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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Lupin, McGonagall, Snape, Voldemort, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Ron/Luna, OC/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-03-07 3:59pm
Last Chapter
2008-01-30 2:39am
Last Updated
2013-06-30 6:57pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Secret Choice

What decision is Harry faced with on the train back to London? Why is Professor McGonagall on the train? Read on as Harry is faced with tough decisions, and has a dream he won't surely forget.

5,364 74
2 Death at King's Cross

Cpt 2 "The Fidelius Charm" now "Death at King's Cross"
Will Hermione become a Secret Keeper, or will Harry have to look elsewhere? What happens when chaos erupts on Platform 9 ¾ and sends students and families running for their lives? And will Harry and his Secret Keeper make it to Professor Flitwick alive?

8,445 39
3 A Wedding Like No Other

Harry and Hermione return to their homes. Harry then leaves Privet Drive for Bill and Fleur's wedding. Harry is met with surprise, shock, and confusion over the course of the night. For the wedding, all seems to be going well, until . . .

12,282 40
4 The Silver Locket

Lupin explains why he things Harry's Patronus changed, and Harry returns to Privet Drive. Time goes by fast, and soon enough, it is July 30th. On the night he leaves, Harry receives a knock at the door. Why is Aunt Petunia crying, what secrets has she kept, and what causes Harry to panic as he is about to leave Privet Drive?

8,153 27
5 New Homes and New Heads

A surprise guest arrives at No. 4, and something happens to Dudley. Harry eventually finds his way to Grimmauld, and celebrates his birthday with his friends. When 4 owls arrive, what are they carrying, and how will it impact Harry, Hermione, and Ron?

7,350 31
6 Shadows and Stone

As the two men descend the stone steps, they are uncertain of what will happen to them. One has failed his task, and the other must explain years of deception.

2,691 29
7 R.A.B.

Harry, Hermione, and Ron decide the best place to start researching Horcruxes, is Grimmauld. As they pile through reams of books, the outlook is not good. As Harry stands in the corner of the Drawing Room trying to calm himself down, he becomes transfixed on the tapestry. Could the first Horcrux Harry finds, actually be inside Grimmauld Place?

5,461 31
8 Where it All Started

The trio pours over books in Grimmauld, desparately trying to find information on Horcruxes. Frustration begins to show more and more, and Harry decides they need a break. Harry tells Ron and Hermione to go out on a date, not telling them where he intends to go, alone . . .

6,873 26
9 The Sorting Hat's Last Song

Lupin brings Harry back to Grimmauld, and Harry recovers. Harry tells Ron and Hermione about the Hollow, and the three of them make a trip to Diagon Alley, meeting up with the twins in their shop. A trip on the Hogwarts Express, and the three of them arrive back at Hogwarts school. The Sorting Hat is placed, and sings its song. What could it possible sing about that would leave everyone in the Great Hall completely silent?

9,679 41
10 Dumbledore's Offerings

Harry and Hermione say goodnight to Ron and the rest, and go for their meeting with the Headmistress. They enter the Headmistress's office, only to daw their wands on someone who is already there. Who could it be? And what does Professor McGonagall have to talk about to the two of them?

4,514 40
11 Professor Terrwynebas

Harry, Hermione, and Ron start their classes for seventh year, with the first morning bringing bad news from outside Hogwarts. While in potions, Harry smells a scent he can't believe is right, and in transfiguration, the trio finds the new professor has high expectations. We finally meet the new DADA Professor, Professor Topher Terrwynebas. He has a talk with Harry after the lesson, and that night, Ron and Hermione have some relationship woes. Their problems however stop when Harry falls to the floor in the common room . . .

7,378 31
12 A Father's Fate

Draco tries desperately to find a way out of his horrible situation. Lord Voldemort will now get his redemption on his failed Death Eaters, who have been "liberated" from Azkaban Prison. Draco is brought up to the main chamber, realizing that no escape is possible. Excerpt: ‘My Lord, please’ Lucius begged. Voldemort inclined his wand at Draco, grinning evilly as he did. While the wand stayed pointed at his chest, Draco’s head was racing with the reality that his death was imminent.

3,065 39
13 Closing a Door and Opening a Window

Harry, Hermione, and Ron discuss the flash, and Hermione suggests that Professor Terrwynebas might be able to help Harry. He nervously askes Professor Terrwynebas to give him Occlumency lessons. Will he teach Harry, and can Harry trust him? What causes Hermione to interupt one of their lessons, and what secrets does the potion book hold that neither of them know about? Excerpt: Hermione opened the potions book, and started leafing through the pages. 'I found something Harry, about Horcruxes'

6,779 36
14 Phoenicreo

Harry and Hermione return to their common room. Hermione starts working on the potion, along with Ron, while Harry finally overcomes his anxiety, and enters the Pensieve. The memories he is shown, more questions of his past, and visit to Hagrid all follow. By the end of the month, a relationship is brought to the breaking point, for Halloween at Hogwarts can never be a normal night.

10,070 41
15 The Sixth Horcrux

Harry has helped Hermione, and now tries to help Ron. With Ron all tucked away in the dormitory, will Harry's plan to bring back a sorely missed part of Hogwarts work? And later that night, Harry foregoes his lesson with Professor Terrwynebas, and ventures again into the Pensieve. After the memories are done, Harry rushes to the Headmistresses Office, to ask Dumbledore's Portrait if it's true. Harry has found another Horcrux, in the most unlikely and possibly darkest places.

8,367 38
16 Cassus Animus

Harry tries to come to grips with the reality of his scar, but finds it beyond difficult. While in his lesson with Topher, one comment changes Harry's prespective of the professor. Topher tries to reason, and suggests a daring way to prove his allegiance. Harry, after avoiding it for over a week, goes back to talk to Dumbledore's portrait. After a run in with Professor Trelawney, Harry gets back to the East Tower, where Lily's potion is finished, and the trio, plunging into the unknown, make to destroy their first Horcrux.

8,645 34
17 Christmas Tradition

Worry has gripped Hogwarts, as attacks increase all over Britain. Many students wonder if they will be returning to the school after Christmas break. Topher gives the DADA class an intersting project, and asks Harry to start an old club. There's another visit to Hagrid, with a surprise guest. Topher invites Harry along on a trip, and Christmas approaches. Harry has planned something for Christmas Eve, and needs to find the perfect gift. Some Christmas Traditions should never be forgotten.

11,409 45
18 The Escape

Draco has been locked up for months; no contact with anyone. He is lower than low, and is waiting for the inevitable. Wormtail comes one day, and brings him to the main chamber. Voldemort has another surprise for him, and it's something Draco can't take. Neither can Snape.

3,250 35
19 The First Loss

Harry and Hermione see the reaction to their new relationship. Christmas Day goes by well, and on the next day, Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny go to The Burrow to see the rest of the Weasley's. Something's wrong though. Harry is suspicious, and the group is surprised when Baldric Branwen bursts into the kitchen of The Burrow, and stuns George.

5,650 32
20 Guardians of Hogwarts

The Weasley family morns the loss of Fred, and Harry tries to figure out the reason for the attack. A few days after the funeral, Harry returns to Hogwarts with Ron and Ginny, while Hermione goes to see her family. Harry catches up with Topher, and the professor explains his research. As classes start, Harry begins his dueling club. After the first meeting, he gets himself back on track to finding the Horcruxes, and talks to Dumbledore's Portrait.

6,847 32
21 Forgotten Magic

The search for the cup is on, and the first target is Hogwarts itself. Enlisting the help of a over-zealous house elf, Harry hopes to find something that could help move their quest along, and in his hopes, uses the Time Turner for the first time. The Guard has its second meeting, and Harry has another talk with his DA. Professor Terrwynebas asks Harry if he minds a guest at their lesson, and later that week, Harry and his guest learn of Topher's research.

6,425 27
22 The Riddle and the Orphanage

Harry talks once more to Dumbledore's Portrait, and gets ready to go on a trip. The trio, along with Topher, Remus, and Moody go the old Riddle house, and Harry finds a cup, but trouble presents itself and Death Eaters attack. Topher meets an old friend, and Harry and the others escape. Harry and others then plan to check the Perdita Orphanage, where Tom Riddle grew up, looking for objects told in a riddle. Trouble arises however, and Harry finds out someone was already in the Orphanage, waiting for them.

9,061 52
23 Snivelling the Cup

Harry and the others try to understand the situation with Snape and Draco. Snape begins to explain his allegiance, but is interupted when Topher and the others gain the upper hand. It's short lived though, as Draco's fears are proven correct, and Death Eaters storm the Orphanage. With a mob of Death Eaters banging away at a door that can only hold for so long, will Harry learn to trust Snape, or not?

8,597 36
24 The Darkness Approaches

Harry's meeting with Umbridge and Skeeter goes in way he would not have imagined. After escaping the side chamber, Harry runs to tell Professor McGonagall about what has happened, and he finally gets to talk to Dumbledore's portrait. Word from the outside world is becoming grim, and as Harry sets another Guard meeting, he calls on the staff to help.

10,137 34
25 Viktor's Influence

Harry listens to Aberforth's knowledge on the Department of Mysteries. Nothing is known precisely, however Harry understands there is more mystery surrounding the Book of Thoth than he previously believed. The Guard meeting is ended with students beginning to show they might not be all united, and Harry, excited by the news from Aberforth's belief as to the whereabouts of the Book, makes to contact Bill in Egypt.

9,132 31
26 The Tomb of the Prince

Harry, Hermione, Ron, and many other students and Professors await the arrival of Durmstrang ship. Once on board, they travel to Egypt and meet up with Bill Weasley. Finding the tomb, problems with the guards presist, but eventually they gain access. Going deep into the ancient tomb, Harry and the others will soon find that the group they came with, may not be the one they leave with.

7,514 28
27 Falling and the Feather

The group escapes Egypt, but one short. Returning to Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall is outraged at the tragedy, and orders Harry and the others confined to the castle. Hermione hears news on her parents, and the Heads are called to the Headmistress' Office again. The Ministry has been over-run, and is taking control of Hogwarts. The school is closing, and Harry's hope is lost. That is, until a feather arrives, and an old friend.

8,443 30
28 Finding the Key

We find out the there is a mole inside Hogwarts, and what their mission might be. A meeting is held by the Ministry, and the Minister, Rufus Scrimgeour, orders all students to stay in their dormitories. Harry and the others won't take it, and put the decision to the Guard. The Guardians unanimously decide to protect Hogwarts, and plans are made while Harry and Topher try to find how to open the Locked Door in the DOM, using Fawkes to do it.

10,537 36
29 Through the Locked Door

Harry and the group get the information from Grimmauld, and Harry, along with Hermione, Ron, Topher, Remus, Tonks, Baldric, Aberforth, Kingsley, Snape, and Draco all make their way to the Department of Mysteries. It's a tough trek, and we hear of a new room in the DOM-The Obelisk Chamber. Harry finally takes that final step, and is faced with the Veneforbis Guard, and the quest into Room Number Nine: The Locked Room.

8,598 49
30 The Book of Thoth

Harry has to escape the Locked Room now, and it is not as easy as getting in. The Veneforbis Guard give Harry and the others an upper hand on Death Eaters in the DOM, but it is in the Atrium that problems arise. Harry must use the Book to help the group, and Hermione becomes sick. Harry and Topher believe it is from the Book, and Harry begins having doubts of using it. The Durmstrang Ship has returned, the House tables are no more, and the attack is approaching . . .

12,145 35
31 The Visions

Harry has a dream that is filled with odd happenings that make him wonder what lies ahead. Hermione wakes up, and Harry decides to ask her to translate it. After a meeting with the Headmistress, and a somewhat odd conversation with Dumbledore's Portrait, Harry finds no incantation from Hermione's translation, and becomes angry, 'causing Hermione to weaken. A new ally arrives at Hogwarts to help, and by the end, Harry gets what he wants, but it might cost him everything.

11,678 26
32 The Meeting of the Heirs

We hear that Hermione is still alive. Harry realizes Horcruxes are still out there, and asks Topher for help. We see Lesath's punishment for failing in the DOM, and the attack begins, with rivalry brewing between Death Eaters. We hear some students may betray, and Topher finds the Dementor's Purge. Why are there no Werewolves attacking? And what is Peter Pettigrew doing in Hogwarts? Everything leads, to where Harry Potter first met Tom Riddle: the Chamber of Secrets.

12,066 58
33 The Oroborus Light

The attack is underway, and the Guardians are taking heavy losses. Many dearly friends are lost, while others will never be the same. Rivalries meet as Topher confronts Lesath, and tries desperately to protect the Hospital Wing, while Neville and others try to thwart Nott's plans. Werewolves kill and injure many, and the lower levels of the castle are overrun. All the while, Harry and Voldemort face each other in the Chamber of Secrets, and the war will be decided.

13,064 61
34 Hope and Sacrifice

The battle has not finished for those in the towers, and for those in Gryffindor Tower, the fight rages on. Suddenly however, the Death Eaters that are storming in fall, screaming aloud. Groups run to secure the castle, while the roar of a terrible beast continues outside. Harry is found in the depths of the castle, and when he wakes, he learns of Hermione's fate, and how it could be changed . . . but at a price.

13,371 29
35 Out of the Ashes

Waking up in a dark and mangled place, she tries to understand what has happened. Can she save him? Can she make it before the sands of time run out? Will the trinity be completed? And what will be the aftermath of the war?

The final chapter.

11,436 57


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