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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Hagrid, McGonagall, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Harry/OC
Humor, Romance, AU
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-01-17 9:23am
Last Chapter
2008-04-27 4:26am
Last Updated
2008-04-27 4:26am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Commencement of My Little Adventure

17-year-old Dublin dreamed all her life of attending Hogwarts, but her parents kept her home, telling her they preferred to educate her themselves. Upon their death, her eccentric aunt, tired of sharing the bathroom and the cinammon waffles, sends her to live her dream. At school, however, Dublin gets a little more than she bargained for: she's got to somehow complete a mysterious task she doesn't even fully comprehend, her magic is acting all . . . funky . . . and, oh yeah, as if that wasn't enough, she just might be in love with The Boy Who Lived.

716 19
2 Making Plans

Dublin nearly kills the Boy Who Lived - accidentally, of course.

1,195 16
3 The Headmaster

Dublin meets the eccentric, welcoming, and slightly unsettling Professor Dumbledore.

1,485 13
4 Amen, Brother!

Dublin has an interesting reaction to Professor Dumbledore's invitation to enroll in Hogwarts.

2,009 16
5 Another Series of Spectacular Embarassments

Dublin meets McGonagall, Hermione, and Ron, tours the castle, once again encounters the magnificent Harry Potter, and prays to be struck by lightning. You know. The usual.

2,602 15
6 Sorted . . . Sort Of

Dublin experiences a wardrobe crisis, arrives late to her own Sorting, and accidentally learns some very interesting information from the Sorting Hat. Cue ominous music. The plot thickens!

2,985 19
7 Headaches and Other Hospital Wing Horrors

Dublin does battle with the tyrranical Madame Pomfrey, gets more inscrutable advice from Professor Dumbledore, and finally gets to sniff her own Hogwarts sheets.

3,730 12
8 Chimneys, Wands, and Unsettling Anecdotes

Dublin finally gets her own wand - but, like her Sorting, the process is a little different than usual.

4,190 22
9 Wouldn't It Be Nice

Dublin's life suddenly takes a turn toward normalcy. There are absolutely no demanding portraits, troublesome House Elves, or horribly embarrassing clumsy moments in this chapter. OK, that's a vicious lie. But wouldn't it be nice?

4,855 32
10 Water, Water Everywhere

Dublin falls asleep in class, makes an accidental premonition of doom, and casts her first spell . . . with surprising results.

5,785 20
11 Midnight Conversations and Celtic Punk Bands

Really, I think I'll leave this one as a bit of a surprise. I think the title should give you enough to be curious about :)

4,376 27
12 Horomones and Libidos . . . And Slimy Slytherin Prefects

Dublin struggles to control herself around Harry, nearly gets her hand chopped off by a vicious plant, and encounters the one and only Twitchy Little Ferret.

6,296 25
13 Who Knew Expelliarmus Could Cause So Much Trouble?

Dublin takes out a Slytherin, finds herself suddenly on Professor Snape's bad side, and gets a rather long lecture from Professor McGonagall about responsible use of her powers.

5,970 22
14 Up, Up and Away!

Dublin cleans her room (or at least tries), indulges in a bit of light masochism, and spends some quality time alone with a certain green-eyed boy.

5,525 22
15 Literary Lasciviousness and Midnight Meanderings

Dublin gets caught snogging in the library and does a little late-night exploring.

3,819 9


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