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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Bellatrix, Voldemort, Cho, Neville, Luna, Draco
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Draco/Pansy, Ron/Hermione, Ron/Lavender, Other Pairing
Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-01-28 3:17am
Last Chapter
2009-10-17 3:25am
Last Updated
2009-10-17 3:25am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A Grey Man

Harry felt as if he were a grey man in a hole, huddled in a ball, hollowed and howling at the gloom. Alone. Terrified and freezing. With all the responsibilities of Atlas and only haggard shoulders; but he wouldn't shirk, and he would never shiver or even shrug. For there was nothing to do -- but do it. And so he would.

2,578 15
2 Zack's Promise

He gave her some water, and watched as she slowly sipped it. Her hazel eyes still held a sharp spark in them, although the rest of her was far to drawn

1,227 1
3 The Pair and The Pig

Harry thought back to the moment when he had reached Dumbledore's side. At the time he had been too overwhelmed with his own emotions to notice the crowd much. But there had been a lot of Hufflepuffs; Susan Bones had stood in the forefront with Ernie's arms around her and a look of horror, shock and overwhelming grief etched on her face that had closely matched his own.

3,689 0
4 McGonagall's Assignment

He sat, and summoned a quill and large pot of ink. There was a little blood on the corner of Mindy’s mouth, and he wiped it away with a hanky. She was looking sleepy. “Hey sis, stay awake.”

“Just tired you know, it’s hard to sleep. The pain.”

2,808 10
5 A Potion Lesson

On the night before Dumbledore’s funeral standing amidst the bodies at a large Muggle morgue in the heart of London, Draco and Snape were working on batches of potion for the Dark Lord. Snape was chopping and gathering and measuring and Draco was mixing and stiring under Snape's impatient glare.

1,119 5
6 A Slytherin Flower

Everyone in the school and therefore everyone in the Wizarding World (it had even been in a recent Rita Skeeter column) knew she had been Draco's girlfriend, and therefore all assumed that she had known about his plans. And therefore, all assumed she must be a Death Eater.

1,801 6
7 A Chance to Choose

“Are you willing Marietta? This is no little thing I ask. It may be your life you are pledging?”

3,661 9
8 Tea, Dark Chocolate & The Dark Lord

Draco fought the urge to flee as the Dark Lord coldly drummed his fingers on his desk and then steepled his hands. “Of course I knew this Draco, but it doesn’t change that fact that I’m deeply disappointed in you. I don’t know who is more pathetic you or Wormtail." 

2,864 9
9 Wyrms & Weapons

“What about Harry?” asked Colin Creevey. “If the death eaters attack they will go directly after him.”

“I can protect myself,” said Harry. Ginny glared daggers at him. She had said that to him many times in reference to herself.

6,047 6
10 Cho's Three Heroes

"So, you’re a love vampire?"

Cho smiled. "Maybe?"

"Well, you're a beautiful vampire then."

"Thank You!" Cho smiled again at him, but there was something new about her, a new worry that wasn't there before.

2,066 3
11 Secrets Among Friends

“Just, stay away Ginny... stay safe.”

“Are you an idiot Harry? The three of you can’t just go out there and confront Tom. You can’t win that fight without help. You'll need the Order of the Phoenix and the DA. You need at least me, Luna and Neville.”

2,726 8
12 Ginny & The Grabergoots

“Ginny, wait…what do you mean?” he called after her. He then started down to the Entrance Hall himself. As Harry neared the bottom landing he was suddenly passed by a sprinting Ron and Seamus. Marietta followed with Cho and Michael brought up the rear. An out of breathe Cho grabbed his shoulder urgently.

“Harry, where is Luna? Have you seen Luna?”

4,284 6
13 Muddy Mad Marietta

Cho fought to pry away Marietta’s wand away and cried out desperately to Michael for help. She knew that if she did not get help soon Marietta would win and if Marietta won Luna would die.

Extensively reworked and edited 11/20/07, but no plot changes, just better writing and clarification. 

4,288 4
14 The Ravenclaw Tea Party

There were rumors of prophecy and counter-prophecy, of inexplicable sightings of devils and demons. Only months ago wizarding society had been almost agnostic, with only a few weird wizards and wizened witches traveling the path of the cross. Now many crossed themselves as if to ward of an evil that couldn’t be named.  

4,116 2
15 Corpus Morticus

The horror placed the book on the nightstand and said: “I think I know you.”

2,110 5
16 Trust


2,576 5
17 The Heir Of Quasley

Luna’s spirits sank. Cho was good at pouring water on heliopaths.

7,002 4
18 Hogwarts in the Moonlight

Yesterday when the sun had set, Dumbledore had been alive. Now, everything had changed. But the sun still set. And the palace was pink.

Pink. He’d always associated pink with Pansy. That and purple were her two favorites colors. Pansy had worn a frilly pink dress to the Yule Ball during their fourth year. He had thought she had looked rather pretty in pink. 

3,598 5
19 Percy & Leanne

One of Ginny's recurring nightmares was about Luna. When she  wasn’t dreaming about Tom she often woke shaking at the memory of Luna' s incoherant, blistered and tear streaked face in the fireplace screaming that her mum was dead.  

2,282 4
20 Apaneo! Apaneo!


He got one gasp and then….

1,424 4
21 Ron & The Riot

“By the way Weasley, when you get to where you're going please say hello to Cedric Diggory for me, he always was a fine chap….AVADA KEDAVRA!” 

2,043 4
22 Iron Men

Cho squirmed and twisted against the iron man's grip, trying to free her wand arm. There had to be a spell she knew that worked against metal. There just weren’t that many and in her panicked state she was having trouble thinking of one.

2,387 4
23 The Muse & The Messenger

In the dimming light of near dusk Bellatrix Lestrange stood atop a hillock over-looking the tracks about one and three-quarter miles from Hogsmeade Station and focused a scarce beam through her omniculars. The column of stream on the edge of the horizon that was the Hogwarts Express had been in the same position for the last two hours and there was no sign or sound to indicate that it planned to move soon.

1,805 3
24 At Precisely A Quarter To Seven

Draco followed his old captain as out of the corner of his eye he saw a Dementor grab Lauren’s mouth and begin to suck.   

4,246 4
25 Screaming Downward

As she climbed the air chilled and thinned radically and a frightful and increasing pressure forced the blood from her extremities and flattened her face. Alicia struggled for oxygen and fought against the added weight, and as her vision blackened around the edges, her grip began to slacken and her rear slide towards the tail of her broom.

3,006 7
26 Heroes of the Ravenclaw's

“As soon as Tonks has her report, " began McGonagall “I’ll…”

Stanley had picked up his cigar and chomped down on it again. His face was hard but stricken. “Minerva, the women just want to see their child.”

7,107 3
27 Big 'D' & Hanny

He pulled his hand away and jumped back as if he had seen the shadow of a basilisk; but that was impossible, muggles couldn’t see Basilisks, not unless they were killed or if lucky turned to stone by one. 

Chapter renamed 6/6/07

1,928 3
28 Die, Zabini!

 He was at a clear disadvantage. Zabini had taken his wand and he was no good at this wandless stuff. 

“Avada Kedavra.”

1,405 2
29 Former Sons & Future Daughters

“REDUCTO!”  screamed Hermione aiming the curse at the part of the ceiling that was just ahead of the fleeing Marietta. But the mad girl projected a shield and blocked the falling debris and although forced to her knees, managed to use energy from the Staff of Barnabes to shove it away and send it sailing back at Hermione, who dove to her right in an awkward tuck  as a large slab of marble crashed with an echoing boom behind her head and sprang to her feet,  wand ready and breathing hard.

2,876 3
30 Angelina & Anthony

Angelina awoke to someone kicking her in face. The force of the blow knocked out several of her teeth and she spit them out, a new trickle of blood trailing down her chin.  

“Get up Auror scum!”

1,409 2
31 Storey's Gate

A rainbow of flashes lit-up the darkening sky over the Treasury, where a mere two hours ago the couple had visited the Cabinet War room and now the Texan became aware of nearby gunfire. More sirens went off as the dealer watched a squadron of blue-clad horsemen with red plumes like those at the Horse Guard gallop past and nearly flatten a seemingly disorientated girl in navy blue robes and a fleeing stroller-pushing mother with antlers

2,422 4
32 An Interlude in the Headmaster's Office

Some of the portraits were on fire, the occupants screaming, one witch crying out in Latin: “Mei capilli sunt flagrantes!” as her grayed poufy hair flared with flame.

1,254 1
33 Maelstroms

The combat was fierce, but quiet; for each was casting wordlessly, but a multitude of colors were leaping from their wands and Marietta’s staff like tie-dyed but dark-edged rainbows; a maelstrom of hues, a burlywood blow and silver strike; a plum parry and a coal counter; azure, moccasin and lace, lashing papaya whip, Marietta’s rose madder; random shade after random angry shade – the gallimaufrious glow illuminating creeping shadows in the nearby forbidden forest.

3,037 0
34 The Army of the White

“Neville looked at him. “Harry,” he said. “I wish it were me. I wish I could take your burden. But wishes aren’t spells…"

 The Final Battle.
Or is it? Substantial Revisions on  1/3/2007. There is a gap here in the story. This chapter will eventually be chapter 34 of 35. Please be aware that this chapter is subject to editing as the story develops in front of it.

6,020 42


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