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James, Lily, OC
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Mild Language
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First Published
2003-07-03 12:00am
Last Chapter
2004-03-28 11:42pm
Last Updated
2005-03-26 7:40am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Unwanted blues

**COMPLETED** A lily and James story. Where James loves Lily, but she plainly doesn\'t care. Expect, pranks, and heartbrake. 19 chapters aprrox 3 pages each... **EPILOGUE ADDED**

819 72
2 Doodles

Lily's hair is still blue. (poor her.) let's see how she solves is shall we?

690 12
3 From Ice to Fire

hmmm? What did the owl bring her? read and see!

958 10
4 Dud

Lily, Lucious, Snape and Bellatrix?? Quite an unusal group wouldn't u say?

588 10
5 Lost... but found

Who in their right mind would misplace that?

1,108 15
6 Stupid Tree

The whomping willow, a stag, a dog, and a detention!!!!

1,066 16
7 Gryffindor Pride

A short chap, a little arguement...... read and see!

835 20
8 Newts (not the tests)

The hogmeade visit finally comes......... and a very interesting potions class.

884 20
9 Why are guys such guys?

Pansy, and pranks.

1,268 17
10 Remus surprises us all

Umm we find out what happens to Pansy... and umm yeah just what the title says Remus surprises us all. I know I'm awful at summarys... sorry.

861 31
11 Midnight Marauder Madness

Lily overhears a conversation between the maurders.... causes problems! THIS A LONG CHAPTER!!! (Welll atleast long for me) TEN PAGES!!!! DEC 19! A/N added! PLEASE READ! Dec. 21st ANOTHER authors not added PLEASE READ!

3,094 19
12 How High?

More conversations... they cause problems... James threatens lily. AUTHOR's NOTE ADDED- DEC 28th! PLEASE READ!

1,812 27
13 When the cookie crumbles

THere's another dream and a little bit of James's POV at the beginning. A/N ADDED JAN 11th!

1,750 26
14 Betrayal and Payback

Robbie is a butthead... Sirius swings from a chandelier... etc AUTHORS NOTE ADDED! JAN 25th! PLEASE READ!

3,459 29
15 Career Advice

James and Lily get career advice like harry did in book five... OWLs are drawing nearer!

1,879 17
16 Snapes worst memory

kinda useless like the last chapter... we already know what happens here but it's in lily POV... not HArrys.....

2,108 6
17 I don't care that you love me

R U READY?? THIS IS THE BIG ONE! The one I've been waiting and dying to post since I started this story!

2,563 25
18 a little lie

written in James POV... pretty much just wrapping up his side of the story

832 8
19 or atleast.... I hope

basically just wrapping up the rest of the story for Lily!

403 14
20 *~Epilogue~*

What happens after 5th year.

333 15

This is where I put the responses to the people who review my story!

7,825 27
22 LunaJ was gone... BUT RETURNED!

::sobs:: end of IDCTYLM!

92 11


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