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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M)
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Luna
Drama, Romance, Angst
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature,
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-04-25 3:42am
Last Chapter
2009-01-31 6:49pm
Last Updated
2009-01-31 6:49pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Mark

Her face lingered in my mind. She looked startled to see me. Then she looked rather terrified for I started to shout at her.

1,655 21
2 Adromischus Hemationus

But I wasn’t as stealthy as I thought I was. In staring so hard at my paper I walked right into Lovegood, knocking her over, against the shelf. She was startled as she tried to regain herself. I stumbled, too. Crumpling my paper and spluttering an apology. She whirled around. “You?”

1,034 6
3 Stargazing

“Was I supposed to?” she sighed; now turning her gaze toward the heavens. “I wasn’t exactly looking for more than a bath.” She slouched comfortably against the tree. “Are you a Taurus?”

1,149 11
4 Losing My Touch

”I’ll owl you later?!” What the bloody hell was I thinking? What was I doing to myself… to my name, to my family, to Slytherin? I sat in my bed in the cold Slytherin dormitory. Was I going crazy?

1,010 8
5 <i>The Scribbler</i>... no, <i>The Squiddler</i>

I held her note in my hand resenting myself more every moment I held it. I had to be in class by ten-thirty, but I wanted to talk with her. To straighten this out.

1,109 7
6 Grubble Worms

I stood up, and as he passed me, I caught him by his shirt collar. He jerked backward, and turned to face with me with wide eyes. “I… I know who you are.”

1,159 8
7 Is that for me?

I felt my face growing very hot. “I… I was afraid you wouldn’t come.”

1,138 6
8 Urinating Cactus

“That’s right,” she said, snatching the magazine from her hands, “You’re everywhere else but here. What is it this week? Probably some sort of urinating cactus.” It’s the bleeding cactus, I longed to turn and give Hermione hell. “Ridiculous,” she said, “When are you ever going to face the here and the now, not the imaginary, and the fantasy?”

1,025 9
9 Truly Alone

Why was I so consumed by her? She was just another girl.

1,053 7
10 Hell Hath No Fury

“What are you doing?” I swear McGonagall had it in for me. “Were--were you out on the grounds this late?” I wanted to roll my eyes, but the candle she held aloft luminated my face. I searched desperately for some alibi. “Yes, Ma’am.”

1,094 9
11 There Won't Be a Next Time

“Let me go.” She pushed herself from my chest, and struggled to extricate herself from my arms, which persisted. I evenly pulled her back toward me. I wasn’t rough, I was insistent. I was worried now.

1,302 9
12 All Fall Down

“I was just wondering if you wanted to… you know. That empty classroom on the sixth floor… I hear,” she leant in closer, her lips brushed my ear and I recoiled from her, “it’s still empty.”

1,681 9
13 Could Ruin Everything

“I--, I wasn’t following you, you know.” I said, reaching for her hand, as I sat on the floor. Very carefully, minding her towel, she sat down next to me. “I just had to get away.”

2,841 8
14 Stopping Me

I hated myself for being afraid of my father who was just a looming threat, even from Azkaban prison. My mother, weak though she was when compared to my father… would protect me until her death.

1,553 12
15 Bollocks

I brushed past her, heading back for the common room. “I was waiting for you,” she said jogging to catch up. “Blaise said I might find you here, said you’d taken to having late night baths that went on for ages.”

1,061 12
16 Detained

It was several seconds before I realized I wasn’t alone. Pansy was following close behind. She coiled her arms around my stomach from behind. “What’s the matter, Draky?” She sang into my ear. “I know there’s something bothering you. If you tell me what it is, maybe I can help.”

1,243 13
17 I know what you've done

Neville took a step toward me looking a bit frightened as he did. “I know what you did, and you’re not going to do it again.”

“Neville, stay out of my business.” I said, “And don’t pretend you know a thing.”

“I saw it! I know what you’ve done!” My heart sank into the very bottom of my stomach.

1,210 14
18 Reassurance Was All I Needed

She hit me, she hit me, she HIT me.

1,070 20
19 I wish you wouldn't.

“Luna!” Harry shouted, clearly my words were effective. “Go back to Ravenclaw, now! We‘ll talk about all of this later. Right now, you need to go.”

1,156 20
20 Don't Fight Back.


Potter rose into the air and he was still punching at air. “Damn it to hell! Bloody miserably Death Eater!”

There were footsteps racing through the entryway and not just one set. “Damn it to hell.” I repeated, in my head.

1,096 16
21 Carried Away

Although I was taking a mild-mannered, non-violent approach, knowing it was what Luna would want, I landed myself two detentions with McGonagall for shooting Finnigan in the face with nothing more than a few sparks. I only singed his eyebrows a bit.

1,492 13


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