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Dumbledore, Filch, Hagrid, McGonagall, Snape, Lucius, Neville, Draco, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Crossover, General, AU
Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-03-25 3:17am
Last Chapter
2006-10-15 1:38am
Last Updated
2006-10-15 1:38am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A New Beginning

Gwendolyn Archer has just been notified that she has been hired as a teacher at Hogwarts. She has lived very much like a hermit for the past decade and is under the mistaken belief that returning to the place where she spent her childhood will solve all of her problems.

3,017 7
2 A Swan Quill and a Sorting

The students are just about to arrive and Gwen is settling into her new office and going over the lesson plans for that school year. She receives a lovely present "welcome to the staff" present from Dumbledore and gets to watch the sorting take place from the staff table.

2,081 4
3 Dumbledore's Darling and an Unwanted Admirer

Classes have begun and between Gilderoy Lockhart's unwanted attention and Professor Snape implying that Dumbledore pulled strings to get Gwen her job, the term isn't going exactly the way Professor Archer expected.

3,509 3
4 The Weekend and a Talk with Dumbledore

Gwen has reached the first weekend of the autumn term and is feeling a bit more lonely that she expected to, so she goes to spend some with Ashlar - a horse with mysterious origins and is not an ordinary horse. On Sunday afternoon she has a talk with Dumbledore and receives some much needed advise

2,752 3
5 Staff Meetings and Dinner for Four

It's now the second week of the term. Along with sudden, unexpected changes being made to the staff, Dumbledore continues to try to eliminate the tension between Professor Archer and the Potions Master.

3,134 3
6 Reprimanded and an Apology

The tension between Professor Archer and Professor Snape gets even worse when Gwen receives a visit from a forest creature that she knew when she was taking the Care of Magical Creatures class. Later, she is fianlly forced to swallow her pride and apoligize for her well as requesting Professor Snape's assistance.

4,491 6
7 Peace, But Not For Long

Professor Archer has decided to make a few honest attempts to extend an olive branch to the Potions Master, but he is not as receptive as she would like, which leads to even more tension and yet another meeting in the Headmaster's office.

3,525 4
8 Disturbing Dreams

Gwendolyn finds herself have a series of rather disturbing dreams about the object of her annoyance and goes to Professor Trelawney for a dream interpretation.

5,613 4
9 The Beginning of October

And so, another month begins and October isn't much better than September. Professor Archer reflects on how the mysterious Ashlar came into her life, then finds herself in for a rude awakening regarding her hostility toward Professor Snape

5,588 3
10 Conversations in the Dungeons

Professor Archer makes an effort to extend an olive branch to the Potions Master, and to her surprise, they begin to talk about the time when they were both students at Hogwarts.

7,170 6
11 My Dark Guardian

The new Muggle Studies teacher arrives, skeletal riders appear on the school grounds and Professor Snape always seems to be there when Professor Archer needs him.

7,854 3
12 Dinner at Hogsmeade and the Astronomy Tower

At long last, Professor Snape and Professor Archer declare a truce, but not before there are some embarrassing revelations and awkward moments.

7,463 4
13 The Opened Chamber

Gwendolyn discovers that Dumbledore had a sibling that no one knew about and the truth about Narya Prewitt comes out. Also, Gwen's relationship with Severus is taken to the next level and the Chamber of Secrets is opened.

14,261 2
14 Autumn Flus and Childhood Fears

Gwendolyn's nightmares eventually cause her to become ill with the autumn flu, memories of the night her parents were killed begin to come back and a startling secret about Narya Prewitt comes out.

11,390 5


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