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Lily, James, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-05-20 2:43pm
Last Chapter
2006-07-23 7:54pm
Last Updated
2006-07-23 7:54pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Jinxed

Head Boy; Head Girl; Shared Common Room; Shared Duties...what happens when the door is...*gasp* jinxed??

1,104 60
2 Henry the Eighth and Chocolate Chip Cookies

'Potter, dammit! It's 10:30!' I cried, flipping my hair out of my eyes. I lay on a couch, facing his side of the room, trying to fall asleep as half an hour before I had dismally found he had jinxed the dorm doors too. 'GO TO BED!' I roared.'I normally don't sleep until-' 'Potter, I don't care if you normally sleep with a purple hippogriff, just go to damn sleep!' I looked at the clock once more...22 and a half more hours...

867 54
3 Your Toes Are On My Side of the Line

Who are you and what have you done with James Potter?' my brain demanded harshly, but I immediately cast that thought aside. 'It's alright, Potter. My temper's nearly uncontrollable.' I admitted with a nervous laugh and sat down, my legs tucked beneath me.. Well, it was! Potter nodded, cast one more hungry look at the food, and then at me. 'James,' he said. I was confused. He saw my confused look. 'Call me James,' he repeated with a gentle smile. 'Lily. And not-' 'Not Lils. I learned that.'

1,242 43
4 Oranges and Personal Space

When oranges come into the mix that lunch, things get heated. Along with a trip to the bathroom and picking up the pieces of the oranges, bubble space is invaded! Excerpt: inwardly laughed, but outwardly scowled and reached to go pick up the chewed pieces in the towel, conveniently at the same time he did. Our noses bumped and we looked up at each other. I could feel his breath on my skin. Gulp.He grabbed the towel and vanished it with his wand. 'To close for comfort there,' he muttered, his cheeks as pink as ever.Mine were too. 'Yeah, personal space,' I mumbled.

1,136 40
5 A Little Too Stubborn

I'm sorry! my thoughts spat. If I can't remember which pieces move how and where! I had my hand on the pawn. He snapped his own hand out, grasped my wrist and pushed my hand and the pawn back one. Woa...invasion of personal space here again! But this time, it's not half bad...His hand lingered, as did my thoughts once more, and when he saw his hand still laying on top of mine I shot him a shifty grin. He reluctantly returned it with a not-so-confident grin of his own. He seemed embarrassed and I had to let out a small laugh. Though, it came out like a giggle. Oh Merlin.

1,514 37
6 Trelawney's Prediction From The Past

Three tarot cards chose the fate of James Potter in third year....:My stomach did a number of flip flops, I felt extremely annoyed that he would take advice from cardboard cards, proud that someone liked me that much, and upset over the whole thing. 'Well...' he said, his cheeks pink and his hands stuffed into his pockets. I was standing, my fists shaking, pacing about the room. 'I loved you even before that Lily Evans. And I go by the cards I've been dealt. I'm not giving up.' More romantical than chapters 1-5

1,605 58
7 Line-B-Gone

He sighed. 'You heard my views. I stand stronger on them than I did before all of this. You've seen how I've acted in here. I did this because it's amazing how people can change in the amount of time that's 24 hours, and I wanted to change. To make you see what's under this troublemaking skin. I. Love. You.' My eyes widened. I heard it before an hour ago...but it still shocked me to hear those words coming out of his mouth.

950 61
8 Say It

James grinned. Stop grinning you git, you're making my heart pound to loudly to hear anything! 'Well I know that Sirius would-' But I didn't get to hear what he thought Sirius would do as a loud THUMP of my heart blocked it out. 'And then he'd burst into a fit of laughter-' THUMP. I found myself gently scratching the couch, egging for my heart to stop it. 'Peter'd just look at me like-' THUMP. I found myself now trying to edge closer to him. 'Then he'd probably squeal to death-' THUMP. My eyes wandered to his hand lying on the couch beside him and I wanted to grasp it in my own.

1,814 124


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