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Harry, Dumbledore, Snape, Arthur, Molly, Voldemort, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Mystery, AU
Mild Language, Mild Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-05-21 7:05pm
Last Chapter
2007-12-27 3:22pm
Last Updated
2007-12-27 3:22pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

The Potter family has five members. Lily, James and their three childern.

Same as before just a few gramtical errors straightened out :D

2,022 17
2 Chapter 1 and 2

Chappie 1: Meeting a natural herbologist Chappie 2: The fire Pheonix

1,132 5
3 Chapter 3

Kirsty discovers something in the garden.....

Hiya guys.....ummm....well just a few major editing points at the bottom of the chapter. Very important to the rework.

605 7
4 Chapter 4

All siblings have a cause for confusion this morning....

IMPORTANT: rework at end of chapter!!!!

649 4
5 Chapter 5: Secrets and lies

Secrets are told, Lies are suspected. The question is which sibling suspects the most? And which will do anything about it?

1,268 7
6 Chapter 6 : The Beginning of Confusion

Doubt begins to grow within the two youngest members of the Weasley childern. Though for what reasons could the secrets be uncovered?

1,047 2
7 Chapter 7: Solutions revealed.

Things come to light and games are played as Kaisha prepares herself....

1,007 1
8 Chapter 8 : Sleeping witches

Kaisha puts her plan into action - but can she reach the goblin in time?

1,133 8
9 Chapter 9 : Family

What will Kaisha do when she discovers the truth?

1,268 1
10 Chapter 10: Birthday wishes

Kaisha's birthday. How she copes with the plastered smiles and preteneding all is well.

833 1
11 Chapter 11: Hats and things

The first day back, A worry filled trian ride, a sorting...

But when Kirsty finds out the truth, will she believe?

1,650 5
12 Chapter 12 : What to do?

They Potters take a moment to think....

780 5
13 Chapter 13: Telling The Second Year

Kaisha has to make the choice...But who will she tell first... and which second year will find out the truth....

1,292 4
14 Chapter 14: Talks and Worries

Kirsty and Ginny, Harry with Ron and Kaisha & then Severus with Dumbledore.

So many talks so many worries....

978 5
15 Chapter 15: What disbelief can do

Kirsty is told by her real sister who she is... But what else will the day uncover...

1,379 4
16 Chapter 16: The after affects of a Quidditch match….

The quidditch match has some worrying consquinces.

1,858 9
17 Chapter 17: Slithering troubles…

The dueling club, a hoping for acceptance and Kirsty finds something ot that was quite unexpected...

2,620 3
18 Chapter 18 : The start of something big…

What happens when Harry has to visit the Headmaster? What about Kirsty and Snape? WHat wil Kaisha do with the problem their lives face?

Just another chapter in the lives of the Potter childern....

3,095 4
19 Chapter 19: A trip to the bank

Where the portkey takes them.....

2,066 3
20 Chapter 20: Their new home

Their new new rooms...But what's happening back at Hogwarts?

1,448 6
21 Chapter 21: Potions and Their Uses

The uses and secrets surrounding the subtle art of potions....

941 5
22 Chapter 22: Wind

It's Kirsty's 17th and there's a lot of fun in the air....

1,764 2
23 Chapter 23: Fire

Harry wakes up on his sisters floor and finds something unexpected.....

925 6
24 Chapter 24 - Earth

When the residents at Ravenclaw manor creep into the forest everyone finds more than they expected to....

1,120 9
25 Chapter 24: Family Friends

Albus gets suspicious and who is waiting at the Potter's front door?

1,123 2
26 Chapter 25: Books and Papers

Dumbledore reads yet more lies to the wizarding community, Voldermort finds of some important information and a Potter discovers a hidden chamber.....

982 4
27 Chapter 26 : The meeting room

The group at Ravenclaw estate follow the deep passage below the dining hall, but what's Voldermort planning?

927 6
28 Chapter 27: The final countdown

The last countdown to the war they've all been waiting for. Watch the reactions to the worry and fear of the upcoming battle....

1,067 3
29 Chapter 28: The heirs on Hogwart’s soil

All four heirs of Hogwarts are now on it's soil. But how? And whom?

1,258 3
30 Chapter 29: The battle that would end all battles (part one)

The battle commences. But how will Dumbledore react to the appreance of the Potter's and what will Molly and Arthur do when they find themselves fighting their childern?

1,661 6
31 (Part 2)

The fight continues. However, mistakes are made and to fix them take drastic consequiences......

1,141 6
32 <b> <u> Epilogue - 20 years later </b> </u>

They've won and peace has ensured. But what have the Potters done with their lives now they have a choice?

671 19


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