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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-01-23 5:04pm
Last Chapter
2007-08-17 3:39pm
Last Updated
2007-08-22 12:14am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Have a Good Nights Sleep

I wonder who is next to me—oh no, Katie thought, as she turned to see a pair of bright grey eyes staring back at her. No, this CAN’T be happening, oh man, this really can’t be happening, she thought, as the boy started to speak. Thanx sooo much veelaprincess72017 for the purty banner!!! Please R&R ppls!!! YES, THERE IS AN ACTUAL PLOT *gasp* over 4600 reads! YAY!

1,004 31
2 A Davie Past

Davie Simmons? A relationship? Sirius Black? Three seemingly uncommon words collide in the unbeatable fanfiction (yeah right): Sleepover, Chapter Two...the drama returns...P.S.: FINALLY VALIDATED!!! SCREAM AND SHOUT!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

1,611 29
3 Midnight Worries

'He seemed to be a good friend. But she didn’t want to get hurt. Not again, not ever.' Katie and SIrius are lost in their own thoughts when chapter 3 comes around!!!

1,117 16
4 Traitors Always Win

What happens when Katie debates about Sirius?? Find out in chappie 4: Traitors Always Win!!!

769 15
5 Black Dogs, Shortcuts, and Human Piles

'Katie sat bolt upright. It was mostly dark outside and the first fragments of the morning were beginning to expose themselves. Katie sighed. It was early Saturday morning, the day of the Hogsmeade trip, and she was anxious for the day to commence.' It's the day of the Hogsmeade trip...what will happen? Chapter five is more of what leads up to...

1,833 11
6 The Cave of Discovery

The cave of discovery has opened its arms to Katie. *cough* erm, some interesting developements occur :P :).

1,612 20
7 Ms. Snickers

'Katie lifted herself up, dusting her robes off. She sighed and walked towards the lake gloomily. How could I be so blind? Sirius can never act un-kid-like for three seconds, Katie found herself thinking.' The second part to the date! Read and review!! Peeaassee!!!

1,510 11
8 Great Hall Dramatics

The cliffhanger is knocked off!!! And a new date shall occur! Between who? Read to find out!

1,353 16
9 Sneaky Snitches

A Quidditch game. Sirius with a broken hand. Katie hating him. What happens?

1,489 15
10 Skele-Gro: Disgusting Potion of the Future

What happens to Sirius after the Quidditch match? Of course he won't die, but wha happens? find out! yay....

1,120 16
11 A Series of...Weird Events

Sirius better+drunken James+Katie=big showdown. Remus+Sirius+Katie+Becca+pool=pump up the drama. BIG DRAMA AND WEIRD LINES!!! yayness, read the chapter, extra long for your sort of enjoyment.

5,277 15
12 Tangles

POVs in this chapter. james and lils in the common room, interesting theories with becca, and mary and peter with peters cheese, eurgh. r and r, PLEASE!

2,244 12
13 The Train is Comin' to Town

Katie has gone into a mild depression and everyone seems fed up. read. read. read.

1,459 14
14 Jelly Knees

Raise the drama, raise the somewhat romance, raise the crying (definitely). Yay? Read, review, hugs for all...right...

4,190 12
15 Hogsmeade: Take Two, Part One

Yay, chapter 15, finally! Spring break and a wedding, dont bug me about updates!!! So, this is finally el Hogsmeade, so yeah, read on!

3,047 14
16 Hogsmeade: Take Two, Part Two

Er, you'll have to read the chapter cuz i really 4got wut happened...oh yeah...okay, so in this chappie, we see more molesters, a fight, a want, a kiss, a sight (i think...), and our favorite, The Monkees! please read!!! mucho drama coming up!! and a surprise! boo!

2,980 8
17 No Pity

The end of the neverending hogsmeade trip!!!! yayy!! ooo, fights, fights, fights in this chappie...sorry, everyone who seeks more romance in the fanfic!!!! it hasnt been very happy, eh? anyways, pleeeeeez read and review, or just read, i dont care....:)

2,992 10
18 Put it Up

15 WORD PAGES TO MAKE THIS ONE. I really hope you awesum readers like it!!!! er, this one is about....*reads a page*....oooo, this one includes a change of plan, kicking and screaming (a most excellent movie), and some friends and foes. oh, and for all the reviews before, i thought ch. 17 was ch. 16, so yes, I DO HAVE PITY FOR KATIE!!!! sorry to all you ppls who thought i was a jerk cuz i said she deserved it. :P

5,494 11
19 He had a Good Loogee

Hi again, I had a little debate with myself about how to spell 'loogee', submit your input with a review on how to spell that...this is a rewind sort of of the kiss. The loogee part includes Peeves. Er, read and enjoy!

918 14
20 How Sweet

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry for the long wait, but 5 pages long...urgh, okay, its not that long...GAH! This chapter is the continueing w/e of last chapter, read to find out who came out of the portrait hole!!!! R&R!

2,318 15
21 The Ups and Downs of a Troubled Relationship…In One Way or Another

*eternally sorry for long wait!* A chapter about a certain relationship, and it's not the one you're thinking of! A new character is introduced, although you've already heard enough about them...I know, I'm a big person of secrets :). Hope you enjoy the chapter!!!

2,430 17
22 A Special Visit

The long awaited visit! A bit of melancholy from me in the A/Ns, sorry, not feeling really up to being much these days :). *I've gotto gotto gotto catch my breath...we're getting closer and closer, and warmer and warmer, my heart is racing and pacing, ur dad's gonna kill me...*

2,371 10
23 Messy Mess Ups, Throw Ups, and Suck Ups

Read and find out. I can't say anything or else I'll give everything away. Er...we leave off in the Wing with Katie. That's it. That's too much info, if you wanna review, review. Yay.

3,285 7
24 Red Feelings, Red Faces, and Redheads

Exactly what the chapter title says: this chapter is about anger and love, a large amount of blushing, and our one and only redhead (i hope you know who this is :)). I got more sorta fluff in this chapter. Yeah, so...please review!

3,347 10
25 A Fight, a Flight, and a Light

I FINALLY updated, yay. This chapter is about a small fight, the beginning of a flight, and light hearts (hah, get it?). The chapter is kind of a get-up to the upcoming drama stuff. Kinda.

3,522 12
26 The Beginning and End of Problems

Some problems end, others slightly open up. But you already knew that :).

2,035 3
27 The End to a Never-Ending Night

New chapter! Amazing, I know! This is the end to the night that would just never end. Finally. But don't mistake it with the end of the story. That's not coming for a little while :).

3,757 7


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