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Hermione, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Lucius, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Lucius/Narcissa, Ron/Hermione, Remus/OC
Mystery, Romance, Angst
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-05-07 8:19pm
Last Chapter
2011-03-27 3:06pm
Last Updated
2012-12-26 2:13am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Book of Mischief

Harry, Ron and Hermione are in the library, looking for the legendary Book of Mischief. The all-knowing and completely logical Hermione knows that this is foolish, and splits herself from her friends. However, just when she assured herself the bloody book wasn't real, she stumbled upon the exact thing they were looking for. Admitting she was wrong would be hard enough, but being through into the past? Unthinkable. CHAPTER REDONE 3/25/11

1,481 14
2 Living in the Past

Not in a million years would she have guessed that this would've happened. What are the chances of being thrown back in time with the Marauders, Lucius Malfoy, and complications to boot? CHAPTER REDONE 3/30/11

3,461 17
3 The First Sign

Despite how hard she tries to keep things a secret, Remus ends up catching her in every lie it seems. All Hermione wants to do is settle into a comfortable spot and continue on, but it seems like 1978 has other plans. As she accompanies the Marauders to Hogsmeade, the first pleasant conversation with Remus is rudely interrupted as Lucius Malfoy enters the picture, starting the dangerous game of cat and mouse...

2,498 16
4 You Can't Always Tell

No matter how hard they try, the Marauders won't leave Remus and Hermione alone, insisting that they fancy each other. What was so wrong with enjoying an intelligent conversation? What was so wrong with enjoying his company? But everything was wrong. The moment Hermione begins to question herself, she knows she's in for a rough ride.

1,351 10
5 The Week from Hell

First, it was just Remus avoiding her. But then, it got much worse. Paired with Lucius Malfoy for a Potions project, she finds that not only is he cruel, but seems to have an interest in her, a dangerous one. When Hermione is in a terrifying situation, Remus steps in to save her, and eventually they discuss their feelings for one another. But how true are they? UPDATED 4/3/11

3,661 21
6 Words From an Enemy

Even if being friends with Remus appears to be the best option, she cannot deny what her heart truly wants. However, as a Slytherin girl catches the attention of the werewolf, Malfoy dangles a treacherous plan in front of Hermione's eyes. But how could she fraternize with such a dangerous person? But then again, how long can she pretend to be happy when everything inside her is withering away? UPDATED 4/7/11

3,598 2
7 Christmas Surprises

Despite her best efforts, Malfoy's offer remains dangling in front of Hermione's eyes. The more she tries to ignore it, the more she realizes how true Malfoy's words are: Remus is happy with Rose Sanders, and Hermione can only feel the sting of loneliness. As she tries to hide her true feelings, Remus draws closer to her in friendship. UPDATED 7/26/11

3,294 0
8 No Choice at All

Despite the fact that the unimaginable had been obtained, Hermione Granger discovers that a kiss from Remus Lupin will not solve all of her problems. In fact, kissing him seemed to have created more. Whether or not she wants to pursue him is not an option anymore, not since Lucius Malfoy entered the picture again, but this time with more bite than bark... UPDATED 7/30/11

5,086 3
9 Rumor Has It

 Hermione didn't think things could get any worse. But she was very, very wrong. With each passing moment, Hermione finds herself wishing she was in Remus' embrace. But with each passing moment, he is with his new girlfriend instead. To make matters worse, Lucius' watchful eyes have picked up her tiny little mistakes, and used them against her, and the impossible happens... CHAPTER UPDATED 11/23/11

7,830 1
10 Mistaken Implications

 With each passing day, Hermione's situation seems to get worse and worse. Remus to grows increasingly suspicious, Lucius Malfoy acquires top secret information, and not to mention all the trivial little things that have her head spinning. But perhaps it was just one little thing too many, for Hermione knows the biggest mistake has just been made... UPDATED 12/25/12

5,510 2
11 Taking Control

 The plan of revenge on Lucius Malfoy has begun. Although Hermione might have kept herself out of the details, she knows that it's not long before she is pulled into it's wake. Tension mounts as Lucius captures Hermione in a compromising situation, snatches her journal, and is forced to endure the humiliating prank James and Sirius attack him with. Now, it's only a matter of time...

8,290 2
12 Unsure of Himself

 Hermione knows now what she must do, but does Remus? Although the muggleborn is going through all means to protect herself, she knows that she is not infallible. But now with James and Lily on her side, it doesn't seem that bad. After a spat or two, some eavesdropping, and acknowledging the inevitable, Hermione is not the only one who has an epiphany...

6,667 0
13 A Dangerous Revenge

 Although Hermione is grateful for having James and Sirius by her side, she realizes somewhere, deep down, that retaliation is not the answer she is looking for. On the other side of the castle, as rumors fly, the Slytherins are up to their own business. Lucius Malfoy must prove that the rumors are not true, and he must find a way to get back at the mudblood for all that it's worth while he still has time...

6,322 3
14 Whispers of the Past

 Hermione's secret is starting to leak. Now, the Marauder's have caught onto what she's hiding, but they're determined to figure out the mystery behind it. Meanwhile, as the Slytherin's stir up some more diabolical plans, true colors are revealed, relationships are broken, and confusion lingers at every corner.

8,083 3
15 Can of Worms

 Now that Hermione's identity is officially out of the bag, it's hard for Remus and Hermione to stay apart when they know they can finally confide in one another. But can her secret be kept between them? Lily and Sirius stumble upon her secret in an unfortunate accident, and James and Peter are just getting started. With rumors flying and fights raging, it's a wonder how a secret can be kept at all.

4,315 3
16 Without A Doubt

 The origins of Hermione Granger are explained to the rest of the Marauders, as her secret cannot be kept no matter how hard she tries. As Remus details the story of what happened, more than one secret is uncovered. And even when it all seems to come to rest, there is never peace. 

5,914 5


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