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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Cho, Dumbledore, Hermione, James, Lily, Neville, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Action, General, Angst
No Warnings
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2003-11-11 10:55pm
Last Chapter
2004-07-19 11:48am
Last Updated
2005-10-03 4:50pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Wizards Unexpected

GOOD NEWS!!! After reading all the posted chapters of the story, go on to Harry Seeker's author page and read his (approved) continuation! Link:

769 47
2 Thestrals Again

"We tried to shut him in a pyramid, but Mum spotted us." ." ~ Gred and Forge... *cough* I mean Fred and George. PoA

957 23
3 Stranger Things Have Happened

"Gran's always telling Professor Marchbanks I'm not as good as my dad… Well… you saw what she's like at St. Mungo's…" ~ Neville OOTP page 707 American

1,458 29
4 Enigmas Increased

"Scars can come in handy. I have one myself above my left knee that is a perfect map of the London Underground." ~ Dumbledore, SS page 15 American

876 26
5 The Trouble With Butterbeer

"Longbottom, if brains were gold then you'd be poorer than Weasley, and that's saying something." ~ Draco Malfoy

1,517 32
6 Cauldron Thickness Finally Standardized?

"My son and his wife… were tortured into insanity by You-Know-Who's followers." Neville's Grandma said haughtily on page 514 OOTP American.

1,384 38
7 Hanging in Suspense

"And Potter -- do try and win, won't you? Or we'll be out of the running for the eighth year in a row, as Professor Snape was kind enough to remind me only last night..." ~ Prof. McGonagall

913 21
8 Harry's Dream

"If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals." ~ Sirius Black GoF

1,312 35
9 Wanderings

"Yer great puddin' of a son don' need fattenin' anymore, Dursley, don' worry." ~Hagrid Sorcerer's Stone, Chapter 4, Page 49

1,174 46
10 Harry Renewed

" Wild! I can make that old bloke down there pick his nose again... and again... and again..." Ron Weasley Goblet of Fire, Chapter 8, Page 99

1,052 30
11 Not Another Creevey...

"I'm taking loads of pictures to send home my dad. And it'd be really good if I had one of you...maybe your friend could take it and I could stand next to you? And then, could you sign it?" Colin Creevey, CoS

1,224 29
12 Copper Fed Fire

"I'm not blamin' yeh...but I gotta tell yeh, I thought you two'd value yer friend more'n broomsticks or rats. Tha's all." ~Hagrid, PoA

879 39
13 Don't Assume...

"His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad his hair as dark as a blackboard, I wish he was mine, he's really divine, The hero who conquered the dark lord." -Ginny CoS Chapter 13

1,087 29
14 Nightmares

"Humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them." Albus Dumbledore Sorcerer's Stone, Chapter 17, Page 297

1,495 15
15 Stir Until Frothy

"THEN--I--DON'T--WANT--TO--BE--HUMAN!" Harry Potter, chaptor Thirty Seven, Page 824 in Order of the Phoneix

984 15
16 Class Four, Dangerous

"Well, I can certainly see why were trying to keep them alive. Who wouldn't want pets that can burn, sting, and suck blood all at once?" Malfoy, GoF

1,222 14
17 A Bit Bonkers, Really

"Is that your dad down the end, Neville?" Ron to Neville in St. Mungos, OOTP page 513 American

918 19
18 Defense Association

I'm surprised your broomstick can get off the ground with that fat head on it. You make me SICK. ~Lily Evans Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 28, Page 648.

1,872 26
19 Windows to the Soul

"If you can't have love, have fear; if you can't be famous, be infamous."

1,895 13
20 Serious Lack of Incense

"You can only fight fire with water." ~Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch by SophieWeasley

1,510 29
21 Memory

If you made a better rat than a human, it's not much to boast about, Peter. ~ Sirius Black Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 19, Page 373

1,939 19
22 The Only True Magic

But you know happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light. ~Faux-Dumbledore (Michael Gambon), Prisoner of Azkaban, movie version

1,828 27


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