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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Back at Privet Drive

Image hosted by *Created by Me!* *COMPLETED* *Re-Edited!* *First Part of Saga* Harry Potter is in his fifth year, and everything is so different, and Harry has to really grow up. Is there a forbidden love between a Potter and Malfoy? Ch.52 is the last. Sequel is out and posted, IT'S A BEAUTIFUL LIFE and INTO THE DARKNESS!!

964 8
2 Ms. Figg's Secret

Harry is dropped off at Ms. Figg's house while the Dursley's leave for Hawaii. Harry finds out a secret that Ms. Figg has been holding back from him for a while.

1,374 9
3 Harry's Birthday

It's Harry's birthday, and Ms. Figg, his godmother. Takes him to get the best birthday present he could of ever asked for....

1,601 5
4 Hermione's Secret

Hermione is dating Krum, but does she like Ron....find out her secret!

1,770 6
5 A Day In Diagon Alley

Harry, Hermione, and Ron go to Diagon Alley to get their supplies. When Hermione gets back to the Weasley house she send Krum a letter.

1,251 2
6 The Dream

Harry and Ginny have the same exact dream about the future, but can it come true....?

1,635 7
7 The Talk

Dumbledore talks to Harry and Ginny about the bizarre dream that they both had.

1,857 7
8 The Kiss

There's a knock on the door of Ginny's dormitory and Harry and her are all alone. How will they get out of this one?

1,226 3
9 The Halloween Ball

Ron caught Harry and Ginny kiss in the last chapter, how will he react to it. If Harry didn't go to the ball with Ginny, who did he kiss?

2,318 4
10 The Snitch

Ron catches Harry kiss the girl from the ball, and Ginny is ok with it?

1,949 3
11 The Order of The Phoenix

Harry had gotten struck by lighting. Cedric Diggory's gone, Harry's in a coma, Cho Chang is in danger, and You-Know-Who is gaining power

995 4
12 The Letter

One of the Weasley boys gets a letter from You-Know-Who, asking him to join his side. The question is...will he betray his parents?

1,598 3
13 Snuggle Bunny and Teddy Bear

Harry starts to gain his memory back, and is a prophecy made a centuary ago coming true?

1,575 6
14 Gryffindor's Heirs

Harry and Hermione are at the Weasley house for the Christmas Holidays, Ron still is angry with Harry and Ginny are together. Petunia is Lily's sister, but what about her other sister...that is suppose to be....dead?

2,062 2
15 Christmas Eve

Harry over hears Sirius call Arabella, Evans? Harry goes berserk, and what happened to Hermione's parents...and what does Voldemort have to do with all of this?

2,228 5
16 Adora's Mother

Larissa Boyle-Crane, Draco Malfoy's grandmother; is fighting for her life and begs Draco to find her secret love child. Can Draco find her? What if it is someone Draco can not stand?

1,464 2
17 Library Visit

Larissa is over joyed that Draco believes that he found Larissa's love child with Anthony Potter, Adora Aimee Potter. But, could Hermione Aimee Granger be not only Draco's Aunt but also Harry's?

1,516 4
18 The DNA Test

The results are that 99.6% that if Hermione Aimee Granger is Adora Aimee Potter is…..

1,662 4
19 The Results

So is she, or isn't she? Read this chapter to see if Hermione is Adora....

1,542 6
20 The Intruder

It's out in the open that Hermione Granger is Adora Potter, and she and Malfoy getting along?!

1,488 3
21 A Turn of Events

Remus Lupin gets in contact of a new love, and would Ron really cheat on Hermione..a.k.a. Adora....for Lavendar?

2,238 3
22 Broken Hearts

Ron is stumped on how to get Hermione back, when all he has to do is appologize and by the time he's ready...will he be too late?!

2,317 2
23 Godric and Cassandra's Message

Ginny has a very weird dream, of the future, after she graduates and sees Cassandra and Godric Gryffindor...what is in store for her now?!

1,963 3
24 Percy's Decision

Adora thinks on her new name and herritage, and Percy makes his decsion on if he will join the Dark Lord or not.

2,228 2
25 The Beloved Secret Baby

Adora and Ginny go to Diagon Alley in search of a book........

2,185 3
26 David

The Potters and Weasley have figured out that Cho had a baby, and they begin to try and figure out when this happened

2,796 2
27 Cho's Letter

Cho looks for help from Harry, and Percy is in league with Voldemort

2,147 1
28 Another Potter?

Lucius and Naricissa are in the middle of their divorce, Ron is irritable, and Percy is in league with Voldemort.

2,004 2
29 Sadie Susanna and Bridget Lynn

Adora reflects on what were the happenings around the time her mother was pregnant with her, and Harry and Adora find out about Sadie and Bridget

2,232 3
30 Autumn Lewis

Harry and the gang are getting ready to go back to Hogwarts for their second term. But, who is this transfer student from America, and what does she want with Harry Potter?

2,780 3
31 The Scar

Harry and Adora try to find Sadie, but there is a poser around them. Can they really find the real Sadie?

2,402 3
32 Power of Slytherin

Rita Skeeter has escaped Adora's clutches and exploites her, and why does Autumn Lewis remind Harry so much of a fellow enemy?

2,681 1
33 Ginny's Power

Ginny's figured out her power, and she's on to Autumn Lewis, what is this little girl really hiding?

3,262 2
34 The Unveiling of Her Scar

Ginny is acting as if she's bi-polar, where has Autumn Lewis gone? Percy and Penelope's funeral, and what happens to Arabella at the end of the chapter?!

3,184 1
35 Bella and Sirius's Attempt

Sadie asks questions of her life to Arabella and demands to live with Sirius and Arabella. So...who is she?

3,222 3
36 Evil Eyes

Arabella decides to come out at a press conference and tell everyone she is not dead, Narcissa is kidnapped. Who's evil eyes are staring down Sadie Susanna Potter?

3,332 3
37 Who is Sadie Susanna Potter?

Harry and the gang finally see who Sadie is, and there is an attack w/Voldemort and Autumn? Dang Slytherin spawn

3,145 3
38 The Elections

Who will win Minister of Magic?! Sirius Black, or Minister Fudge?!!!!

2,413 1
39 The Cellar

Susan stands up to Autumn at the end of the elections. Draco makes Pansy angry by going ga-ga over Susan

3,189 3
40 Forbidden

Sadie leaves Seamus speachless, and is there a forbidden love between a Potter and Malfoy?

3,102 1
41 Mirror, Mirror

Adora and Draco reflect on their loss....

3,620 1
42 The New Guy

Adora reflects on the people she's lost, and Ginny is mad @ Harry again...surprise, surprise! Is Colin...different?

3,297 1
43 Take My Hand

Autumn Lewis has fooled Harry again, but will he be too late to save his angel?

2,988 2
44 Attacks

Autumn has little David, who will help the Potters get David back to safety? And what has happened to Cho?

3,286 0
45 O.W.L.s

The 5th years are taking their Ordianary Wizarding Level Exams...

3,192 3
46 Professor Dunn

What does the Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher, know about Harry's family?

2,982 7
47 Another Potter Twist

Yes, there is another plotted cruel twist to Harry's family

2,977 3
48 The Opening of New Lights

Is it true?! Can Proffessor Dunn really be Anthony Potter? What does he have news on Baby Bridget?

1,714 1
49 The Web We Weave

Bridget Dunn thinks Harry Potter a complete dudder-head, and what does Draco do that could end Draco and Susan?

2,707 0
50 O.W.L. Reports

The Gang get their O.W.L. reports back. How bad did they do? How good did they do? There is a mask ball, for all the hard work from the 5th and 7th years. Can Draco tell Susan about him sleeping w/Autumn?

3,423 2
51 The Boy Is Mine

Autumn and Susan dance out a competition for Draco, and can Harry save Ginny again?

3,575 2
52 Changes For Better or For Worse

Last Chapter for From A Second Glance. Not going to tell you anything, you gotta read it. Thereis a sequel to this, it's called "It's A Beautiful Life."

2,729 26


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