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Harry, Snape, Lily, James, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Action/Adventure, AU
Mild Language, Strong Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-05-02 4:23am
Last Chapter
2007-04-07 5:31am
Last Updated
2007-04-07 5:31am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 To Swallow a Weapon

1979 - A boring day at work for Lily Evans? No way! The department of magical mysteries as made an interesting descovery and Voldemort is interested... very interested.

2,737 14
2 Potter Polyjuice Pumpkin Pops

Skip to 1996 and Harry is enjoying (that's debatable) his time at the twins' new joke shop. Something is wrong with one of their products. But it can't be true. It just can't!

2,395 6
3 Of Eccentric Old Biddies

Rewind to the year 1060... Erebus Prior has a secret which he isn't too well at keeping. What is it the eccentric potion master has created and why is Lord Hufflepuff not amused!

2,200 9
4 As the Seventh Month Dies

The seventh month is wanning... this is the story behind Harry's rather eventful birth and first birthday.

2,645 8
5 Imagines of a Creator

Erebus Prior is confronted by those who he has wronged. But there's a twist...

1,983 6
6 Serendipity

Serendipity - the discovery by chance. Harry is researching in the library to find a solution to his riddle. Serendipity decides to visit Harry and he discovers the strange truth through the strangest means.

2,612 7
7 Colliding Head Long Into Trouble

The only way for Godric and Salazar to retrieve the potion is to use a summoning spell. Of course this doesn't happen as it suppose to.

2,515 16
8 Meeting Fate - Part One

Harry is rescued from his unsavoury position and thrown into another interesting circumstance

2,775 10
9 Meeting Fate - Part Two

Harry meets his blood relatives and looses his temper. : )

2,998 11
10 Torn Between Worlds

Harry as Tristian - finds how dramatically his world has changed. In this chapter 'Tristian' has a heart to heart with Godric; meets a mysterious bicorn; makes enemies with his brothers and finds a companion.

2,993 8
11 When the Hunter Becomes Hunted

The atmosphere around 'Tristian' and his brothers is tense. Bitter feelings are stirred into the mix with a dangerous prank and its consequences.

2,836 6
12 Come Dance With Me!

A little father/son conversation between Salazar and Tristian. A peek at a lesson of Tristians with Saladin Slytherin. And Silas and company get their just desserts! Muhahaha! Revenge is a sweet dessert indeed!

2,241 8
13 Play Turkey

Tristian is forced to accept his new reality. Tristian's second prank on Axcel and his Gryffindor companions - turned dinner time upside down.

2,999 8
14 Dangerous Retribution

Silas' and Axcel's response to Tristian's pranks have some very unexpected and serious consequences.

3,300 8
15 Interlude

The second part of chapter 14 people. Tristian recovers from his last adventure.

2,181 8
16 Winter Solsitice - Part One

Merry Christmas! Ha. Nothing could go as planned in Tristian's world. He meets some new family members - and finds a new meaning to the word 'target' and Saladin curses someone. : )

3,033 9
17 Winter Solstice - Part Two

Winter Solstice is only partly over for Tristian and company and the surprises keep coming. Family fights, another surprise relative and a secret is revealed.

3,826 8
18 As Life Goes On

Life continues for a little while at the medieval Hogwarts... a rather calmness before the storm...

3,397 10
19 Vladimir's Return

As Salazar predicted Vladimir returns, in toe a few little surprises, news and the threat of outbreak of war... Which road will the son of Warric choose?

2,199 9
20 Battle of the Brats

The twins Gretchen and Georgina are driving everyone insance. You would never meet more bratty little girls if you tried! After some extreme behaviour the brothers (Silas, Axcel and Trist) find themselves looking for the brats... Trouble ensues

2,549 8
21 Resistance of the Clans

The boys are in trouble, the girls are punished and Tristian finds himself a fly on the wall to a clan laird meeting.

3,462 8
22 Black Haired Foal

Trist is determined to negotiate with the magical creatures - he places Axcel in a compromising position... and nothing will go as planned!

2,177 9
23 Tristian's Plight: Godric's Fury

Tristian has been captured by the centaurs due to his own foolishness. Is there hope for him in Malic's camp. Meanwhile Godric is angry - very angry and requires a few calming draughts... hehehe!

3,074 9
24 The Sound of Fury

Harry is asked to explain and looses his temper and spills more than he wanted to about himself. A peak into what is happening in modern times.

2,928 14
25 The TimeKeeper

Tristian learns that he isn't exactly a 'normal' Gryffindor... we learn a little more about Godric... and a hazy plan is formed.

2,357 13
26 Experimentation

Tristian is punished and experiments with his Gift.

2,566 13
27 The Schemes of Madness

Trist spies on Malic only to uncover a plot

2,810 20
28 Saladin's Vengence. Tristian's Strength

We begin this chapter where we left off last time Malic's troops crumbling... Saladin has a chance of revenge and I give you a glimpse of the future.

2,275 14
29 Subterfuge

Voldemort's plans are laid bare and a traitor is revealed... the end is coming...

1,963 17
30 Back to the Future

Meanwhile.... the future is looking bleak for Hogwarts. Viewed from Snape's point of view... and how will the Slytherins of the future react to Tristian Wolfe aka Harry Potter?

2,473 14
31 He Who Lives by the Sword

Tristian speaks to the Gryffindors and has a plan... can't give anything away...

2,452 3
32 ... Dies By the Sword

What happens after... and a fluff scene for the end. : )

1,196 30


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