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Harry, Ron, Hermione, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Harry/OC
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language,
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-03-19 3:42am
Last Chapter
2007-09-26 4:03am
Last Updated
2007-09-26 4:03am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Godric's Hollow

There is a town. It seems to have been there forever, and there's something not quite right about it. This town is enveloped in a strange fog, something that Kat Empson has never experienced in her life--All she knows is that funny people, when any at all, inhabit the town. They call her funny names like "Muggle" and wear odd assortments of clothes. What does this town of Godric's Hollow have to do with her? She doesn't find out until stumbling upon an unconscious form of a boy they call Harry Potter--

5,446 30
2 Obscured Discrepency

Kat has already been affiliated with the town of Godric's Hollow long enough, but somehow, she is ironically drawn to it. She knows she cannot leave--there is something to be solved here--she just knows it. . . who is this person under this invisibiliy cloak, they call it. And who are these people who seem concerned for the boy's helath? Who can she trust? And if she doesn't, is her life in peril?

5,789 21
3 Dementia

Kat cannot believe this bloke that just saved her life--he was just unconsious under a cloak the minute before--but it's not his crazy, courage that fascinates her--its his troubles--so troubled he is, he tried to--to take his own life? But why? How courageous is that? As she learns more about the boy--she realizes how deep she is in this now--there is no turning back. For better or for worse.

2,878 25
4 Explanations. . . Almost

Now there's no going back. . . Kat's with them, they are with her. . . unless it was all a dream, things are pretty set in stone. Now they are off to the graveyard, it's not that bad. Not that bad until Kat find's out who resides there. . . and until a certain someone from the trio's past, and Kat's present shows up. . .

5,563 23
5 Magic, Part I

A revelation, a bit of magic, and Kat's destiny may be changed. . . for the time being.

2,490 19
6 Intermission

Nothing happened. Life is the same. Her Dad's...sad, her brother is...sad, Rita is...wicked. She remembers things in her dreams however, and she knows that it was odd, that time, that time that she ran away. It's time to take you all to Intermission....

3,289 11
7 Magic, Part II

She is on autopilot. Shades of gray. All but in her dreams of these faceless people she feels like she knows. But is it a dream, or revolutionary reality one night, when she hears thunder at her window.....? Will everything finally pull itself together? (Let's hope so....;) )

2,465 12
8 Back to the Burrow

Back to the Burrow.....

4,273 1
9 Lucky

An itty bitty late coming, eh?  I'm sooo sorry my pretties.

2,744 1
10 Your Name is Harry

And we venture onward into that vast unknown world of literature.....

3,185 1
11 St. Godric's Day

more loverliness.....

4,625 1
12 The Restricted Section

Some more secrets to be planted, wonderings to be wondered..... beware, one's head might explode with the wonder!

6,138 1


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