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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Snape, Arthur, Draco, Fred, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Bill/Fleur, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing
Drama, Romance, Angst
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-03-08 2:28am
Last Chapter
2008-02-06 4:25pm
Last Updated
2009-06-25 11:20am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Five Years

Five years ago, Ginevra Weasley’s life changed forever. For worse and for a bit of good. The bad part; Harry Potter, the boy she had loved for Merlin knows how long, went missing after the Final Battle. Voldemort was dead, his robes were found in Godric's Hollow, but Harry could not be found...

1,776 75
2 Explanation

“Final Battle,” Harry muttered, dropping his grin and eye contact with Ginny, searching the thin, blue sheets on the bed, as though they held the answer. “Tom… screamed…I went unconscious… woke up in a cell, chained to a wall…”

1,651 50
3 Meeting Daddy

It was dinner time when Lily finally met her dad for the first time. Ginny heard Molly’s voice and left Harry for a few seconds to see what she was saying...

2,472 56
4 Magic and Mayhem

Ginny was awoken by whispering voices. Firmly clamping her eyes shut, she listened to the conversation...

3,016 35
5 Robes and Rings

The next morning Ginny woke up in the guest bedroom with a yawn and scrambled out of the lilac covers. She showered, threw on an assortment of clothes and brushed her tangled hair. She walked slowly down the stairs, undoing charms and enchantments along the way with a wave of her wand and a sleepy mutter...

4,164 47
6 Thanking

Ginny gazed at the ring, turning it over, inspecting every angle. She jumped when she heard a voice in her ear...

1,696 35
7 Dreams and Emergencies

Ginny had a rough time getting to sleep that night. Everytime she closed her eyes, flashes of the spidery blue veins, scars and the Dark Mark danced before her. But, when she finally got to sleep, she had witnessed a horrible, horrible dream…

1,343 60
8 Surprises, Shocks and ‘Special’ Guests

Hermione was panting heavily on the bed, tears staining her beautiful face, but a wide smile plastered upon it. Her hair was slightly damp but, cradled in her arms, was a sleeping baby. Ron was sitting in a chair beside the bed, looking extremely relieved...

2,260 58
9 Torture

Ginny stirred, put kept her eyes shut and the vomit in her throat down. She tried to recollect her memories in her throbbing head...

4,181 44
10 Discovery

Harry swallowed nervously as he and the three Weasley brothers slowly made their way up to Malfoy’s looming Manor. He never wanted to come back here again and he could almost feel the horrible memories radiating...

6,802 50
11 Just Wishing

Harry’s head swam – no - drowned in pain, dizziness and confusion. His body seemed to vibrate with agony; he tried to move his fingers just a bit to see if he could. Pain rattled up his arm and almost seemed to hum...

2,518 43
12 Together

Malfoy had completely ignored Ginny and Lily over the next three days, sending Goyle two times a day only with a small amount of food. Ginny let Lily mostly consume the bread and water...

2,925 45
13 Break In

Malfoy yelled at Blaise to follow him, as he turned heel from the pathetic Potter’s and almost skipped with joy back to his study...

8,108 50
14 Awakening to the Worse

Ginny felt horrible, to put it mildly.
Her legs were on fire they were so painful, her arms felt like blocks of ice, her stomach was as empty as a vacuum, her torso was flaming up like her throat, her eyes were itchy and heavy, her mouth thin and coarse.
But the worst was still to come...

1,284 42
15 Tabloid Rings

Equin sighed. It had been a long fortnight. In her mind, it didn’t seem like a fortnight. More like a year, or ten. But in reality it had been two weeks exactly...

2,402 54
16 Different Reactions

Hermione stared with a blank, expressionless face at the newspaper before her, her gaze fixed upon the glittering emerald ring Harry had bought; which seemed like centuries ago. Ron, however, was scrambling around, trying to find parchment and a quill...

1,441 46
17 Four Months

“Ginny, Nigel wants another check up,” Hermione said hoarsely, peeking into the hospital room. “Now, Ginny,” she added wearily, rubbing her bloodshot eyes with one of her hands...

2,431 20
18 Placing the Blame

Bill accompanied Ginny back to her room, having grudgingly removed her from Harry’s room. Nigel was just checking Harry’s apparatus and status; Harry was never left alone... Ginny sank down into her hospital bed whilst Bill drew the covers up over her...

1,480 67
19 Muggle Games

Neither Ron nor Ginny spoke of her breakdown, because no one had to know or find out. Hermione suspected something was wrong, as she always did with Ron, but didn’t pressure him, especially when he snapped at her for asking...

2,498 46
20 Hocutius

Ginny groaned, pushing the toilet seat down and landing heavily on top of it, waving her hand to lock the door.

She sighed and held a shaky hand in front of her watering eyes.

4,717 55
21 The Innocence Of Children

“Lily – please – just listen,” Hermione moaned, pulling the shaking five year old into her lap, “She’s just… sleeping. She’s tired; she’ll wake up soon...!"

3,069 60
22 Doing The Hippogriff

That infernal, incessant beeping… it was going to drive him up the wall, over it and back again...

2,042 60
23 Turning Point

Ron’s body froze. The noise from the living room went mute; everything else disappeared apart from the letter...

2,071 43
24 Need Or Want

Harry put the chart down hastily as the door clicked. Curiosity and impatience led him to pick up the parchment on the table beside him; but the charts, codes, symbols and paragraphs made little sense to him...

2,022 45
25 Promise

Lily raised her head from the bed as the door creaked open.“Lily! Thank Merlin…” Charlie said, hurrying over to her. He knelt beside her chair and took one of her hands. His eyes glanced over Ginny.
“Uncle Charlie,” Lily muttered in greeting before looking back at her mother. “Where did everyone go?”
“Harry,” Charlie said softly, “Daddy. He’s awake,"...

1,672 43
26 What He Did

As the days passed, Harry seemed to be getting steadily worse and worse. Everyone was concerned, yet Harry was only thinking about Ginny.
How is she?
Any better?
Any worse?...

1,975 40
27 True Love...?

She was surrounded by thick, numbing, swirling fog… she couldn’t move, she couldn’t speak, she couldn’t think… could she breathe? She didn’t know…. Was she even there? Was she even alive?

2,864 54
28 Tea Room

As the door shut and as the shouts were stifled, Ginny's gaze fell to the floor…

2,947 36
29 Living Nightmare

You’ve made… startling improvement,” Nigel stammered, slightly surprised as he read avidly over the chart in his hands, as though he had missed something that screamed Harry was about to drop dead any second...

3,495 56
30 Heart Over Body

“I’m sorry if I scared you,” Harry muttered quietly. Nigel had left after checking them both up in Harry’s hospital room; Ginny refused flat out to leave Harry’s side...

2,929 54
31 Brutal and Broken.

With one finger, he lightly traced the blue trail from the inside of his wrist to his elbow, his green eyes narrowed slightly as he did so. He withdrew his finger from the blue line he was following when he got to the hem of his rolled up jumper...

3,965 42
32 Strength

Ginny’s fingers were biting into the arms of the chair she was sitting in; Hermione was standing behind her, her hands softly positioned on her shoulders in case she tried to stand...

1,963 38
33 Christmas Charms

“Why didn’t you stop?” she whispered quietly, hands resting in his. He smiled softly, face still as white as the sheets he was lying upon, the very corners of his mouth pulled upwards in a slight curve...

2,298 33
34 Christmas Preperations

Harry groaned, closing his eyes tightly and gripping the bedside table for support. His legs shook and shivered beneath him; he felt weak and drained...

3,927 26
35 Christmas

Harry was already awake when Nigel slipped quietly into his room.
It was Christmas morning, and no one else was up...

4,154 39
36 Home

High up, up in the empty air that hovered above Earth, there was total, complete darkness...

2,282 43


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