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2006-03-19 02:01:07
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

It’s the year 2105 and the world is in shambles. Because of the tragic deaths of several important witches and wizards, including the wizard hero Harry Potter at the hands of Lord Voldemort a hundred years previously, the wizarding world has taken over and the Muggle race struggles to survive. Evil reigns and life as we know it in the wizarding world has ended. But, amid the hopelessness, a new power has risen, in the form of a young woman who may be able to bring back the hope that once reigned.

657 8
2 The Gathering

One hundred years after the fall of Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter, the wizarding world struggles to hold its own against the Dark Lord. Few stand against him, and their last hope lies with an ancient magic and a single spell.

1866 5
3 The Price

With the discovery of an ancient spell, the seekers set out to find a hero. Zara finds that she is the last hope of using this magic. As she prepares to perform the spell, will it work, or will the seekers be left to wait until the birth of the next generation?

1695 3
4 These are Trying Times

Zara deals with the repurcussions of Seaton's spell.

2547 1
5 A Moment to Hope

The Seekers come to blows over the best way to proceed with their plans to take out Voldemort. Zara gives Seaton the news that he has been waiting to hear for 80 years.

2681 3
6 Prophecy Revealed

Zara tells Walker about the prophecy and its implications about her future. Harry learns more about his past and his relationship to Zara.

2864 4
7 Bruises of the Heart

Harry finally finds out what happened to Ginny Weasly and his reaction draws out a new side to Zara.

2956 3
8 Traitors and Tyrants

Zara finally takes Harry out to meet some of the other Seekers, but they recieve a horrible surprise.

3012 3
9 Blood Oath

Zara and Harry discover something more about the plans the ancients have for them as Zara deals with her own Mortality.

2456 1
10 Chosen Ones

Zara and Harry learn that their fates may be tied together more than anyone had realized. Zara feels forced to choose between her fate and Walker.

2209 2
11 Unexpected Aid

Seaton's condition worsens, forcing Harry to take matters into his own hands. In doing so, he meets the descendent of an old friend.

2447 2
12 Visions

Harry's visions become more real and he finds he is able to bring part of the unreal back to the physical realm with him. 

2539 1
13 Visitations

Harry grows stronger and is ready to finally face his greatest foe. Zara visits several villages and finds out how bad the damage is. 

3667 1
14 On the Lamb.

 When their safehouse is no longer safe, they have to make a run for it. Zara comes closer to figuring out who is the traiter. 

2876 0


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