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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Lupin, Snape, Pettigrew, Voldemort, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst
Mild violence, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-04-27 3:42pm
Last Chapter
2006-11-03 3:04am
Last Updated
2014-12-01 5:57pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Let Them Come

Our story begins during Harry's final days at Privet Drive, where he is filled with uncertainty. A surprise visit by Professor McGonagall provides him with a drop of hope.

4,760 75
2 He Fears You More

Harry discovers the items left to him by Dumbledore and ultimately reads the Headmaster's letter to him. The young wizard's hopes are raised, but he is left angered by Dumbledore's comments about a certain potions teacher whom Harry happens to detest.

3,088 42
3 The Game Is On

Harry studies the items left for him by Professor Dumbledore, and after receiving a surprise visit, is ready to leave Privet Drive for good.

6,097 32
4 It's a Mess

After moving to Grimmauld Place, Harry has to decide on a secret keeper and makes an unexpected choice.

4,815 28
5 Remember Me Kindly

Harry prepares to leave his house but needs to take steps to protect Dobby. Finally he floos to the Burrow where he has difficult conversations with two important women in his life.

4,005 30
6 Normal I Am Definitely Not

On his birthday, Remus and Harry visit Godric's Hollow. After his birthday and the wedding, Harry, Ron and Hermione are finally ready to take the first steps to locate the first horcrux.

4,691 19
7 Messy, But Got the Job Done

Harry and company break into the muggle museum to deal with the first horcrux, Hufflepuff's Cup. While Harry battles with the partial soul, Ron and Hermione have to keep him safe from security guards.

3,851 22
8 You're Not as Dumb as You Look

Molly interrogates her son, but Ron does not cave in. Ginny behaves strangely. Harry slowly recuperates while in a coma, and when he finally awakes, sets the groundrules for his dealings with the Order of the Phoenix.

4,663 26
9 Scarier Than Aragog

Harry, Ron and Hermione meet at Grimmauld Place to consider the status of their quest. Dumbledore's notes no longer can help them, and they are on their own. They turn their attention to the locket and R.A.B.'s note, and seek the help of a pathetic house elf.

3,539 22
10 Take It or Leave It

Harry, Ron and Hermione plot to trap Professor Snape, but are unable to act until one element of the plan is resolved. Hogwarts announces whether or not it will open, and Professor McGonagall sends Harry a note requesting a meeting. He arranges to meet her at the Burrow, where he first has a difficult confrontation with Ginny.

5,479 19
11 Come Back to Hogwarts

A crowd of well-wishers mob Harry at Diagon Alley, forcing Harry to give an im promptu speech. Upon returning to his home, our three heros finally are able to implement their plan to capture that man Harry hates more than any other, Severus Snape.

4,141 21
12 A Hatred of a Lifetime

Our three heros interrogate Professor Snape in order to determine whether he is still on their side, or if he is a loyal death eater. Snape displays his disdain for his three former students, but realizes that he must cooperate. Under the effects of veritaserum, Snape's truthfulness, or lack thereof, is conclusively determined.

5,098 41
13 So Much Pressure

In the aftermath of Snape's interrogation, Harry discovers that his unplanned speech at Diagon Alley served to increase enrolments to Hogwarts dramatically. The level of importance given to his words shakes Harry, who feels even more of a burden.

4,293 18
14 In These Halls, We Will Resist

Harry meets Luna on the Hogwarts Express, and after conversing with her, he feels better about his break-up with Ginny. Professor McGonagall addresses the Hogwarts student body, reduced in number, at the beginning of another term. The Head Girl had a busy day and worries about the year ahead.

3,193 17
15 Just as Deep the Other Way

Dobby arranges for Harry to meet with Richard Barlow, the brother of Amelda Barlow, in an attempt to meet with her. Over dinner in Hogsmeade, our three heros learn more information about Regulus Black, but they still need more. Due to his distractions, Harry barely pays attention to his school work, yet he performs advanced spells with little difficulty.

4,778 21
16 Think Before You Jump

Amelda Barlow Stanovich relates the tale of Regulus Black and Slytherin's Locket at a fish and chips restaurant. Afterward, Harry prepares for his next horcrux battle.

4,503 22
17 I Have the Power

Harry battles Slytherin's locket, driving himself to the edge of exhaustion. His friends observe the battle, and must take emergency actions to deal with Harry's dire condition when the battle ends.

4,968 27
18 She Can Help Kill Me Too

Harry recuperates at Grimmauld Place following the Battle of Slytherin's Locket. Frustrated at his exhaustion and inability to act, he sinks into a depression after returning to Hogwarts, not knowing what step to take next. But then he receives a letter that changes everything.

4,869 28
19 Good Luck, Quick Thinking, and a Loyal Friend

Fawkes transports Harry to a small muggle flat in London, when he meets the secret letter writer. They exchange their stories, and Harry confesses his fears to him, who tries his best to comfort and assure the young wizard.

5,463 31
20 Girls Are a Huge Distraction

After his meeting with Professor Dumbledore, Harry's mood improves greatly. With the approach of Halloween, Hermione and Ginny plot for Harry to take Ginny to the ball, but Harry refuses. He discovers that Ron has asked Hermione to the ball, and Hermione confesses her misgivings. Instead of attending the ball, Harry takes the opportunity to visit Professor Dumbledore again.

5,689 24
21 You Know Who Is Back

Harry chats with Ginny in the Gryffindor common room when he is stunned by the sight of Ron and Hermione returning from the Halloween Ball. The new relationship strains the friendship of the three friends. Harry feels he is wasting his time at Hogwarts. In the end, it turns out that this problem is solved by outside events.

5,383 22
22 I'm Done Worrying

After the evacuation of Hogwarts, Hermione and the Weasleys take refuge in Harry's home, but Harry decides to leave them for a few days. He moves into Professor Dumbledore's flat, where he completes his crash course in Legilmency, Occlumency, and animal possession. Fawkes brings a snake on which Harry can practice, and the small serpent agrees to assist Harry.

4,659 29
23 Today You Will Meet Your Maker

After an unexpected encounter on the London Underground, Harry and friends break into the Ministry building. With the help of Issamir, Harry locates Nagini and determines whether or not it is a horcrux.

5,100 36
24 I Killed a Man

Harry and Issamir lead a harrowing escape following the battle with Nagini. The horcrux leaves the serpent and enters Harry's body. Hermione and Ron help Harry to escape back to Grimmauld Place, where Harry must deal with the fifth horcrux.

4,593 28
25 Don't Change Anything

Harry and Dumbledore meet to brainstorm about the final unknown horcrux. They focus on Dumbledore's meeting decades ago with Voldemort on Knockturn Alley, and decide that a meeting with a certain vampire could provide them with valuable information.

4,737 22
26 As Long as It Takes

Professor Dumbledore and Harry visit The Blood Pub to question Cassius Mortenson, a vampire and former friend of Tom Riddle. After a testy conversation, Mortenson is convinced to reveal vital information with regard to the final horcrux. Though upset at the realization that he has so far to go, Harry begins the process of tracking the horcrux down.

4,552 22
27 Don't Ever Leave Me

Hermione and Harry have an emotional discussion of her relationship with Ron, followed by an explosive conversation between Hermione and Ron. Ginny overhears this conversation and learns more than Harry wanted.

4,394 32
28 Only I Can Do Something

Mr. Weasley gives Harry distressing news regarding the location of the final horcrux. As Ginny joins the group, tensions among the four reach new heights, and Harry despairs at their lack of progress. As the days pass, a day of recreation is the medicine, and Harry decides to broaden his attack on Voldemort.

4,635 36
29 Time That We Should Chat

Narcissa Malfoy's location has been determined, but Harry and friends disagree about how best to capture her. Frustrated, Harry decides to move forward with his plan to invade Voldemort's mind. He discovers his enemy's next planned attack, and informs the Order. Voldemort is none too happy as a result, and Harry and he have a little chat

4,482 33
30 Now the Hard Part Begins

Harry determines to go to McNaughton Castle despite the opposition of this three friends. Finally, he convinces them, and Ron, Hermione and he make their way to Scotland on the train. After studying the castle, Harry and Issamir set off to enter it in an attempt to locate and question Narcissa Malfoy.

5,402 27
31 Timing Is Everything

Issamir and Harry skulk about McNaughton Castle in pursuit of Narcissa Malfoy, facing numerous dangers along the way. Finally Harry is able to corner his prey.

4,584 37
32 You're a Good Person

While Harry must recuperate from his injuries, Ron and Hermione obtain the Hogwarts medal. Harry confronts his actions at McNaughton Castle, and Dumbledore makes a confession. The professor then surprises Harry with his plan to deal with the final horcrux.

5,235 36
33 Only One More to Go

Professor Dumbledore spends his last day teaching Harry advanced magic before placing the final horcrux on his chest. Harry returns to Grimmauld Place, ready to face his destiny.

4,570 50
34 I'm in Charge Now

With the destruction of the final horcrux, Harry and company approach the Order of the Phoenix for assistance in arranging a final confrontation with Voldemort. Unfortunately, the Order makes little progress in this regard, leaving Harry to determine how best to proceed.

4,669 39
35 Are You Ready?

Harry issues a public challenge to Voldemort in the Daily Prophet. The dark lord accepts, and a site is arranged for the confrontation. While Harry waits for the appointed hour, he spends New Year's Eve with his friends and prepares for the battle ahead.

4,265 40
36 I Am a God

Lord Voldemort meets Harry Potter for the final confrontation. Or is it?

6,031 44
37 Look at His Body

Ron, Hermione and Ginny arrive at Godric's Hollow to find Harry lying unconscious over the graves of his parents. Remus surveys the situation and leaves to gather a force to protect Harry.

4,355 35
38 You Cannot Save Me

Following Harry's disappearance, the magical world slowly takes the first steps toward reestablishing a government. Hogwarts reopens, and Ron, Ginny and Hermione reluctantly return to school. They wonder if they will ever hear from Harry again.

4,834 38
39 The Girls Are Going to Go Crazy

Harry determines that he needs to visit Gringott's Bank in order to pay the next month's rent, but the trip to the bank ends up having unforeseen consequences. Ron, Ginny and Hermione can find nothing in the library to help them, so they direct all of their efforts in locating their suffering friend.

4,553 36
40 You Must Fear Me

Ginny, Ron and Hermione nervously prepare for their impending reunion with Harry. Hermione first consults with Dumbledore's portrait. When they arrive at Harry's flat, they receive a less than enthusiastic welcome from their friend. After a frustrating first week, the friends settle on a new strategy, and hunker down for the long haul.

5,222 31
41 Finish the Job

Harry's condition gradually improves as the four friends enjoy a picnic in the Scottish mountains. He confesses why he failed to kill Voldemort entirely. Meanwhile, unknown to the four of them, Bellatrix LeStrange learns of Harry's flat, and puts her plans for revenge into action.

5,266 46
42 You Owe Me Nothing

In the aftermath of Bellatrix's attack, a tragic scene awaits in the sitting room.  St. Mungo's is notified, the flat soon is overflowing with Ministry officials, and Harry's condition is diagnosed.

6,408 35
43 It All Went to Hell

Harry must decide - life or death. He finally wakes up, confused and ignorant of his thoughts during his coma. Hermione is there, and helps him through the first difficult moments. Harry must then deal with the emotions resulting from the tragic events and the new life that now awaits him, made all the harder by Ron's emotional breakdown.

6,026 32
44 I Think I'm Ready Now

After delaying, Harry finally meets with Dumbledore's portrait to discuss the young wizard's condition. In response to her concern over Harry's lack of progress, Hermione and her roommates create an opportunity for Harry to improve. Winky makes an extremely large cake for Hermione's birthday, and Harry takes the cake into the Gryffindor common room, with unexpected results.

7,528 38
45 You'll Never Be Normal

The story comes to an end as Harry comes to terms with the fact that he will never be normal. An unexpected appearance at the Ministry convinces Harry that he can function in this world and handle the consequences of his fame. At last, he can see a future for himself and those that he loves.

7,992 315


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