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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Fluff, Romance, Angst
Mild Violence,
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-04-24 8:37pm
Last Chapter
2007-05-04 9:58am
Last Updated
2007-10-27 12:19am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A Disaster Waiting to Happen

It was a disaster waiting to happen. They should have known that the time alternation potion could be a catastrophe, but they didn’t. That with just one extra drop, they changed their world not for the better, as was the main purpose of the potion, but for the worst...

1,721 15
2 Stranger from a Dream

She looked out the window for a minute; the store was silent with the music carrying out of her CD player going over the sound system.   That’s when she saw him. He was a young man probably her age with red hair and freckles walked past the shop. She stared for a minute, it was the same one from her dream she had last night. Ron finds Hermione, who has been cast into a muggle, in her small hometown where he know faces the trial of convincing her to return to Hogwarts.

2,005 14
3 More than Just Hermione

That boy sure seems nice Hermione.” The old woman smiled while they sorted the mail. The town, with such a small population, had it’s mail office in the front Lobby of the Hotel where the Grangers worked. 
“Glad you think so Gram” Hermione said not paying to much attention to any of this. Gram leaned over to Hermione pulling down on her shoulder, in a small voice “Right you are, and I noticed, he wasn’t wearing a ring on the finger...”

1,303 13
4 Something there that Wasn’t there Before

Hermione shook her head again. “There’s something about you Ron, It’s like I’ve heard all these names before. Corned Beef—Ginny—Weasley—Harry Potter, It’s as though I’ve heard them all before. But how is that possible when I’ve only known you for less than a day?” She asked, looking at Ron as she got of the bench and started there way to exit the park. Ron's spending the afternoon with Hermione, trying to convince her to remember while starting to fall for her at the same time.

1,445 8
5 Duck Eaters and Owls

"But Teddy, what if, what if those people that Rachel told Teddy about when she got that letter... what if they show up and kill Ron and Hermione? Teddy, what if Ron is one of them and is just here luring Hermione into a trap." Ron Eye's widened, they thought he could be a Death Eater. What happens when Hermione's grandparents find out information Hermione doesn't know about that could, and get suspicious of Ron's Alma marta?

1,859 10
6 Hermione's Story

If you ask me you have and if not you still can, fall madly in Love with Ron and maybe you two could get hitched, but Hermione remember I know you. And I Know you’re think that by going to this school for the Graduation, you’ll be able to fix your life. Hermione you’re my best friend so please remember before you get another heart ache—you can’t change your past,” Shanna warned as they walked down the stairs and into the back of the bakery.
 Hermione grinned to herself. “Or can I?”

1,808 14
7 A Sunday Stroll

Ron promised that Hermione could read the story as soon as he was finished which turned out to becoming quicker than anyone, including Ron had expected. Over half way finished, it seemed as though he would be done in less than a months time, which left Hermione wondering if he really would be coming home to her after his graduation

2,035 17
8 The Coming Darkness

A shadow in the night had just reached the town that was clearly asleep. Only the street lamps gave off light, all the windows drawn for the night, all except one. 
As Hermione is beginning to remember, and Ron completing his novel, another figure enters the thickening story that may soon end for those Harry holds dear

2,237 13
9 Four-ish

“No problem Ron,” the unfamiliar voice sweetly replied as he felt a kiss on the top of his messy hair. “I’ll call you when breakfast is ready.”
“Thanks Ginny,” he yawned again, only to once again hear the unfamiliar laughter that seemed to dance when released. This wasn’t Ginny, and it wasn’t Mum—had Harry Spiked his butterbeer? He was suddenly trying to remember exactly what he did last night…

1,649 12


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