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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Fred/George, M. McGonagall, Pansy
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Strong Language
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-01-06 8:31am
Last Chapter
2007-11-27 4:53am
Last Updated
2007-11-27 4:53am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Good News & the Bad

      Hermione thought she was the happiest, she goes out with Ron and is now head girl until she finds out that Ron is cheating on her so, Hermione breaks up with Ron and finds out he chose Pansy over hermione.. wow. so Hermione Jumps Pansy!... So what will happen when she finds love in the strangest place, more like the strangest person? Will Hermione respod to his love or leave him hangin?

1,016 7
2 It all comes down!

Hermione's getting suspicious,so she sends ron a surprise and wuts up with Ron, Will Ron Tell the truth or keep it to himself.will Ginny Tell Hermione?

988 4
3 Dracos Realization !

Are Dracos Feelings comming back to him, will he be able to control them? read and find out !!

1,137 3
4 Confronting the Truth

Hermione finds out that Ron is cheating on her, how will she take the news, Rons in deep

833 3
5 The Riot

Hermione jumps Pansy along with Ginny at her side. Who will Ron Pick?

1,003 3
6 The Heads Compartment!

oohh What strange activity's will happen in here. Preview: “Give it here Malfoy” “No” “Give it to me” “I don’t think so” “Fine you asked for it”, she stood in front of Draco and took out her wand. She was about to perform a spell when there was a bump in the train

1,790 2
7 Maybe… Just Maybe.

Draco Get's Drunk hmmmm.... what will the effects bring? Will They Kiss?, how will hermione react?

1,532 2
8 Further Instructions!

they arrive at hogwarts and recieve further instructions from Pro. McGonagall.... What will Happen?

1,103 5
9 Getting Settled In!

Rude dinner, some insluts early in the morning, Draco facing the truth, & why does Hermione dance with a mask on in the bathroom. What will all this come 2 ?

2,106 5
10 A Constant Gaze

Draco keeps staring at Hermione and she starts to feel uncomfertable. Will she be able to servive his constant gaze.

1,604 7
11 Pofessor Doumahs

They are in class and have a very odd teacher. then they go to dinner and something goes wrong.

1,347 3
12 Just Her Luck

Preview: “ Well, hurry up I don’t have all day” “ Good then that’ll leave time for all night” “ Just hurry up, I don’t feel like playing with you right now” “ Really, that’s not what you said the other night on the train”

1,771 5
13 The Sight Before Them

they both get crammed into a tiny space. why is Draco Biting his lip?, What will shock them both at the sight before them?

1,174 3
14 A Civilized Conversation

Draco and Hermione have a very heated not so civilized conversation. will things come out of his mouth that will keep someone thinking.

1,546 8
15 She Never Forgets

Ginny pulls Hermione aside for a lil girl-talk , and yeah she tells her everything, how will ginny react!

1,450 3
16 Saying Sorry

Ron's Apology to Hermione.

2,297 9
17 Touché

PREVIEW: “I, ahh… “ Draco was left speechless. Hermione kicked him in the knee and stormed off toward the shrieking shack. Draco turned to Blaise and simply gave him a “ touché Blaise, touché. Now if you’ll excuse me”

1,608 6
18 Denying Apologies

Preview: “What do you mean prove it, there is nothing to prove. I don’t like you and as much as you would like to kiss me. It wont happened ever. “What ?, Malfoy forget that he already has?”

2,019 6
19 Of Interrogations and Stubbornness

Hermione finds out that Ron cheated on her with Pansy.So what does she do?she beats the hell out of her.Draco's Old feelings for the mudblood are coming back,can he control himself?Looking back i have this to regret,that too often I loved i did not say so

2,342 3


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