Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Lucius, Narcissa, Voldemort, Draco, OC
Romance, Action/Adventure, AU
Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
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First Published
2006-01-15 06:10:38
Last Published Chapters
2009-08-24 07:42:37
Last Updated
2009-08-24 07:42:37
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Incurromens

A complicated decision that will change their lives forever...

2822 74
2 You're Unforgettable

Hermione patches things up with Ron and Harry and bids them farewell, ready for her transformation into the betrayer that will become her.

2381 49
3 Lies

Hermione has been changed and carries the memories of a horrible past with The Order of the Phoenix. She finds out some terrible truths about those she once called friends . . . and leaves for good.

2914 29
4 The Enemy in Me

Hermione fights with her sense of what is right to decide if she really wants to betray everything she has fought for.

2232 37
5 Interesting Developments

Hermione is brought before Voldemort to plead for his protection. Will he hear her out? And what does Draco Malfoy have to say on this matter?

2268 45
6 Helping

Hermione is invited to talk with the Dark Lord about why she is there, but is interupted when Draco barges in demanding help for the many injured men from a mission gone wrong who lie helplessly downstairs.

3384 31
7 She's Perfect

Voldemort has some hidden plans for Hermione - but you're not going to find out that soon, and Hermione makes a deal with Malfoy!

2541 31
8 Mutual Indifference

Hermione isn't really enjoying her tour with the probing questions that Malfoy is shooting at her - but things soon get a little out of control when Dumbledore stages his first mind attack in an attempt to steal her memories!

2340 25
9 Outsmarting the Seal of the Secret Keeper

Voldemort has found a crack in Hermione's memories. He's got the key he needs in order to attack The Order head on - and it's all thanks to Hermione!

3053 41
10 Dead Celebrations

Hermione has a nasty run in with Draco and he makes sure to put her in her place. The beginning of the ball and a slight twist!

3450 41
11 Voldemort's Heir

Voldemort congratulates Hermoine on her help. He then makes a very shocking announcement to Draco. CAN'T MISS THIS CHAPTER - IT'S CRUCIAL!!!

3495 83
12 To Marry a Malfoy

Hermione hates Draco Malfoy - but when she's confronted by Lord Voldemort with a proposition, she finds that she can't refuse him!

2574 44
13 The Cornered Professor

Hermione finds a small creature in need of help, and the plan for her and Draco to marry is announced at dinner.

2873 34
14 Lady of Elegance

Draco poses a little stunt just to push Travis and make him jealous and Narcissa has a little chat to Hermione about etiquette which results in Hermione having another painful mind invasion.

2865 34
15 Before the Clock Strikes Nine

Hermione recovers from her attack to find that it's her wedding day. Harry, Ron and the others learn from Dumbledore that she's to be married to Malfoy.

3167 41
16 Sleeping With the Enemy

The wedidng night. Warning - this chapter is slightly depressing!

2113 55
17 Return of the Pug

Draco is looking forward to informing Pansy of his new marital status!

3058 52
18 Becoming Mrs Malfoy

Pansy get's what she deserves. Hermione fears that she's changing and Travis is there to reassure her! ^_^

2786 48
19 An Intention of Evil

We discover a new side to Travis - one that's very dark indeed!

3629 82
20 Another Man's Blood

Draco returns from his failed adventure to learn what small catastrophe has befallen his new wife.

2502 64
21 Not Right

The confrontation between Draco and Travis - finally!

2820 39
22 Sweet and Stinging

Some uncontrollable feelings occur between Hermione and Draco! Dumbledore is asked for help - but by who?

1787 70
23 Grandma Wandal's Know-for-Sure

Harry questions Dumbledore's motives and Hermione discovers something quite shocking.

3368 88
24 Sharing

Draco comes face to face with his responsibility as a future parent and his role as a husband to Hermione.

2741 62
25 The Incurable Incurromens Accident

While Draco and Hermione are happy discussing some of their favourite names, Dumbledore opens the Incurromens which had devistating effects.

2070 153
26 Dealing

Both dealing with the loss in their own ways.

2186 25
27 Love?

Hermione is starting to question her feelings.

2766 62
28 Never the Same Without You

A revelation recognised as they share their feelings...

2282 226
29 A Lord Is Born

It's a year into the future and Hermione is happily pregnant - the time has come for the new Dark Lord to be born into this world. How will they cope?

2557 158
30 Baptism of Darkness

The baptism of Hermione and Draco's son. Name announcement!

2938 9
31 The Secret Passage

Draco has a secret and fears that he needs to share with Hermione before it's too late.

1914 5
32 When It All Falls Apart

The end. :P

2864 4
33 Welcome Back Hermione Granger

She's back!

2284 5
34 Choices

What will Hermione decide is more important? Greater good or her own good?

1951 5
35 Memories

Feeling confused about her time in Malfoy manor, Hermione revisits her memories about Draco.

2218 6
36 Won The War, Lost The Girl

Hermione's decision.

2688 3
37 The End of Travis Rangel

Slicing, splicing and other things.

3126 3
38 Broken & Battered, But Home

Hermione deserves her happy ending.

2576 3
39 A New Year

A glimpse of the future for Hermione and Draco.

1327 63


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