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Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Sirius, Lily, James, Andromeda, Lucius, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
OC/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Snape/OC
Drama, Romance, AU
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-01-29 9:56pm
Last Chapter
2008-01-06 2:01am
Last Updated
2011-01-23 6:38pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Backdrops and Fake Models

While James helps out with the photography at his mother's studio (unknown to her), he meets a girl that could change his life. If only he knew who she really was before it's too late...

A girl with long, straight, black hair and beautiful, emerald green eyes looks up at me and I’m caught slightly off guard. The girl immediately looks down again and whispers something to Jayde. “Sorry,” Jayde mutters, stepping next to Eve.

3,153 31
2 God Save the Queen

Lily has a run-in with a Malfoy and then revisits the worst of her past...

"What house are you in? Or are you new?" I look to find Lucius Malfoy standing there. There’s a smile upon his face that I have never seen before. It actually looks genuine and heart-felt.

"Gryffindor," I respond, smiling back.

"Oh. I’m sorry then. I shouldn’t have said anything."

3,897 34
3 Only Her Eyes Are Familiar Now

After the feast, James and Lily have their first fight. Two weeks pass, nothing happens, and then James holds Quidditch try-outs. That's when disaster strikes...

While in midair, I have another bludger hit at me and this one reaches my stomach. When I finally smash into the ground, I am knocked unconscious by the impact and the last thing I hear is laughing and then shouting…

3,488 30
4 Uncovered Truths

Long time, I know. Anyway... We all find out what mysteriously happened to James. You know, who attacked him with that stupid bludger. And, then... yeah, it's not too pretty. James gets EMOTIONALLY hurt this time...

"Yeah, not to mention he might have trouble eavesdropping on his own sympathy squad." At this point, I let out a little laugh and open my eyes, looking up at the blurred figures of Sirius, Remus, and Jayde.

2,950 21
5 The Underside of the Boy

After a heated discussion between Lily and Jayde, partners are switched in Potions and all sorts of beautiful mayhem erupts, almost causing a friendship to bloom.  But hey, do they EVER last?

Someone. I need someone. And, suddenly, my whole world cracks, shatters, collapses, and disappears. I feel like I’m shrinking, becoming so small, it’s unimaginable. I feel like everything is just closing up faster than anything. The one person that would have saved me now hates me. I have completely failed. In every aspect of my life…

3,707 26
6 Sacred Secrets

James finally confronts Lily and settles things between them. Once that's done and over with, I guess it only takes a huge storm in the middle of the night to bring them even closer...

"James Potter!" I hear Lily scream as she comes running up the stairs to my room. "Open this door right this instant! I know you have my journal! You were putting the books back when I walked in!" As soon as she says that, it totally clicks what I am holding in my hands. I slowly turn the page as I hear her fumbling for her wand.

I need him.

4,437 29
7 Betrayal

The friendship between James and Lily blossoms even more over the Christmas break, but all that is sweet comes to an end sooner or later.

"I dunno. It’s awkward," I mutter as Sirius laughs. "And what are you smirking about?"

"You’re very honest, Evans."

"Shut it, Black. I don’t need your rude and unnecessary comments thrown into the whole situation. It’s bad enough I have to sit in the same room as you, never mind having to speak to you," I snap at him as he looks over at James.

3,159 28
8 Invisibility

The dreaded chapter... I think it will be MOST enjoyable by the VERY end. *hint hint* Be sure to read the author's note when you finish the chapter... Finally, another Quidditch match. Gryffindor VS Slytherin and, this one decides who's in first...

"But, why would we need to be skilled in changing?"

"Cuz Potter needs to give his pep-talk. And God only knows how long that could take," Steven Vince put in, making me look over at him.

3,701 19
9 Whispered Regrets

Hogsmeade. What a wonderful place. Well, today's trip isn't so great. It's full of fights, fights, and more fights...

"I love how you think. Just using the stupid bastard." I cringe slightly at the name given to James as Lucius’ crew laughs harshly.

"That’s not nice. He never did anything to you."

"He exists, Evans, there’s nothing worse."

"God, Lucius, can’t you even call me Lily for once!"

2,525 20
10 Crushing for Hazel Eyes

Uh oh... the huge fight. Do James and Lily forever split or do they eventually make up and become friends again?

I let myself clasp my hands behind his back as I let my head fall onto his chest. I listen to his steady heartbeat and I let a few tears slip from my eyes.

"I’m sorry," I whisper as he holds me tighter.

"As am I." He rubs my black slightly as I shudder and cry a little more.

3,558 18
11 Forgetfulness is a Hidden Secret

Oh, the chapter you've all been waiting for. It is fantastic... magical... beautiful... a MUST read...

I straighten, her against me. We are somewhat in a crook, trying to squeeze behind a statue as much as possible. Lily is pressed up against me with my arm around my waist. Her hands are on my back and her head is lying atop my chest. She holds her breath as the teacher runs past us, scurrying along. Letting out the breath, Lily sighs and relaxes. She remains where she is, though.

4,299 28
12 The Danger in Love

As their love grows stronger so does the darkness surrounding James and Lily. Evil is inevitable.

She falls to her knees, her breath escaping her as she laughs harder and harder. "It’s not that funny!" I shout, groaning almost immediately after.

"You’re out of breath! What’s funnier than that?"

"Go away!"

2,320 15
13 Black Harassment

A furious fight breaks out between the two feuding sides that ultimately ends in an odd decision while new respect shines upon the Marauders at their extravagant display of ability and loyalty toward one another...

“No! It’s not been brought because we’re not going to tango like this!” Everyone turns as Sirius pushes right through the crowd, stalks over to Bellatrix, and slaps her hard across the face.

3,225 11
14 Appropriate Placement

As danger becomes inevitable, Dumbledore escorts his students to the Hogwarts Express where unimaginable mayhem ensues...

"Do you think Lily loves me?"

"Do you love her?" Sirius questions, smiling as he pokes fun at me.

"Oh, shut up. I’ll put emphasis on what words I choose to. Of course I do."

3,345 31
15 Surviving

It's all Sirius can do to not roll his eyes at every stupid remark his brother and his friends make.  But what will it take when he's forced to live with them again?  And his dad's home...

"Hey, by the way man, good job. Told you so."

"Shut up."

"You shut up twice."

"Your face!"

"IN your face!" I exclaim, waving my hands in a girly fashion at James.

6,199 17
16 Not So Safe

After Sirius is rescued, death is right around the corner...

“Go away, James.” James doesn’t listen and instead steps forward and tries to reach out for Sirius. “Screw you! Leave me alone!” Sirius tries to say more but staggers forward and James is right there to catch him.

“C’mon, other side of the bridge. Let’s go.”

“Prongs, no,” he moans pitifully.

“I don’t care what you say. If I have to tie you down, I will."

3,104 16
17 Hogsmeade

An old friend returns, another admits wrong, and relationships grow strong through hard times...

“Sirius Black. Oh by the pleasures, it’s good to see you again.”

“Why… how… when… what… ah,” he finishes lamely, his whole figure slumping.

5,454 14
18 Silver vs Gold

Right before the Quidditch match of the year, the keeper is sick, the beater almost dies, and the seeker gets a golden platter of WTF?

“Little baby Potter, all alone and afraid. What’s your brother going to do now? Is ickle ole’ Black gonna come save you? Not so strong without your minions now are you? I hope he dies!”

4,344 11
19 Easter Holiday Surprises

The LONGEST chapter to date for this story. Over 6000 words long and PACKED with adorable and memorable scenes...

“Hey, we match girly!” he exclaims, running over and bumping hips with James.

“You’re a freak. Remind me why I’m still your friend.”

“Because you love me,” Sirius answers, batting his eyelashes.

6,697 11
20 The Continuation

Alright, longer than the last one. Beautiful moments, historic fights, and memories that hurt...

"Where were you when I was suffering at school, trying to figure out what was going on? Where were you when I was confused and needed a mother figure? Where were you when not you, but James’ mum took me under her wing and lent me her advice and guidance? Where were you when my whole life started falling apart and I had no one to turn to? Where were you when I needed help? Huh? You weren’t there!"

7,614 11
21 Moment

Sirius disappears with Lily off to a secluded grove one morning, but to no avail as he falls ill terribly...

“Wow,” he finally breathes, plopping down beside me. “Lily, I’d,” he pauses, letting out a breath. “I’d love to,” he finally concludes, looking up at me.

2,496 9
22 Guilty as Charged

As Sirius grows weaker, a darker force grips him in the form of another death...

Voices, so many voices echoing everywhere. Blood in my mouth, so warm. James’ distant voice, calling out my own. Lily’s hands on my back, rubbing it comfortingly, digging her wrists into my cramped muscles. Fearful girl’s voices; Lily’s fellow Gryffindor friends, no doubt. Then blackness…

3,102 7
23 Seventh Year

Exams, balls, pranks, graduation...

“The blood brothers of James Potter and Sirius Black will hold true even past death for nothing can surpass a friendship like Padfoot and Prongs,” Sirius quotes, making me grin. We both had recited it at the same time as we slapped our bloody and spit-covered hands together.

“True that, you crazy little monkey,” I whisper, nodding in commemoration.

6,984 11
24 The Secret of All Secrets

After fun and play outside, typically, fights ensue. Over the girls, yes. Again.

His face brightens and he stoops over into the fridge again. He pulls out two bottles of soda, shakes one of them violently, and then waits. When Sirius and Remus walk in, James tosses Remus the normal one and Sirius the shaken one. Sirius immediately opens it… and gets showered in fizz.

“I hate you,” is all he says before walking back out of the kitchen. Ah, life is good…

3,010 9
25 A Proposition of Sorts

The title speaks words of wisdom. The classic proposal followed up with not so classic parental abuse...

“You’re stepping on my fingers!”

“Well I have your spit on my face!”

“You shouldn’t have sat your tush in my lap!”

“You shouldn’t have made your lap look so inviting!”

5,000 12
26 Preparations

Maids of honor, best men, mental breakdowns, and The Beatles all in one!

Sirius is at the stove, with an apron wrapped around his waist, and his hips swinging as he sings along to the music coming from an old, beaten up radio.

5,271 8
27 The Unveiling

Just when you thought things couldn't crazier, they did...

“Can, umm, can I try?” Although surprised, I give Hailey to Sirius. She looks up at him with her big blue eyes and stifles her sobs, blinking furiously. I see him inhale sharply as she gives him a small smile before cuddling up against him.

“Wow, Sirius. You’re a natural dad.”

5,724 10
28 Snuffles the Seriously Sirius Smooch

As the relationship between Chloe and Sirius builds, something creeps back from the supposed dead...

“Fine.” I get out of bed, grinning as I hear Chloe sigh. “Checking out my tush?”

“Don’t be so modest.”

2,548 11
29 Reunion

Now that the Order is involved, everything is going to take a huge turn. And most likely for the worst...




2,274 11
30 Mister Marauders Mayhem Madness Day

One can only imagine...

“Sure you are. Moony’s gettin’ his funk on!” Sirius freak dances the rest of the way down the stairs until he jumps the last two, lands on his knees, and does a bad air guitar. Remus just kicks him while I jump on his back. He stands up with me hoisted up on him and we walk into the kitchen to receive many laughs. I get off Sirius, wait for him to sit down, and then plant myself in his lap. He immediately shoves me off him into the chair next to him.

2,559 11
31 Life is Beautiful

The finding of Miss Hart's estranged and hated brother is just the beginning of the oncoming troubles...


The scream comes so shrill, I instantly know it’s Hailey. I look up just in time to see her disappear beneath the ice, Molly inches from the edge.

5,576 9
32 Nine Months of Purebred Hell

Murder trials and murder threats all in one, woohoo!

“Fooled me.” I smile as he pulls one of my famous ducks and just manages to miss a swing by Daisy. “You always couldn’t hit for shit,” he comments, cocking an eyebrow before slipping into the bathroom.

2,179 6
33 Birthday Boy Harry

With Harry's birth ready to happen, everything else obviously just has to be crazier than usual...

“They tried to take him away and he hexed the whole building before disappearing.” Chloe says this so nonchalantly that it’s like this is an everyday occurrence.

6,385 13
34 Movement

Now cooped up, Lily finally feels like she has a hold on life.

“Hunny bun, it’s alright. Don’t cry.”

“But I hurted my fingers.”

“That wouldn’t have happened if you had listened to me.”

“Oh, shut up.”

2,576 11
35 Visitation and the Flying Motorcycle

Pain, these days, seems almost unavoidable...

“Lily,” Voldemort repeats, a conniving smile twisting his lips. “Lily Potter,” he continues, the smile disappearing. “I want you dead.”

4,763 8
36 The Dog Star

As a miracle strikes, something else crashes and burns...

“Cool, cool,” she continues, nodding.

“What’s up with you?”

“Oh, you know, nothing much.”

“Lily, you’re fit to burst. What’s going on?”

3,189 8
37 Unceremoniously

After a curious little letter is sent a bit late, insanity ensues for poor Sirius...

“Oh, you can continue,” Victor mutters as he closes the door and walks over to the empty seat beside me. We all watch him, curiously, as he sits down in it, folds his hands on the table, and leans forward.

2,126 6
38 As it Ends

Yes, this is the night you've all been waiting for...

“Lily, it’s him! Take Harry! Go upstairs! Quick!”

3,440 11
39 Happy Christmas

A continuation of MY version of this story...

“James, I’m going to beat you senseless. Pass the goddamn butter.”

1,996 10
40 Until Forever

All good things come to an end at some point or another...

The flash blinds us momentarily as we all smile happily and the Order of the Phoenix is captured once again…

2,058 22


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