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Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Other Pairing
Horror/Dark, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-04-27 2:36am
Last Chapter
2011-07-09 6:06pm
Last Updated
2011-07-09 6:06pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Flight

It is a stormy night which will soon see the birth of one of the most influential players in the future of wizardkind in Britain. Unfortunately those who carry him are being chased by assassins who do not want this child to be...

1,331 16
2 Interrogation

Lord Hufflepuff and his doctor help Jennifer with the birth but run into a small problem along the way.

1,161 10
3 Birth

Lord Hufflepuff returns from the basement to find things upstairs much worse than when he left.

1,177 8
4 Friends

The aftermath of the night of death and despair as well as the introduction of a very important character.

1,190 9
5 Revelations

A restless night leads to a shocking discovery and a little light is shead on some terrible history.

2,573 4
6 Nature

Godric runs into Rowena and he shares two great secrets with her.

2,699 4
7 Triumph

Godric has too prove himself in battle in order to save those he loves.

3,871 3
8 Night

The aftermath of the hunting trip and a great surprise for Godric.

2,120 3
9 Fire

The aftermath of yet another terrible night, and yet again from the darkness springs light and hope of a new kind.

2,753 5
10 Wands

A trip to one of the most magical places in all of England. And even there a few surprises await our young champions.

2,702 5
11 Origin

The day has arrived for our little young ones to learn to control their magic. But it is nothing like what they had expected.

2,604 6
12 Encounter

An unexpected visitor arrives at the castle leading to more questions then it solves.

2,247 0
13 Mischief

There is something unusual going on in the castle now that their new visitor has arrived and something terrible is about to happen which no one thought possible under their watchful eyes.

1,858 0
14 Unveiled

Cold and alone, the trio wake in a dark cell with no hope of rescue, as the fingers of hopelessness settle in around them. An unexpected, yet welcome visitor brings the children hope of rescue, while back at the castle chaos rules as another visitor leaves the Lord Hufflepuff with a tough choice.

4,158 0
15 Death

Thomas wreaks a little havoc and a treasured friend dies. Godric confronts Max and the full story finally comes out.

3,563 0
16 Confrontation

Salazar learns a dark and terrible secret leading him to make a very difficult choice. Godric finds himself with a choice he never thought he would have to make and a ancient vow is made.

2,858 0
17 Dreams

The children force a few lessons from Professor Binns in order to ready themselves for what lies ahead. Godric accidently stumbles upon a spell that could help them turn the tide in the battle to come.

4,993 3
18 War

The battle against the Celts is not proceeding well as the Thomas begins his march on the Kings heels, and at Hufflepuff castle differences of opinion force Godric to make a difficult decision.

6,482 2
19 Race

Godric leads the others hard to war while Thomas slowly marches his army steadily closer as well. Max notices the children are gone and finally faces a decision he has long tried to escape. Only one question remains; who will reach their destination first?

4,449 2
20 Despair

Death is a natural part of life, especially in war. But when the enemy is at the gate, is there anyway that the foursome can escape the certain death bearing down upon them. And even if so, can they protect those they love from suffering in their place.

6,208 0
21 Funeral

The battle ended but not the war. Loss tears at us all as we mourn those who pass, but danger does not wait for you to be ready, and often strikes when we least expect it.

4,879 0


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