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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Lucius, Voldemort, Draco, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing
Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-05-08 3:16pm
Last Chapter
2007-06-06 4:44pm
Last Updated
2007-06-06 4:44pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Draco's Reward

This fic starts with a glimpse into Draco's world after the death of Dumbledore. Where does he go? What does he do? Who is he with? What is his reward for fulfilling his Master's wishes?

3,828 16
2 Departing The Dursleys

Harry spends some quality time with his favourite relatives. In the midst of Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia's yearly pestering, Harry gets a couple of visitors and the realisation that he must, once again, face Ginny.

4,819 13
3 Coming of Age

Harry turns 17 at the Burrow and has a party thrown by the Weasleys. Ron has a little too much fun while Harry finally gets the nerve to face Ginny...

4,941 20
4 Meeting at the Ministry

Finally, the secret letter that Harry had written is answered. A meeting with an influential figure takes place. Who and why? Read to find out!

5,302 13
5 Quidditch and Quest

From discussions about romance, to discussions about quidditch, to discussions about the Horcruxes - follow Harry's latest adventure in Destiny or Despair! *Reviews much appreciated*

5,267 11
6 Potions and Emotions

Skeeter, Fluff and Harry Potter - what 7th year fic is complete without them? Follow Harry on his first journey of romance. Also, hear a little bit about Ginny's childhood. *Please leave a review* :)

5,623 11
7 The Elusive Meeting

The time has come for Harry to gather his friends, and with help from an old mentor, plan the quest for the Horcruxes. Things are beginning to get a little hectic at the Burrow ahead of the wedding too. Please R/R as it helps recieving all feedback :o) Enjoy !

5,107 9
8 Unwanted Guests

It's Bill and Fleur's wedding and the Burrow's full of activity. Harry has a feeling things aren't right; is he paranoid due to nerves about his feelings for Ginny, or is there more to this? ? ? R/R please (", ) Big thanks to Jessi_rose for pushing me to post this . . . I'm nervous about response :o)

6,464 14
9 A Witness to Conflict

Harry has more than nightmares during his stay at St Mungo's A/N : Sorry for the wait on this but I posted it and changed parts soon after to make things clearer where I'm taking this as some were confused. Now written 10 & 11, so the wait will be minimal. Thanks for ALL your reviews. Dave (", )

6,284 12
10 Godrics Hollow

Harry gets the chance he has been waiting so long for, to visit his parents graves. After which he takes a walk down memory lane with a the Potters old next door neighbour. Harry recieves more than her account of his parents deaths. Please R/R, always nice to hear from you all (", ) !

6,095 11
11 Reports and Revenge

There's always two sides to every story, yet here we see three. Harry's words get twisted by Skeeter's quill once more as a vengful Rodolphus Lestrange demands revenge. Voldemort has a cunning plan to turn Harry into a figure of hate in the Wizarding world. The plot thickens . . . Please R/R and thanks again to Jessi_Rose my beta for all her help, Enjoy ! (", )

5,684 10
12 Love Expressed

Harry and Ginny consummate their love for one another before Ginny embarks reluctantly for school. Harry meets a future team mate of the Cannons on the platform before he too travels with Hermione to Hogwarts. But why are they both going too ? ? ?

6,295 10
13 Old Hat, New Head

Harry attends the Welcoming Feast at Hogwarts before the following days meeting with McGonagall. The only problem for Harry is, they're not alone. Can Harry get past the Ministry's constant questioning to allow him to get on with his greatest task, finding the elusive Horcruxes . . . please R/R. Thanks ! (", )

6,037 11
14 Mayhem in Diagon Alley

Stage one of Voldemorts plan to vilify Harry and turn the Wizarding world against him is about to begin. Do actions speak louder than words ? ? ? Things are about to get - well, you'll just have to read and find out ! (", ) Please R/R, I'd like to know what you think. Thanks.

6,597 12
15 Missing Files, Quidditch Trials

The aftermath of the shocking evente in Diagon Alley and the ramifications are revealed. What really was Voldemort's intent? Harry decides that it's time to show both the Cannons and England coaches exactly what he's capable of on his Firebolt. Will Harry ever get an uneventful day? . . . Please R/R. Thanks !

6,996 12
16 Tweaking Trelawney

Harry tries to accept he's not accountable for every death in the Wizarding world at present. The time has come for Dumbledore's theories to be put to the test Will Professor Trelawney be able to make the Prophecy Albus predicted she would ? If so, what will it reveal ? Please R/R. Thanks for all the reviews - keep 'em comin' !

6,831 11
17 Awakening Suspicions

It's all smiles for the Weasleys as Ron's awake from his unnatural cursed slumber in St Mungos's. A certain reporter declares her intentions as Voldemort's plan switches to new targets. What was inside the mysterious box ? What about the Prophecy ? Surely Ron's not a genius, right ? Please R/R. Thanks to all for your reviews ! Enjoy . . .

9,038 9
18 Declino Pestis

The Quidditch season is merely a few days away. Harry still hasn't met his team mates or practiced. Voldemort's attention turns to other victims that can help bring Harry out in to the open. Will Ginny's secret from Harry cause them to break up? What has Dumbledore got in store for Harry? Things are about to take a turn . . . for the worst ! Please R/R ! *smiles* Enjoy !

9,459 20
19 Flying with the Cannons

I'm BACK!!!!! the time has come for harry to pit his wits against not Voldemort's supporters, but Quidditch in the professional league!!! Can harry get the cannons off to a flying start, or will the arrows have other ideas? Time to finally find out!!! Sorry for the wait. Dave

9,169 9
20 Conflicting Plans

Harry's return to Grimmauld Place after his first match as Seeker for the Cannons isn't without a vast array of emotions. His plan has become almost an obsession. The immenent war sees Voldemort call upon reinforcements from afar. Is Harry playing with fire???

9,659 6
21 Draco's Dilemma

What's the outcome of the events in the village of Old Barnthorpe? How will both sides react? What happens when Lupin demands answers from both Harry and Dumbledore? Chapter 21 is here! Enjoy! A/N: Broomstick Flyer. Thanks for the review on 20 - hope this reveals a little more . . . Not all, obviously. Chapter 22 here soon!

9,109 7


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