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    Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Bellatrix, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Sirius/OC, Snape/OC
    Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
    Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2006-02-19 5:23am
    Last Chapter
    2007-07-18 3:59am
    Last Updated
    2007-07-18 3:59am

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 the black mansion

    Snape, after making sure he was alone and not discovering any trap or curse threatening, returned to the corpse, his curiosity overtaking the urgent feeling to get away at once. As he noticed it the first time he passed, it was a woman of an uncertain age. She seemed very young at the body, but rather weary at the face. Her body was lying on the stairs, her head leaning back, her face waxy and pale with glassy open eyes like an old doll thrown down.

    2,641 4
    2 Snape's choice

    Severus Snape was no longer a young teenager to be affected that easily, nevertheless he fought serious temptation to kiss her. Unwittingly he recalled the last time he had kissed a woman. The memory seemed to drown in the past.

    1,876 3
    3 the Master's visit

    'What a moron I am' she sprang up throwing Snape's clothes at him and disappearing behind the door. He grinned for he couldn't imagine an expression fitting her less. Yet, he got dressed in no time. With his black robe, his black apprehensions also returned to him. No matter how much he wanted to deny the idea of his Lord to be the one "who's here", his guts confirmed that it would be futile. '

    3,171 3
    4 Jezebel

    This moment was all Severus Snape waited for. He was famous for being able to read minds, and never missed a chance to make use of it. But this case was a little different. He faced a victim, who was not less master of that art. To be honest, Snape could not decide, who was the hunter and who would turn out to be the prey.

    2,307 3
    5 painted black

    Jezebel wasn't so determined to call him now with Bella dogging her, she did that with great reluctance. This time she had a rough duty: to take Sirius to her Lord. Even after so many years of using mental power, she could not tell the outcome: if he gets the message or will reply to the call, neither did she know if she would like that or not.

    3,396 5
    6 the dog, the wolf, the rat and the girl

    ’See Remus? I told you. You can’t give a potion to a woman which would stop her from torturing you.’ Sirius grinned with his teeth strongly clenched. Jezebel didn’t give a sign of hearing his remark. She was still embracing Remus’ neck, pulling him even closer if that was possible at all.

    2,912 2
    7 when future forecasts it’s shadow

    Jezebel took great risk when attacking Dumbledore; she knew that her only chance would be being faster than the old wizard. She hadn’t regained her strength; she had no idea for how long she is going to be able keep on and if she is going to be able to kill the man, so she reached for the headmaster’s hand. Physical contact should multiply the effect and withhold him from using his wand. Her every fibre concentrated on strangling Dumbledore’s mind, she felt lher body burn while her hand feverishly grabbed at the old man’s hand under the sleeve of his robe.

    3,888 2
    8 the runaway

    ’Sirius?’ Jezebel asked the dark shade that was still holding her close; she could feel its soft long hair brush her face. In reply warm lips touched hers; first slowly as if questioning her, and when her stress started to ease off, and she kissed back in reply, they became demanding and passionate. It was a hungry game between them: first Sirius ruled her with his gently forceful kiss, and then he yielded himself to the sophisticated attack of Jezebel’s tongue.

    4,342 3
    9 the ball

    As on an invisible command, the guests paid their duty at the throne of their Master, one by one. Pitiable – Jezebel thought suppressing a shiver of disgust going down her spine but her cynicism couldn’t drown the increasing horror she felt at the sight of the simple objects that were offered to the Lord. Glasses, a faded ribbon, a respectable looking pipe, several rings and wands, a hat, an embroidered scarf, silk gloves, a violet quill, a brooch, a broken doll…

    4,357 2
    10 the demon / 1

    "Voldemort looked desperate to absorb even the tiniest detail of the torture; his eyes were sucking in the sight with greedy thirst. He could never taste life so well than when it was about to end; it seemed to narcotize him." It is a dark chapter of a dark story. It would have been the last , but I had to split it into two, because it became too long.

    3,910 2
    11 The demon / 2

    This is the end of the story about Severus Snape, Sirius Black and a girl.

    3,742 2


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