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Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Snape, Pettigrew, Neville, Luna, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-01-29 5:49am
Last Chapter
2007-07-21 6:00pm
Last Updated
2007-07-25 7:34pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Last Days at Privet Drive

Harry woke up from a nightmare on the eve of his departure from Privet Drive. Ron and Hermione helped Harry move out but not before another argument ensued. Harry thanked the Dursleys for letting him live there.

1,737 9
2 Conversation with Sirius

Harry, Hermione, and the Weasleys attended the board of governors meeting to testify in behalf of opening Hogwarts. Harry sneaked away to the Hall of Mysteries to talk with Sirius. Ron and Hermione helped Harry open that mysterious door with no knob.

2,017 6
3 Tom Riddle's Bones

While eating breakfast, Harry, Ron, and Hermoine discussed wedding invitations. Harry took Sirius's advice into consideration and initiated his plan to destroy Tom Riddle's bones.

1,751 3
4 A Change in Wedding Plans

Tonks visit the burrow to ask Harry for information to protect the Dursleys. Hermione gets excited but Ron is agitated when Tonks shows off her friendship ring. The wedding site is changed to Hogwarts. On the trip to Hogwarts, Hermione's parents tell Harry their worries for their daughter. Revised 6/17/07

2,432 4
5 Mimbulus Mibletonia

McGonagall directs Mr. and Mrs. Weasley to Snape's former quarters. The students will stay at Gryffindor Tower. McGonagall asks Harry to persuade Trelawney to stay at Hogwarts. Neville asks Harry to help him hide his small cactus like plant. Harry hides the plant and the bone at the room of requirement. Harry retrieves Snape's old potions book. Revised 6/18/07

1,856 3
6 Hog's Head

Harry and Ron pass the apparation test. They go to Hogsmeade to celebrate and meet Hagrid. Hagrid suggest they visit Hog's Head and formally introduce Harry to Aberforth Dumbledore. Harry sees that Fawkes lives there and receives two memories from Aberforth. This chapter is revised 6/18/07

1,855 6
7 Persuading Trelawney

Harry and Ron eat lunch at Honeydukes. Harry warns Ron not to fight Viktor at the wedding. While trying to persuade Trelawney to stay at Hogwarts, Harry suffers a scar related headache. Revised 6/22/07

2,088 5
8 Confronting Scrimgeour

Harry goes to McGonagall's office to ask to use the pensieve. However, the sound of an argument between McGonagill and Scrimgeour forces Harry to hesitate. Harry asks Scrimgeour why he allowed the wedding to take place at Hogwarts.
Revised 7/17/07

1,664 3
9 Memory of Snape

Harry and McGonagall watch a memory of Dumbledore and Snape discussing the investigation into Katie Bell's accident. Harry learns the motive for Snape killing Dumbledore. Revised 7/20/07

2,269 3
10 Memory of Lily

Harry and McGonagall viewed a memory of Lily asking Dumbledore for help during her 4th year at Hogwarts. She said that a student came to her under the threat that his family is threatened unless he can concoct the right potion. Harry disagreed with Dumbledore's decision to help this student. McGonagall explained that these were the first steps Lily took toward joining the Order of the Phoenix. Revised 7/21/07

2,909 2
11 Bill's and Fleur's Wedding

Ron buys lunch for the 8 students and Mr. and Mrs. Granger at the Three Broomsticks before the wedding. After rushing through the red carpet at the wedding site, Harry talks to Viktor Krum, Ivana, Gabrielle, and Mrs. Delacour. Harry and Hermione argue about whether Harry should talk to Ginny. Rita Skeeter sees this as an opportunity to write a scandalous story. Harry threatens to throw out Rita. Harry and Ron's behavior at the wedding threaten the opening of Hogwarts. Rewritten 9/12/06

3,533 3
12 Wedding Reception

Having embarrassed himself by kissing Luna at the wedding, Harry ran away from the wedding site after the wedding ceremony was over. Harry apologized to Luna and Mr. Lovegood for his inappropriate behavior. Neville, Susan, and Mrs. Longbottom sat with Harry, Luna, and Mr. Lovegood. Neville stood up to his grandmother. Harry danced with Luna. A family wedding photograph of the Weasleys and the Delacours was taken. Revised 9/22/06

3,571 2
13 Two Letters

Professor McGonagall entered the Gryffindor common room and ordered Harry and Ron to write a letter of apology to the Board of Governors. After Harry finished the letter, Harry wrote a letter to Ginny describing his thoughts and wishes for his friends. Ginny sneaked into the common room and read part of the letter. Ginny confronted Harry about his kiss with Luna. Hermione interrupted a potential kiss. Harry handed over the letter to McGonagall. Revised 10/1/06

2,069 2
14 Godric's Hollow

Harry was upset over Rita Skeeter's gossip column about Harry's behavior at the wedding. Harry learned that his hair was used not only to protect the Dursleys, but to give the impression that Harry worked for the Minister of Magic. Ginny figured out Harry's plans to visit Godric's Hollow and invited herself to the party. Ginny rushed into the James' and Lily's house first against Harry's wishes. The four students cleared dust from the house and ate lunch there. Revised 8/4/06

2,411 2
15 Unsigned Letters

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny meet Melissa at the cemetery. They ride in Melissa's car to a nearby coffee house. Melissa gives Harry letters written to Lily that she recovered from Godric's Hollow. Several of the letters are written in ink that only people with green eyes can understand. Most of these letters were about arrangements of the next secret meeting. One letter warned Lily of danger. Revised 11/4/06

2,248 1
16 Hogwarts News

Harry read from the Daily Prophet that Hogwarts will be reopened and the body of Ollivander had been discovered. Letters from Hogwarts arrived with the news that Ron and Hermione have been chosen as Head Boy and Head Girl. Harry reluctantly decided to return to Hogwarts. Mrs. Weasley and the 4 Hogwarts students enter Grimmauld Place to prepare for the Order of the Phoenix meeting, Harry, Ron, and Hermione realized that the locket they found while cleaning the drawing room 2 years earlier could be one of the horcruxes. Revised 11/7/06

2,007 3
17 Order of the Phoenix

Harry and Viktor Krum were admitted to the Order of the Phoenix. Lupin disagreed with McGonagall about admitting students to the order. Viktor said that 12 dangerous Bulgarian wizards have escaped. Harry was surprised to hear that Charlie is now working to protect Azkaban from the Death Eaters. After the meeting Harry gave more hair samples to Tonks in exchange for the schedule of his double's apppearance at the Ministry of magic. Lupin gave Charlie a new magical map.

2,714 2
18 Borgin and Burkes

After suspecting that Mundungus Fletcher stole the Slytherin Locket from Grimmauld Place, Harry proposes to sneak into Borgin and Burkes since it is likely that he sold it there. Harry uses floo powder to enter Borgin and Burkes through its fireplace. Harry looks, finds Slytherin's locket, and exchanges lockets. Before he has a chance to leave the store, Draco Malfoy enters the store. After a heated discussion between Malfoy and Borgin, Harry slips out and meets Ron and Hermione at Diagon Alley. Mr. and Mrs. Granger silently thank Harry for persuading Hermione to return to Hogwarts.

2,712 2
19 Regulus Black

Harry dreams of floating from Nagini to a ruby. Before Ron and Ginny wake up, Harry sneaks out of the Burrow. Hermione insists on coming with Harry to the Department of Mysteries. A wizard with greasy hair casts the imperius spell on Daedalus Diggle to perform a task. Harry and Hermione hide until Daedalus leaves the Department of Mysteries. Harry talks to Sirius and Regulus about finding and destroying horcruxes.

5,874 2
20 Measuring Love

While in the elevator at the Ministry of Magic, Harry admits to Hermione that he feels he and Dumbledore didn't complete their task when they retrieved the false locket from the cave. Hermione sees Harry's double walking toward security. She leads Harry to a tent advertising romantic vacations. Hal, the salesman, offers Harry and Hermione a discount for a vacation at Azkaban if their aptitude for love is high enough. Harry, knowing that Dumbledore said that love is the power that Harry has but Voldemort doesn't, volunteers to be tested.

2,481 4
21 Harry's Blood

Harry and Hermione first travel to Gringotts for extra money to purchase a wand in the black market. While Hermione argued with Griphook, Harry learned where Norbert lives. Harry purchased an old Slytherin cloak from Madam Malkin, who directed Harry to a seller of wands. Harry overpaid for a wand in Knockturn Alley. They return to Grimmauld Place where Harry retrieved a fancy bottle with a large opal set in its stopper. Harry and Hermione apparated to Hermione's parents to fill up the bottle.

2,394 3
22 Return to the Cave

Harry, Hermione, and Ron travel to the cave to stage a scene of an unsuccessful theft of the horcrux.

2,265 3
23 Occlumency Lessons

Harry read some of Lily's letters and compared the handwritting of those letters with the Half Blood Prince's notes in Advanced Potion Making. After reading Sirius's acceptance to being a godfather, Harry asked Hermione about the spells involved. Tonks arrived and gave tips of occlumency. She also gave Harry a small quantity of Lily's potion. After Ginny argued with Harry about what he did, Tonks took Ginny aside and gave her advice.

2,003 1
24 Hogwarts Express

Harry folded the letter he wrote to Ginny in an envelope. They rode on Hogwarts Express. Harry reacted badly when a dark haired little girl ran into him. He thought it might be Crabbe or Goyle and pulled his wand out. Hermione warned Harry to behave himself. Harry sat with Luna, who told him that Neville was made a prefect. While Luna filled out a crossword puzzle from the Quibbler, Harry peeked to notice her handwriting. But her handwriting didn't match the unsigned letters sent to his mother. Romilda came by and apologized for giving an interview with Rita Skeeter.

2,120 0
25 Welcome Feast

At the welcome feast in the Great Hall, McGonagall announced that Moody would be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher. The news about no Quidditch matches brought groans. Patty Parkinson was sorted into Slytherin House. Nearly Headless Nick suggested to Harry to talk to Dumbledore's portrait. Harry submitted his enrollment form to McGonagall to be approved.

2,219 0
26 Experiment

Dumbledore's portrait gave Harry some advice. Fred and George brought the wands, badges, cloaks, and a pewter lined can. McGonagall told Harry, Hermione, and Ron about the Hogwarts Hallows. The Slytherin locket was finally dealt with. Harry asked McGonagall permission to use Kreacher as a spy.

4,461 4
27 Wand Seller

Lavender delivered a note to Harry. The real Professor Moody gave his first Defense against the Dark Arts lesson. Harry ordered Kreacher to follow Draco Malfoy around. Harry and Fred sold wands. When Harry entered the library to borrow a book about magical mirrors, Colin and Romilda join him in a conversation about Irma Pince's overly emotional behavior.

3,801 2
28 Hagrid's Hut

Harry and Neville brought the empty paintings to Hagrid's Hut to receive instructions from Bill where to place them. Hagrid reveals some surprising career plans for Grawp and himself. Bill helped Harry get closer to understanding why Dumbledore had a gleam in his eye after the Triwizard Tournament. Bill authorized a lethal trap.

2,561 3
29 Setting a Werewolf Trap

After Harry and Neville placed the paintings in the invisible huts, they found the Ford Anglia near 'death'. They fly the repaired car to scout the area around Aragog's former home. Some of Aragog's hairs were collected by Harry. Harry bought Chocolate Cauldrons and a second mirror at Honeydukes. They stored the specially modified 'love' candies in a trunk in Hagrid's hut.

4,159 1
30 Crystal Ball

Romilda witnessed an unexpected mail delivery in the library. Harry fulfilled his promise to Professor Trelawney by attending a special divination class. Lavender proposed that Harry should touch a crystal ball to reveal the future. Unsettled by the crystal ball vision, Harry didn't stop to tell Hermione what happened.

2,193 1
31 Moaning Myrtle

Stunned by the crystal ball revelation, Harry tried to summon Kreacher back but failed. Moaning Myrtle told Harry about Snape's place at Spinner's End. Neville asked Harry to help him find Patty Parkinson. Hermione reluctantly granted Harry permission to help Neville. Harry's portrait told Romilda that a pack of werewolves had been spotted in the forbidden forest. Romilda tried to find Harry but could only relay the news to Ginny. Ginny went into the forbidden forest.

2,586 0
32 Rescuing Patty

Harry and Neville find Patty in the forbidden forest. Ginny catches up to the three wizards. Before they could reach the bridge, two werewolves spot them. Neville casts expelliarmius at one werewolf, causing a blast-ended skrewt to set fire on the werewolf and the bridge. Harry had to think of an alternative plan.

1,686 0


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