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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Voldemort, Fred/George, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Sirius/OC
Drama, Mystery, Angst
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature,
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-05-21 3:37am
Last Chapter
2007-10-21 12:26pm
Last Updated
2007-10-21 12:26pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Lion, the Witch, and the Phoenix

It's grave times for witches and wizards alike. The loss of Albus Dumbledore has left a hole in the hearts of many. A select group finds that it is time for the next logical step. All it takes is one decision.

3,554 30
2 The Not-So-Dead-End at Privet Drive

The end of the summer is drawing near. Will Harry do what he set out to do or will he return to Hogwarts? Can an old friend convince him to do the right thing? Harry will finally wave good-bye to Privet Drive and return home.

4,160 19
3 How Deep is the Burrow

Harry is on his way back home to the Burrow. What will happen along his journey?

3,750 15
4 The Relationship Element

What is it about relationships that make things difficult? Harry begins to wrestle with the fact that Ginny is no longer in his life. What will happen during the time he is with her? Will he ever get a response from Isis about his dream with Voldemort?

4,589 28
5 The Journey Home

It's only a few hours before Harry, Hermione, and Ron return to Hogwarts. What's already different? Who will Harry run into at Diagon Alley? Are they going to be the only ones boarding Hogwarts Express? The journey home won't be all its cracked up to be.

3,725 26
6 The New Dawn of Hogwarts

Harry and crew are back at Hogwarts. What are they going to expect? Will there be surprises in store? How will Isis see the new year? There's a lot to learn this year. Is this just the beginning?

4,777 28
7 The Uncontrollable Element

With the beginning of the year just starting, what do the Seventh Years have to look forward to in their classes? The last class that they will be attending will be about the Four Elements. However, what is the one element that Isis won't be teaching them?

4,349 28
8 The Hostage Situation at Twelve Grimmauld Place

So now is the time for Harry to find the third Horcrux. Will it be what he thought it was? Will the Elements play into it? And who exactly turns up at Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place? There are many things in store for Harry. Is he up for the beginning of the end?

5,898 26
9 New Questions No Answers

Harry has many questions but will there be answers to them? Is there something that Isis is hiding? Who was the man that helped them at number twelve, Grimmauld Place? With any luck, Harry will find the answers he seeks.

4,191 16
10 Potions Revived

Harry has finally destroyed the third Horcrux. However, questions still remain about many mysteries that are lurking about Hogwarts. Who is the mysterious man that came to help them at number twelve, Grimmauld Place? How did the Fire Element know to come and help him and Isis? With just four classes to focus on, why has Potions become so important?

3,762 22
11 In the Beginning there were Four Elements

Hogwarts seems to be back to it's normal status, or is it? Now that Poseidon has been appointed as the new Potions Master, are Harry's uncertain feelings about him just? Are Isis and Poseidon closer than anyone thinks? What exactly will the students learn during their first class of the Elements? Class is just about to start...

3,876 18
12 The Dark Element

Now that Harry knows he has a power beyond anything any wizard has seen, what is to become of him? What will Poseidon teach him? Why is the Darkness so vital to what Harry possesses? Maybe tonight is the night he finds out.

4,291 18
13 The Sword in the Stone

The Elements seem invincible. With Isis being revealed as the Fire Element, it makes the Elements class that much more interesting for the trio. What will they learn during this class? Why would the Elements have need of a sword if they have powerful magic at their beck and call? The trio is about to find out.

4,928 16
14 The Ruins of Godric's Hollow

Now that Hermione and Harry have special powers to speak of, the trio is going after the fourth Horcrux. Will their powers be of any help? Will the trio be stronger now than ever? What lies ahead at Godric's Hollow? Will the place of where it all begin be a battleground for the ages? Harry's going home - just not the way he wanted to.

7,112 13
15 Potions Gone Bad

So the fourth Horcrux as been found. Why doesn't anyone seem happy about it? Why would Voldemort place a part of his soul in another diary? Has Isis's and Poseidon's behavior been normal for who and what they are or is there something more to it? Things have just gone from good to worse. Will anything go their way?

4,106 18
16 Hidden Meanings

So what exactly is the fourth Horcrux? Is it just a rouse to make our Trio think on their feet? Are there meanings inside that they possibly won't and can't understand? Why would Ravenclaw need to hide whatever she was hiding in her diary from any of her friends? Harry and Company is about to find out more than they ever expected.

4,228 15
17 A Little Piece of the Past

What is it about Isis that Hermione is so interested in? What is the lotus and what does it mean to Isis? Hermione is set on finding out about Isis and what she finds out might be something she never expected.

3,733 33
18 The Shadows of Doubt and Despair

Could Sirius be alive? What is it about the Veil that keeps it within the Department of Mysteries? How will Isis handle stepping into a place that is almost as foreign to her as the Muggle world? There is a fine line between mystery and strange. Which line is Isis crossing?

5,307 18
19 The Secrets of Azkaban

Oh, Harry...what are you getting yourself into? Is it really wise for the Boy-Who-Lived to venture into the heart of Azkaban by himself when evil lurks in every corner? Will he find information about the fifth Horcrux? Will Regulus finally become the Black family member that he needs to be in order to survive the coming war? It's Harry chance to shine. Through the darkness he continues on his journey...

3,612 21
20 The Impending Fate of Lucius Malfoy

So comes the time to question one of Voldemort's most loyal and trusted Death Eaters. Will Harry come to terms with Lucius Malfoy? What sort of grudge does Poseidon hold against the leader of the Malfoys? Will they gain any new information. Sit back and watch carefully. Truth comes in different packages.

4,581 18
21 Past, Present, & Unforeseen Future

What is it about the Darkness that calls to people? With the fifth Horcrux destroyed, its only a matter of time before they figure out where the last one is. However, Lucius Malfoy was the first of many deaths. Maybe its time to glance into the past to figure out the present and possibly the future. As we silently walk down the corridor, be cautious of what's around you. You never know what you may find in the darkness.

4,419 19
22 Face-To-Face Once Again

The Room of Requirement seems to be one of the hot spots at Hogwarts. The DA used it during the reign of Umbridge, and various other instances seem to keep popping up. Now it seems as though Isis has found someone hiding in there. It certainly wasn't someone she was expecting to see. Is it someone familiar or someone no one even imagined it could be? Harry's suspicions have risen. Is Hogwarts no longer safe? Imagine really hard about what you want to see. Maybe the Room of Requirement will grant you access.

4,510 18
23 The Rebirth

Isis has returned 'home'. But where and what is home? Isis is an Element. Does she truly have a home? Will Harry understand everything that is going on? Will Isis finally crack before all is said and done? Home is where the heart is. Let's see if that saying holds true.

4,333 18
24 The Potter Legacy

What is it about the past that makes us curious? Usually its an event that intrigues us. For Harry Potter, it's his parents' death that makes him wonder who he truly is. With the return of a man thought dead, Harry might find out things he never thought about or things he never wanted to see. Memories are something that should be viewed with care. Hopefully Harry will do just that.

4,668 15
25 Fear Uncontrolled

Now that the past is out in the open, the future can continue on. For Harry, going back to Hogwarts might not bring about a happier time. What are Harry, Isis, and Dumbledore returning to? Will everyone be shocked by the appearance of the former Headmaster? This is the beginning of the end. Forget fear and forge ahead through the darkness and into the light.

5,825 20
26 A Change in the Wind

One of the battles has been fought and won. How will the war turn out? Is everyone as they should be? Since the finding of the Fourth Element, things seem to be looking up. There are only a few steps left until the last leg of the journey. Ron is about to show the Wizarding World who and what he is. The storm is slowly brewing. It's time for the winds to change.

6,451 16
27 The Last Horcrux

Harry has been through almost everything. Now that the Wind Element has been found, its only a matter of time before Voldemort comes out of hiding. Will the Trio be ready? What is the Last Horcrux? Hopefully we can be granted access to the Headmaster's office to listen in...Password: Lemon Drops?

5,659 11
28 The End - Part I

The Wizarding World is in for a very bumpy ride. All of Hogwarts knows that the time is drawing near. Will Voldemort finally reappear to destroy the Boy-Who-Lived? Will the Elements show how strong they truly are? Will Isis bow to the Darkness? The final few hours are upon us. Which side are you on? Join Harry on his quest for a brighter future...

6,070 17
29 The End - Part II

It's finally here - The End. What does Fate hold in store for Hogwarts and the wizards and witches that fight within the halls? Voldemort has made his presence known. Will Harry be able to defeat the being that killed his parents? Will all of his friends come out alive? The time is here and now. Stand and fight! Fate has already written the final pages of the story. It's only up to Harry now.

8,565 21
30 Just the Beginning

With the war over, what happened to Hogwarts and everyone that had occupied it during that horrific night? Is Harry hailed as the victor and hero of every wizard? What about Hermione and Ron and their new futures? Has Sirius sunk into a deep depression and unable to cope with the loss of Isis? With The End just moments ago, it is just The Beginning all over again. Join in the celebration!

6,051 55


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