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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Draco, Fred, Krum, Scrimgeour, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Lavender, Draco/Ginny
Horror/Dark, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-04-25 3:09pm
Last Chapter
2006-11-27 11:05am
Last Updated
2006-11-27 11:05am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Becoming of Age.

Harry becomes of age and is able to perform magic. He uses his magic in front of the Dursley's, to show them that they cannot mistreat him any more. Harry learns of how the Weasley twins treat Harry, giving him partnership in their business. Harry purchases items from an old friend, who has decided to go into the stolen goods business. Hope you like it, only a starter chapter. This is nothing really important ...

4,678 44
2 Buying and Lessons.

Harry buys some Firewhisky from a familiar friend, alongside some other items. ONce he has bought everything he wants, he disapparates and arrives at the Dursley's. Then he proceeds to have his driving lessons.

2,510 26
3 Leaving For The Burrow.

After receiving his driving license, Harry and the Dursleys go to buy a car. Harry roams around the car dealers on his own, looking for the right one. He eventually finds the car he wants and takes it for some modifications, at a magical car mod shop. Later on in the day, Harry grabs all his things and places it in his car boot. He says goodbye to his Aunt Petunia and Dudley, before leaving for the burrow.

3,242 41
4 Arriving and Departing.

Harry arrives at the Burrow, to collect Ron. Harry shows an amazed Ron his car and the alcohol he bought from Lee Jordan. After talking to Mr and Mrs Weasley for a while, they both head off to Lavender's house, to collect Lavender and Hermione.

3,963 26
5 Paris, Vampires and A Castle.

Harry, Hermione, Ron and Lavender arrive at Paris. They travel around for a while, drinking some rich French coffee and eating at restaurants. Then they make their way to their first detination, an old Wizarding Pub. When they arrive, they find two beings that have a thirst for their blood. A small display of Harry's powers, leads them to Harry's inherited Castle.

3,300 21
6 Castle Construction and Refurbishment.

Harry, Hermione, Ron and Lavender are now at the castle of Gryffindor. Something happens to Harry, involving his powers. It weakens him and worries his creatures, that came with the land. After a while, the four teens go around and clean the old castle, getting rid of all the rotten furniture and replacing it with rich new furniture.

4,828 18
7 Shopping and Discoveries.

Harry, Hermione, Ron and Lavender enjoy their time at the Gryffindor Castle, turned Potter Castle. Harry and Hermione spend their day in Muggle London, where Harry buys quite a few expensive Muggle electricals. Then, Harry has the pleasure of meeting Hermione's parents, Jane and Roger.

6,443 28
8 Drunken Friends.

Harry, Hermione, Ron, Lavender and some other friends from school, attend a drinking session at Harry's castle. With a mixture of alcohol, Muggle and Magical, they begin to drink themselves senseless, having shotting competitions and falling about the place. What will they get up to?

5,208 26
9 Air Reunited.

Harry is told about who the Kings of Magic are. Then Harry proceeds to be reunited with one of them, increasing his magic capability tremendously. Harry is also contacted by the England Quidditch squad. What will happen, with Harry's mind on Quidditch?

4,507 29
10 Gifts Before The Second King's Arrival.

They are all back at Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione see their Head-Student quarters, before attending the Welcoming Feast. Harry is given some very personal gifts, from Dumbledore. Somethings that change his life, in a way. Then, Harry is introduced to the King of Fire, Draco Malfoy. He is introduced as a new person and a fellow King.

4,434 26
11 Shattered Relationships At The Try-Outs.

Harry attends the Quidditch Try-Outs, for the England squad. He has a friendly against Bulgaria, which ends with a shattered relationship and a new enemy.

4,004 37
12 Lonliness.

Harry and Hermione have now broke up. How will Harry react to be almost alone?

3,834 39
13 Future Visions and Inner Power Strength.

Harry performs the task that his Grandfather asked him and reveals some dark future of his own and the one he loves. He tries to speak to the one he loves, but his new inner power takes over and performs some severe damage to someone who attempts to take his love.

4,674 23
14 First Match With The New Chaser.

Quidditch. The glorious wizarding sport. How will Harry play and how is his new chaser, whoever that person is.

4,427 31
15 Familiar Robes and Blonde Love.

Harry and his friends go to Hogsmeade to do some shopping. What is it that Harry recognises in his favourite clothes store? And another piece of love and new relationship begins in this chapter.

5,138 24
16 The Gathering of the World.

Harry goes to the world gathering, where many important and powerful people meet. Politics, businesses, tutors and more. Harry has to try and control the amount of contacts he gains and to choice the right people to hand out his card to.

4,855 43
17 The Uniting of Water.

Harry, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Moody and John are all at the world gathering and are meeting some of the most powerful beings in the world. After a short while, Harry gains himself many contacts and some useful sources. Although, something unexpected happens.

3,872 34
18 First Time.

Harry is hospitalised and Hermione, Ron and Lavender have made it their job to watch over him. Although Harry isn't actually awake, he can still hear his surroundings and use his head to think. What does he hear in the middle of the night? Two people make a huge step in their lives. But, which two?

5,129 46
19 Agreements and Recovering.

Harry and the Minster of Magic make agreements with eachother. Then Harry goes onto attempting to recover from his dreaful injuries.

4,121 29
20 Fitness and Intense Training.

Harry begins his fitness training, getting himself toned and stronger. Ron joining him loyally. Intense training awaits Harry, to get him more powerful and with more knowledge of magic.

4,340 26
21 Muggle Prison Break-Out.

The Order have heard news of dangerous activity, in the Muggle world. Is Voldemort up to something? If he is, why does he want to go to the Muggle world?

3,800 21
22 Office Space and An Attack.

Harry keeps his promise and he furnishes Fred and George's new shop in Hogsmeade. Once leaving Hogsmead, the teenagers bump into a little bother and pain will be caused.

4,838 13
23 Christmas on the Ward.

Harry has to stay in the Hospital Wing, whilst he recovers from the attack of the two Hunters. Harry and some of his friends have Christmas on a closed ward. How will Harry react if he is introduced to the people who attacked Hermione and hospitalised him?

3,985 17
24 Rescue from Two Kings and An Heir.

Voldemort is up to bad things as usual and he has placed Hermione and her parents in threat. Will two courageous Kings and an ambitious Heir be able to save them?

4,043 11
25 News of a Ball.

Hogwarts deserves a bit of fun for a while. Another Ball arrives, in celebration of Valentine's Day. In addition, Molly and several other people have now got the chance to confront the two couples. To discuss their fun nights.

3,562 12
26 News of a Departure.

The ball is here and the students all have partners. Most of the lads dread the whole dancing thing, but the girls seem a bit too happy. Dumbledore has some pressing news to ask of Harry, which he mentions during the Ball.

3,171 15
27 Careers Decision and Departure.

A careers meeting is held, for further actions for the seventh years. Directly after, Dumbledore awaits for Harry to join him in a three month long training programme.

3,612 15
28 The People Who Changed Harry Potter.

Who are the people who will change Harry Potter? How will they do it? Will it turn out good or bad?

3,093 16
29 The Change of Harry Potter.

Harry enters his training, which slowly but surely begins to change his personaility. Will he be the same boy who lived?

3,407 20
30 The Return of A Hero.

Harry returns from his three month training programme. He is a completely changed person and has different views on things. He is arrogant, where he believes he is above everyone else. Harry and his school friends sit their NEWT exams. How will they do? How will they react to the return of a changed Harry Potter?

4,546 20
31 The Beginning of The End.

News of Voldemort's plans leak into the hands of the Order and they immediately begin a retaliation. Will the Order be in time before Voldemort and his followers begin their war and their carnage?

4,201 22
32 First Death.

The battle begins properly and Voldemort's forces begin to mount against the Order and the Ministry Aurors. Harry begins to use some of his powers and then is hit by some huge news from a Healer. What can that be? Who is the one struck down?

3,258 21
33 Second Death

The second half of the final battle commenses. Who will die next? Harry? Moody? Hagrid? Ron? Hermione? Who will it be? Or maybe even Voldemort.

2,276 32
34 Ceremonies.

The funeral for Harry and Dumbledore takes place. Something very strange, but fantastic happens here. It has nothing to do with Harry. What is this thing?

2,103 58


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