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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Bellatrix, Draco, Fred, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
Drama, Romance, Angst
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-03-07 7:40pm
Last Chapter
2007-03-10 2:49pm
Last Updated
2008-10-09 1:00pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Storm

Hermione sat with the twins waiting for her husband to come home late...again. He was always late, didn't do his share, and cared too much about work. She was the workaholic, not Ron. She married him because they complimented each other that way. He was not the man she'd married...and it was time to do something about it.

2,385 36
2 Crossings

Hermione walked out on Ron two and a half years ago, and finally things are starting to seep into his head: he's lonely and misses them dearly. It's the twins' 3rd birthday, and Ron wants nothing more than an invitation to the party. Thankfully, a bright-eyed little girl wanders upon him in the park.

2,935 30
3 The Party

Scared though he was, Ron was pleased to be going to his children's birthday. However, the reception was not what he was hoping for, and he couldn't help his tremendous disappointment. However, it was redeemed slightly when he got Hermione to strike a deal with him he never thought would work.

2,746 42
4 Explanations

Hermione and Ron go back to their flat and share a beautiful night together, then start to discuss what went wrong in the first place. Hermione comes to the realization that Ron was not the only one at fault, and they strike a deal. However, when Ron returns to work the next morning, he learns some news that will make keeping both Hermione and his job nearly impossible.

2,492 25
5 Back to Secondary School

Ron has been overworking himself at work, and Hermione is noticing. In an effort to keep Hermione off his back, he decides to go visit her during the day, and by answering the prying questions of her classmates, earns himself a touch more status with his wife...and more worry than she had before.

3,053 26
6 Hermione's Trickery

After another disasterous round with Chris, Ron's spirits were down. Little did he know that Hermione was already making plans for them that night; she was tired of Ron keeping secrets, and was going to do her very best to get them out of him. It was just a little reminder to Ron that a know-it-all his wife may be, but when she wanted to be coniving, he had little resistance against her.

3,571 18
7 The Book of Powers

After a wonderful night, Ron and Hermione had made an appointment to meet for lunch, confident that they could tell the kids their plans to get back together. In fact, it was going to be a great day for Ron; finally they had a lead to the connection between the Death Eaters and the Grangers. Harry and Ron know the plan now, understand why the Grangers are in danger, but are they in time?

3,390 18
8 Ron Weasley's Signature

The deed is done, and it cannot be reversed. Ron and Harry anxiously await the impending arrival of Scotland Yard to investigate the scene, but Hermione makes it home first. When she finds her husband leaning over Chris' body, any chance of redemption is lost, and Ron sees no better way to make Hermione happy than to give her what she wants. WARNING: This is an emotionally packed chapter that was difficult to write. Read at your own risk. But please review and tell me what you think!

4,440 36
9 Little Guardian Angel

Emotions are running high for all, but there is a thread of hope. It's small, and in the form of a little three-year-old girl, but the hope was contagious. No matter how much Ron to grief, his daughter's strength kept him afloat, and reminded him that he had a job to do: find Hermione and destory those responsible. Note: A much nicer chapter full of 'feel good' moments. A nice picker-upper from the last one =)

2,909 28
10 To Hurt an Otter

After being knocked unconscious, Ron finally had to face the fact that he had to calm down and take things in stride. The next day, he did exactly what he planned, and that was to find Hermione. He wasn't sure what he was expecting from her, but he got two surprises, one that gave him strength, and one that forced him to lose all hope.

4,287 33
11 Surprise

The funeral had arrived, but at least it ended well. However, those next couple of days would not bring any news that would help Ron and Harry...and it would certainly not bring any news that Hermione was happy least not that she'd admit, anyway.

4,117 29
12 The Family Barbeque

Once arriving at the family barbeque, Ginny informs Harry of all the information she'd just learned from Hermione. Meanwhile, however, Ron has a visitor. He and Hermione go up stairs to talk, and Ron can't help but be suspicious of Hermione behavior. Then again, who wouldn't be suspicious if Hermione was crying and lusting for you all at once?

2,718 27
13 Selfish Rage

Four months have passed since the awful day when the Grangers were found dead in their home. Ron actually thought that things were going well again, and then Hermione smacks more on his plate: she's leaving for the next six months. Ron devastated and Harry angry after Hermione finally admits why she's doing this to Ron, they receive a letter that does nothing to improve their moods. The Death Eaters have been found holding meetings in Muggle pubs, and the name Weasley is constantly repeated.

3,201 32
14 Improper Conduct in Muggle Public

After Rick's observations, Ron had to go undercover himself to get close to one of the Death Eaters. Harry, frustrated with Hermione for being so stubborn and his partner for being so stupid, agrees to go with him, but unwillingly. When Malfoy shows up, Ron discovers why Hermione is in fact a target, but manages to make himself another bump along the way.

3,683 28
15 Knight in Shining Armor

Obeying orders, Ron had been tailing Hermione as much as he possibly could for two months. However, pregnancy had not dulled Hermione's senses and she'd spotted him. After another fight, Tonks had informed Ron of a greater problem, one that if solved could bring the terror his family had been through to an end...or so he thought.

4,584 24
16 Not Again, Never Again

The final confrontation has come, but will Ron be too late after he realizes he's in the wrong place? Will Hermione make it through the fight? Who will Ron choose to save? How will Bella get her comeuppance?

3,795 38


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