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Lupin, Snape, Sirius, James, Lily, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Sirius/OC
Humor, Romance
Mild Language
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-01-29 8:47am
Last Chapter
2006-07-24 11:39pm
Last Updated
2006-07-24 11:39pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Reunions

Image hosting by Photobucket *****SPECTACULAR BANNER BY RAH**** I never believed in love. How can you be only 15-16 years old and believe in love? You can't because love is an illusion, getting you entangled in something you want and something you hate. I hate love and I am pretty sure it doesn't exist and nobody, especially Sirius Black is going to change my mind.

1,089 18
2 The ups and downs of being odd

A train ride! So much can be happen in a span of several minutes especially when your sharing your compartment with the Maurauders!

1,126 10
3 Chaos

Chaos, guitars, trunks, pillows the first day back can be the most happiest, dreary day ever.

1,361 8
4 Sweet Revenge

Revenge, that's all in Danny's mind now. Sirius is in for one hell of a surprise!

1,213 8
5 Anger management much?

I thought that I, Daniela Mia Benice Favriaani, had everything under control, the prank, my life, everything! So why is it spiralling out of my control? Why is Black such an idiot? And really how could he have PUNCHED ME!!!!!!!! The nerve......

1,348 7
6 George

So apparently everybody thinks I am in need of anger management all because of Sirius Black and my inability to refrain from hitting him. God I hate him.

1,187 6
7 Falling Dooooown

He did not just do that! He absolutely did NOT! ARGHH embarrassment my dear readers, it's called embarassment!

1,431 5
8 Syphilis

A ball? A bloody ball and the world goes absolutely ballitic. A ball I tell you. New couples, jealousy and love? Pshhh, nah.

1,215 4
9 Me and my jeans and Etnie shoes

Danny is having trouble finding herself, I know Danny, wild and carefree Danny what can be possibly wrong with her? Being her.

1,378 4
10 The Butterfly

I was crying, I was feeling incredibly stupid and then Sebastian comes and saves the day. Now, I am wearing makeup, a beautiful dress and my converse shoes! What could boost your spirit more?

1,512 5
11 Out of line and rocking!

The most talked about Ball thingie is at hand and I am dressed up, ready to party and ready to catch some very fit boys. Okay, that whole sentence is a lie except for the Ball thingie being at hand. Truth is I am definetly NOT going to catch some boy candy or anything but instead going to cause utter havoc. Watch me, just watch!

2,283 10
12 The Aftermath of the Ball

He laughs and we start just swaying to the side, not actually dancing. From a passer by we must have looked drunk. He is so much taller than me I have to stand on my tiptoes to dance with him. Here we are just dancing in the middle of the Hall and to me it’s perfect.

2,382 8
13 Boys=weird creatures

So, I seem to have managed to get Remus Lupin and it's going brilliant. Well, I think so anyway, I am afraid I am new to this whole relationship thing but my mood is being spoiled by, none other than Sirius Black and I have no idea why I care.

1,468 9
14 Saying Goodbye, in a way....

There has been always that certain emotion inside of me, waiting to erupt like a volcano, and I guess I couldn't hold it in anymore. It all started with Sirius and Remus fighting....over me...... that was when I lost it. No joke.

1,862 7
15 Stupid trees and even stupider secrets

Realization, Adventure, Acceptance.

2,178 6
16 Conversations

You think you know someone but then you don't. Life is so bloody confusing.!

2,353 5
17 Just Peachy

It's Christmas and I am in for the biggest surprise of my life. O.K. not life more school year! I am stuck with Sirius Black for the Christmas holidays and I am in for a wild, crazy TWO WEEKS!! How will I ever hold out?

2,145 7
18 Snow angel

Christmas! Alone, bored and Sirius. ARgh could this holiday get any worse?

2,148 17
19 Even the Best Fall Down Sometimes

Collisions, and absolute boredom can lead to many things, very, very interesting random things!

2,744 16
20 Love

So the Christmas holidays are going rather well, and despite what you may think about me and Sirius, we are actually getting along. In fact more than getting along, we're practically friends! But all happy moments come to an end I find, starting with almost drowning myself. That can't be good now can it?

3,279 19
21 Midnight Flights

Love. Love and Love. I have seriously doubted that word, still do, now more than ever. I mean love was always this unknown source that I read about, never felt but always heard of. But being loved...that's new to me. But I want to know... can I learn to love?

2,122 15
22 Insignificant Details

Helloooooooooo one and all! Danny here. You know, crazy, asian babe, who through great misfortune am the object of affection of the notorious, dashing, mind-blowing hottie, Sirius Black. I am ugly, he is hot. End of story. Now here's the twist. My best friend Charlie, surely you know her, likes Sirius. I do not like Sirius, erm...not really...okay, okay I might have a potential crush on him. Horrible. And now here I am confused, absolutely confused, dejected and crushed. Oh yeah, I also feel guilty. I hit Sirius. Erm...two times. Horrible. read on!

2,896 24
23 My Life As I Know It?

Confessions can be so terribly difficult. Confessions stating that you love a certain someone can be worse, much much worse.

2,103 55


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