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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/OC
Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-05-11 12:41am
Last Chapter
2006-10-31 6:25am
Last Updated
2008-08-23 2:59am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 We're WHAT?!

We meet Breanne Vonatello and learn about her and her family. Also we learn some news that shocks Bre.

1,309 18
2 Family Dinners and Future Linebackers

In this chapter we meet more of Bre's family and it is the day before she leaves for Hogwarts. Also we have a nice Vonatello dinner conversation.

1,273 11
3 Wake Up Calls and Familiar Faces

Bre is awoken by her brothers on September 1 the day she is to leave for Hogwarts. After her rude awakening she arrives at the train and gets greeted by some familiar Marauders.

1,310 5
4 Figments of Your Imagination and PB&J

Realizing who Bre is James takes her back to the compartment to see the others. While Sirius has a problem accepting the fact that she's back for the year.

1,027 7
5 How's Life and Dumbly-dore and Minnie

Bre and Sirius talk about old times and what has changed in their lives since they last saw eachother.

909 8
6 Hallway Meetings and Crazy Blondes

Bre meets Sirius' lovely brother and remembers something she left behind after her first year.

1,140 6
7 Fights and Realizations

Lily Evans and James Potter are fighting yet again. When Lily gets fed up and leaves what does she realize that could change her life forever?

1,284 5
8 Plans and Feelings

Bre and Sirius have a plan to get James and Lily together. But what happens to them as they wait for their plan to take action?

1,505 5
9 Feuds and Misunderstandings

Bre's life seemed perfect but no reality is setting in and fights are arising between friends. Also what happens at Hogsmeade that causes some serious problems and makes Bre question whether she belongs back at Hogwarts or not.

1,711 3
10 Making Up and Retail Therapy

Bre feels miserable after the little Zonko's episode. But in her time of need a friend comes and helps her cheer up. Meanwhile Sirius realizes how big of an idiot he was

1,287 1
11 Confidence and Romance

Sirius shows off his romantic side.

1,405 5
12 Birthday Surprises and Meeting the Family

It's James and Sirius' birthday and the others are planning a surprise. And Sirius gets to meet Bre's family.

2,020 6
13 More Surprises and Requests

The group continues the birthday celebration while having a party at Hogwarts.

1,454 6
14 Promises and Caffeine

Sirius makes some promises and Bre has a little too much caffeine.

1,487 7
15 Dance, Dance and the Future

The Halloween Dance has finally arrived and there is talk of the future.

1,457 6
16 Sleepovers and Heartbreak

The girls decide to have a sleepover, but things don't go the way they planned.

1,600 10
17 I Saw You

With a shattered heart Bre doesn't know what to do, until she meets a new friend who helps her through her problems.

1,609 10
18 Miserable

Problems are breaking out between the group of friends.

1,440 8
19 Royal Invitations and Hidden Feelings

Bre finds out a secret about Jake and Sirius decides that he needs to move on too reluctantly.

1,505 5
20 Royalty, The Ball and A Midnight Guest

Bre and Jake arrive at their destination. But back at Hogwarts a plan is brewing to get Bre and Sirius together, will it work?

3,229 7
21 Don't Tell Me This is Rejection

Sirius and Bre have an important discussion and James Potter has officially lost his mind.

1,683 8
22 Welcome to Cali

The group decides what to do for their seventh year Christmas

1,995 6
23 The Holidays Begin

As the friends arrive at the Vonatello house, they get situated and meet some members of the family.

1,844 8
24 The Vonatellos

It's time for a Christmas dinner to kick off the holidays as the family begins to arrive.

1,419 10
25 Closet Bets

Bets are made and a surprise that is causing jaws to drop.

1,555 8
26 Cooking Disasters

Bre cooking.... enough said.

1,354 5
27 Act Your Age, Not Your Shoe Size

The girls feel like babysitters, not girlfriends. Caution very fluffy

1,123 5
28 Back to School

The gang heads back to school to finish their seventh year and Bre has a run om with a certain Slytherin.

2,052 5
29 Shocking News

Title is kinda self explaintory, this is a filler chapter kinda. Sorry...

1,713 7
30 Nothing is Alright Anymore

Everything seems to be falling apart.

2,169 5
31 Threats and the Truth

Bre is not having a very good day.

1,366 5
32 It's Not Your Fault

"James stop telling me what to do." she told him forcefully. "This is my problem and I have to deal with it my way" she said her voice rising. James scoffed. "If it's your problem it's all of our problems Breanne" he told her with the same tone. "James this is my fault, I need to be here for him, I don't have time to deal with anything else, and I need to stay away from you guys or you'll end up just like him James Potter!" she practically yelled.

1,734 6
33 The Pain Soon Fades Away

Here comes the sun doo-doo-do-do lol The Beetles lol

1,153 11
34 Busted

Pranks are in the works!

1,192 3
35 Never A Dull Moment

Jarvey's, Blonde jokes and horrible singing Oh-my!

1,331 5
36 She's Getting Married?!

Well a wedding is in the works! (Originally 2 chapters that's why it's so long!)

3,373 4
37 I Can Do This

James then ran a hand through his hair. "I may sound like a chick saying this, but follow your heart." Remus and Peter both bursted out into laughter. "Well it's not like you guys are helping!" James told his two friends angrily. Remus shook his head trying to stop his laughter.

1,116 9
38 Oh My Godric

Answer to the question you have all been waiting for. *drum roll please*

924 7
39 Full Moon Problems

"But will he be ok?" she asked more forcefully. "We hope-" but Madame Pomfrey was cut off as Bre whipped around. "You hope? YOU HOPE?" she yelled.

1,269 11
40 And I Could Not Ask for More

"Bre you know I could have made them stay inside, I should have never let them come with me" he said moving over and sitting on a bed while putting his head in his hands. "Remus, nothing could keep them away from you on a full moon" she told him sitting down next to him "They care too much for you, plus you know them even if you told them to stay inside they would just disobey you"

1,962 7
41 Anabelle Marie

Oh no not another Vonatello.

2,117 8
42 Reminiscing

The group reminisces about the first time they met.

1,544 8


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