh My!

This is a not needed chapter, it's just about Hermione and Draco coming in and stuff... changing. Chapter 3 is typed and ready so I'll be validatin a lot!!!

960 14
3 She's Bringing Sex Back

Chapter 3: How does the Heads Dormitory look? what suprise does the blank room hold? What happens when they find out about the blank room? U'll have to read and find out!!

1,163 21
4 Dance Dance, In My Competition

Hermione and Draco spend the morning together and during Potions will be asked one of the biggest questions of their year...Maybe their whole lives.

1,018 7
5 Here comes The Ex, Here Comes The Ex

Draco and Hermione give their answer, Jena DeRoth makes her grand entrance into the story!

1,234 6
6 Sometimes When You Least Expect it...The Expected Happens

Hermione Learns the Truth Behind Jena, Someone comes Back

816 8
7 Only the Bad Die Old, the Good Die Whenever the Hell They Want To

Filler Chapter, the mysterious figure comes in later! Hermioen and Draco meet someone!

720 4
8 The Need to Know, The Want to Leave it a Secret

Hermioen wakes Draco up early, and peop,e are tslking in riddles!

700 8
9 Finally a Day of Rest And the Startlingest Discovery!

Draco forces Hermione to take a day off and go Christams shopping!
Warning: CLIFFHANGER! oh and i might go on temp. hiatus!

1,044 7
10 God Rest Ye Not-so-Merry Gentlemen

We find out who the black head is. Hermione has probalems with Christmas

1,995 9
11 A Dancing Class Hero is Something to Be

the lead up to the Biggest dance competition of all!

2,150 9
12 The Wild Haired Dancer From Hogwarts

You two are my most promising student team ever. I want you to understand that whatever the outcome you are the best here. Because you have something the other teams don’t. You two are connected with a bond that cannot be changed or moved, and I hope that you two will dance with no hold barred

2,189 10
13 Lets See How Far We’ve Come

Draco and I are still married 6 years later. We have 3 other children, Landon Apollo, Maelie Athena and Brennen Adonis. Landon is 4, Maelie is 2 and Landon is still just a couple months old. I love my children and everything they do.

1,006 15


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