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Dumbledore, Voldemort, Scrimgeour, OtherCanon, OC
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Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Action/Adventure, Angst
Mild Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-03-24 11:06pm
Last Chapter
2007-09-04 9:17pm
Last Updated
2007-09-08 4:28pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Something Wrong

~~*Beautiful banner by angelinhogwarts! Thanks so much, you did a great job!!*~~ Celestia Dolohov is seven years old. She does not know that her parents are Death Eaters until the plan to bring Harry Potter into the Ministry of Magic succeeds. Antonin is caught, but what will happen when the Ministry of Magic comes to look for her mother? ~~Only rated 15+ because of Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme~~

1,058 4

Celestia gets the opportunity to go to Knockturn Alley with her father and has an 'adventure' in Diagon Alley where she sees a WANTED poster with her father's face on it.

2,471 5
3 Findings

Celestia asks her mother some questions on her father's whereabouts.

857 6
4 The Minister of Magic

It's the morning after the attack of the Ministry of Magic. The Minister and his Aurors come to take Sacharissa away, but end up taking Celestia with them.

828 5
5 Questioning

Celestia is taken to the Ministry of Magic and Dumbledore is asked to question her.

1,544 9
6 "You Have a Choice."

Celestia talks to Dumbledore and is given a choice.

1,877 13
7 A Promise

The meeting takes place and they decide where Celestia will live.

1,717 7
8 Madam Bones

Celestia is taken to Madam Bones's house...

1,722 5
9 The Unwanted Visitor

Celestia encounters a surprising and frightening visitor. (*hint hint* HBP spoilers!!) Please read and review! Thank you!!

1,310 5
10 Memories

Celestia is taken to the Hospital Wing and Dumbledore asks her a favor. Please read and review! Thanks! :D

1,380 9
11 The Nightmare

Celestia has a horrible nightmare and needs someone to comfort her. Who could it be? (Please read and review! Thanks! ^_^)

1,286 9
12 A Promise Unkept

Celestia's time with Dumbledore. They explore the depths of Celestia's memory. Please read and review!! Thanks!! :D

1,647 6
13 Roommates

Celestia gets her first glimpse of Severus Snape. Please read and review! Thanks! XD

2,000 7
14 Surprises

Celestia gets a surprise from Dumbledore, but things don't turn out the way they should. Please read and review, thanks!! ;D

2,547 6
15 Runaway

Celestia has another encounter with Snape and decides on a rash course of action. Please read and review!! Thanks!! ;P

3,236 6
16 The Rescue

Celestia is rescued and she and Dumbledore talk. Please read and review!! Thanks!! :D

2,670 4
17 Azkaban

Celestia talks with Dumbledore who has a flashback memory from long ago. Then, they start off toward Azkaban. Please read and review!! But, most importantly, enjoy!! :D

2,491 5


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