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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
General, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme,
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-01-29 1:55am
Last Chapter
2007-02-26 2:17pm
Last Updated
2007-02-26 2:45pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Petunia's Regrets

This is a Quest for the Horcruxes Tale, an HBP continuation. CANON PAIRINGS. Harry will have his quest with his friends and even his least liked professor while Ginny will have a sidequest, intent on saving Harry from the fate she fears he'll have.

3,243 15
2 In the Muggle Hotel

The trio has plans to go to Godric's Hollow plus they remember they had seen one of the Horcruxes before. They wonder if it's still in the House of Black. Meanwhile, another wizard feels he has to visit Godric's Hollow too.

2,571 5
3 Encounter in Godric's Hollow

An encounter in Godric's Hollow may decide a strange turn of events for the golden trio plus the truth behind a certain death will be revealed to them.

3,494 10
4 Three Stressed Days

Harry's birthday and they figure out how to destroy the first Horcrux, but Horcruxes draw dark creatures when destroyed.

3,194 8
5 Mind: Possessed

Someone seems to be speaking powerful spells through Harry, but Harry remembers everything. Should Snape and Harry's two best friends be worried?

3,854 3
6 Bad Judgment

Harry receives a bit of a fright and later on he will go with his companions to mix themselves between Muggles, but their little adventure ends bad as Aurors come for them.

2,641 5
7 The Little Cottage

They get to an enchanted forest and will have to fight a couple of trolls and flee from werewolves before finally reaching Snape's secret cottage.

4,044 4
8 Occlumency and Getting Along

Harry and his friends are trained in Occlumency by Snape. They will have to flee from the forest as Harry is recognized by a werewolf.

3,475 4
9 The Vampire Ball

Ginny has a nightmare and decides to change Harry's fate. Meanwhile, the Horcrux hunters are to blend with vampires in a Vampire Ball due to the owner of the mansion somehow having gained Hufflepuff's cup. He will ask for a prize in exchange for the cup. What does the vampire want from them?

3,311 2
10 Chasing a Cup

Harry allows the vampire to take some of his blood in exchange for the Horcrux, but they discover a strange factor about the cup. It moves on its own! They chase the cup throughout the mansion and get it. In the Burrow, Ginny plans her escape.

2,951 2
11 Not Safe Anymore

Ginny runs away from home and meets a very young centaur that has been exiled. Harry meets with Scrimgeour and soon they learn they are not safe in the vampire's mansion so they flee.

4,856 1
12 Destroying the Second

Ginny finds a new non human companion, but is slowly tangling a web around herself that could send the Ministry after her. Harry destroys a second Horcrux, but something is slowly happening to him as he destroys the soul fragments.

5,042 3
13 An Auror Knows

Ginny has another dream and gets a strange invitation to a mansion. She speaks to the headmaster's portrait. Meanwhile, in Lupin's house Harry recovers from his sickness thanks to the help of an Auror.

3,569 2
14 Help at Hand

Ginny arrives at Renard's mansion seeking help in her quest to save Harry from his possible future death. The golden trio and their ex-teacher go to Hogwarts at last to have a talk with a portrait in particular. Will the portrait be helpful? What will it recommend?

3,606 4
15 In Muggle Grounds Again

Harry gets his Firebolt at his aunt's, but things go wrong and he ends up in a Young Offenders Centre accused of something he didn't do. A vampire pays for Harry to be out quickly without a trial and Ginny and Harry are able to see each other, but they'll go separate ways... again.

4,622 4
16 The Biggest Wizarding Library

Harry will find what the last object Horcrux might be while Ginny might find out what's happening to Harry whenever he destroys a Horcrux.

4,293 3
17 The Orphanage

They get to the orphanage where Tom Riddle grew up for clues. Will they find any? What will Ginny encounter in her own quest to save Harry?

3,165 4
18 The Mountain Cave

Ginny has met yet another vampire. Will he help her? Harry is finally on track to get the last inanimate Horcrux, seeing that Nagini and Voldemort are live ones. Will Harry get it? Who has the Horcrux?

3,416 3
19 The Ruins

Harry and his friends get to some ruins looking for the Horcrux and the one that has hidden it. Will they find what they seek?

3,386 5
20 The Master?

Harry and Snape will find out what has happened to Hermione. Is she all right? How will Ron act when he encounters an Acromantula without his friends to aid him? How come there are Manticores in Ireland when they are supposed to come from Asia?

2,890 3
21 Those Who Are Bonded

Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Snape discover something they did had consequences on their bodies. What was it? What kind of bond did the Horcrux bestow upon them before being destroyed? Can they free themselves from such a curse? Meanwhile, Ginny is getting desperate, feeling caged in the vampire's house, waiting for his return, but he doesn't return home. Can she wait any longer along with her companions?

2,747 3
22 When Things Go Wrong

Ginny keeps having nightmares about what the future holds while Harry is on his way to destroy the final non living Horcrux, something of Ravenclaw's. Unfortunately, as they end up surrounded by manticores, things don't go as smoothly as they would have wished.

2,909 6
23 To Die a Human

Everyone seems to be all right except for one of them that is being consumed by a Horcrux. There is only one way to stop it, but will this person become a vampire? Isn't there another way?

3,521 5
24 Thirst

Hermione is coping with more than she ever wished for and death seems to have started to follow them wherever they go, but Harry hopes to see Ginny and Ginny hopes to see Harry. Will they see each other again and continue the journey together? Does fate have other plans?

3,788 5
25 A Dark Date

Harry has been sent a strange note and he wonders about it. Has Ginny been captured by Death Eaters as he always feared would eventually happen?

3,265 1
26 Dreadful Feelings

CH. 26: Harry comes to understand more things about the nature of the vampire and at last Ginny is with him, but things are not as he wishes and he feels uneased as he knows the end approaches and keeps getting ready.

5,077 7
27 Getting Captured

The time has finally come for Harry to go and fight Voldemort, but as they are ready to leave their hiding place via portkey something they didn't foresee happens.  

4,436 6


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