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2006-01-06 04:28:38
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A Viktor Krum Story: Library Love

Peeves the Poltergeist makes his first stop the visiting Viktor Krum-- after all, he's not very "bright" is he? But he's definitely got "something" right? Hot damn!

1584 15
2 A Harry Potter Story: Keeping Company

Peeves whacks Harry with his second arrow, hoping that it'll give the 'boy-who-lived' a bit of Christmas cheer!

1366 12
3 A Draco Malfoy Story: The Unbreakable Vow

The Slytherin Prince should get a bit of lovin' don't you think? And he meets his match in the form of an equally sinister Slytherin Princess.

1609 12
4 A Roger Davies Story: Under the Mistletoe

Roger Davies-- is kind of a not-so-glorified version of Oliver Wood and Cedric Diggory... but that doesnt mean he doesnt deserve some action off teh Quidditch Pitch!

1433 10
5 A Ron Weasley Story: The French Connection

Ron, whom I love to see paired with Hermione in canon, is not very good with girls. This Christmas, Fleur and her cousin Rachael are staying over...

1480 11
6 A Fred Weasley Story: Little Surprises

Fred and George are hunks. I see Fred as the type that antagonises the girl that he likes... luckily the girl just takes it all in and doesnt go crazy!

1580 7
7 A Seamus Finnigan Story: Dungeons and Cauldrons

Seamus loves to tease people-- cheeky little bugger. But what happens when its a not-amused Slytherin? Serving detention has never been more romantic! (At least not since the Breakfast club!)

1555 10
8 A George Weasley Story: Planned and Unexpected

George Weasley-- I dont know. For some reason he's not as popular as Fred-- (probably coz Fred gets all the funny lines) but he's still got this wonderful heart, perfect for a Hufflepuff to love.

1520 8
9 A Cedric Diggory Story: Gryffindor Vs. Hufflepuff

I love Cedric Diggory. Is that a summary? Lol. Well two friends who have so much in common but have grown apart use the Christmas season to regain their friendship. And maybe more?

1670 13
10 Welcoming the New Year

The nine couples and their fellow students at Hogwarts meet up for the New Years party thrown by Roger and Ryan Davies. Too bad Peeves cant be there!

604 17


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