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Harry, Hermione, Luna, Draco
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Mild Violence
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First Published
2006-02-25 4:23am
Last Chapter
2007-11-08 2:29am
Last Updated
2007-11-08 2:29am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Dream or Memory

Thanks VenusXGoddess for the awesome Banner!

Hermione doesn't quite remember all of her past and she surely doesn't remember Draco Malfoy's old wicked ways, or that she once loved him. Draco remembers all to well his past and hers, as well as her closeness with the famous Harry Potter and not so famous Ron Weasley. Figuring he can control how long she forgets by whisking her off to a secret family mansion in Ireland and hiding her from her old friends, he sets an evil plan in motion. Will she remember in time? And if she does,

1,112 11
2 Someone Familar

Hermione thinks she sees someone she knows - and Harry asks for help from an old friend!

1,271 4
3 It's Who I am...

After days of research Luna is on to something

758 7
4 Familar Song

Draco & Hermione get closer!

1,243 10
5 Temper Flare

Hermione see's a side of Draco she doesn't remember!

1,350 3
6 Hidden Bond

Harry remembers...

830 7
7 Aged Wisdom

Draco gets some needed advice, not that he is willing to accept it so easily.

1,034 12
8 Nightmares of a Life Lived

Is Hermione starting to remember her old life? Or is it simply just a nightmare?

883 1
9 Unspoken Forgiveness

Luna and Harry get closer to their goal, while Draco and Hermione learn that forgiveness can come even without words.

929 1
10 Shock of Death

Hermione is closer to remembering, especially when she stumbles upon a horrible truth.

1,382 2
11 Haunted

Images of Hermione's past start to flood her memory, start to haunt her. Is it all starting to come back?

738 6
12 Bits and Pieces

Hermione starts to learn and Harry grows ever nearer

1,154 4
13 Gullywink's

It all just happens so fast

993 2
14 Matters of the Heart

Friendship of the strongest kind, Hermione remembers what that feels like. And so does Harry. But he can't save her from everything.

793 4
15 Love from a Distance

Draco takes a walk / Hermione starts to really deal with her past

726 4
16 Something Familar

Draco and Hermione both need to feel something familar ...

763 5
17 Some realizations

Draco realizes he has lost the battle of Hermione's heart, or at least he thinks he has. Ron realizes how much Hermione really does love Draco and has to face hard truths and harder temptations. And Hermione deals with rejection and the battle raging in her heart.

1,271 4


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