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Charlie, OC
Primary Relationship
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General, Romance
Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-05-16 4:15pm
Last Chapter
2009-03-10 4:33am
Last Updated
2009-03-10 4:33am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Sacred Fire University for Dragon Studies

Responds to u_had_me_at_hello’s ‘Charming Charlie’ challenge! Being a Dragon Keeper was never Irene’s first career choice. Yet there she was, in Romania, studying dragons. It was easy to say that her life was going to spin out of control, especially after she met an old crush…

2,166 41
2 New Friends, New Admirer?

I just met Gavin Mackenzie, Lisa’s brother. He’s kinda cute. And Lisa has this crazy idea about him liking me. Whatever. I don’t have time for that, especially when Charlie actually starts noticing me.

1,659 32
3 The First Class: Homework Already?

My first day in university. See if I can survive. And they can't actually give us homework on the first day, can they?

3,242 22
4 Dreading a Question

So it’s time for the party. I hope this goes well, without a broken hell or anything disastrous.

4,289 20
5 Freckle

The project for DeMonte’s class starts today, but that’s not the only thing I’m worried about. My friends think (despite my protests) that Gavin’s my boyfriend and he seems to think he is too.

5,037 16
6 Hatching Day

We didn’t say anything for some time. He read his book and I did my homework with one eye fixed on Freckle. It wasn’t until we heard a loud crack that we looked up.

2,652 13
7 Faint and Faith

Freckle made his first impression and I was forced to relive the worst moment of my life.

2,400 9
8 Sighisoara

I’m going out with Gavin today. I’m getting butterflies about it, but where is he going to take me? And more importantly, what am I going to do when the date is over?

2,485 3
9 Someone to Talk to

I picked up my quill, intending to start replying his letter, but found myself at a loss of words. So much had happened in my life, but where should I begin?

2,820 4
10 Fly

I let myself envision us together. The Dragon Keeper and the Damsel in Distress. How appropriate. But wouldn’t he get tired of saving her? How long would that last?

3,618 6


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