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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Voldemort, Draco, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Other Pairing
Romance, Angst, AU
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-01-05 9:15am
Last Chapter
2006-12-17 2:18am
Last Updated
2006-12-17 2:18am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Hermione's plan

Hermione has discovered a spell that will allow her to bring a sixteen year old Tom Riddle into the present. She thinks that if his soul could be saved then maybe Lord Voldemort would be no more. But when Tom enters her life something happens that Hermione didn't plan..... she falls in love. CHAPTER FOURTEEN VALIDATED!

1,282 37
2 Tempus Rectum and Tom

Hermione and Harry are successful in bringing Tom into the present. Unfortunately for them, someone happens to show up right when they do!

1,698 21
3 Explanations and the start of something new

Hermione, Harry, and Tom are taken to Dumbledore's office where they are to discuss what is to be done with Tom Riddle now that he is here.

2,634 23
4 Making friends and maybe more

It's Tom's first day of school in the year 1997, and he finds that a lot of things are different in his life now that he has friends...and Hermione....

4,047 34
5 Memories from the future

Tom is curious as to what he becomes as Lord Harry decides to show him a memory.....

5,163 18
6 The balcony scene

After Tom leaves Harry and Dumbledore, he stumbles across someone else who only adds to his confusion...and to his happiness...

3,521 20
7 Pricks and Prats

Tom and Hermione are unsure of their feelings for each other, and Tom does something to "break the ice" between them...literally....

3,527 15
8 Dreams and Promises

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” Voldemort screamed, as the green light from the curse hit Hermione directly in her chest. Her already unconscious form had stopped breathing and Tom knew she was dead.

3,111 15
9 Gossip happens...

He had suddenly grabbed her shoulders and pulled her right up against him. Their noses were practically touching and Tom was staring at her with such desire that Hermione could actually see his eyes darkening from it.

4,301 15
10 Tattle Tale

“Come forward Draco.” Draco cringed at hearing that icy voice that was forever laced with malice. He walked past the surrounding Death Eaters, knowing one of them was his father, and bowed down low in front of the snakelike man whom they all called Master.

2,359 10
11 The trouble begins

Hermione’s beautiful face was cut up in deep gashes that oozed out dark red blood. Even her mouth was leaking blood and her eyes seemed to be lifeless as she stared at him. It was easy to see that she was dying.

3,004 16
12 A day at Hogsmeade

The group goes to Hogsmeade for some fun and shopping. Things seemed to going along well for Hermione, until Tom and his date showed up...

3,837 11
13 The prophecy explained

“Sit down Tom.” Harry spat, quietly. The voice that came out of his mouth didn’t belong to Harry Potter though. It was high pitched and cold…the most heartless and vile voice any of them had ever heard.

5,080 13
14 I love you (Part one)

“Do you love her Tom?” She asked quietly. Tom felt like his chest would explode from all of the emotions he was feeling. He had never said he loved anyone before in his life, even though he knew that was what he felt for Hermione.

2,383 10
15 I love you (Part two)

(This story is now rated 'MATURE')Tom has yet to reveal his true feelings for Hermione, but a little encounter in the prefects bathroom may change all of that.

2,946 16
16 Cat, Bag, Out of

All of the activity ceased as everyone turned to look at what Draco had yelled about. The whole room filled with silence as they gazed from Tom, to Hermione, and then down to their clasped hands.

3,586 12
17 Amorea

“My Lord, is that…Amorea?” Snape asked while gazing at the peach colored liquid in Voldemort’s outstretched hand. “Indeed it is. This is what you are going to use to poison the Mudblood.

2,119 20
18 Fluff and other stuff

“I won’t let you leave me Hermione. I need you, and I refuse to be here for one second without you.”

2,445 15
19 Monkey noises

To Admin: I was asked to please remove link from banner, but I'm not sure what was meant by that. If this still can't be validated then please specify what I need to do. Sorry about this. ^_^

2,917 19
20 She's just tired

Sorry this took so long. :( I had to rewrite a few things.

1,693 19
21 Christmas Cheer

It's Christmas time!!! There's laughter, anger, fear, saddness...heh, sounds like a normal Christmas at my house. ^_-

4,274 14
22 Slipping Away

Ginny looked at him, her eyes full of sorrow and worry, before she looked back at her sleeping friend who was slowly slipping away.

3,366 22
23 Discoveries

Poppy turned her head slowly and looked at the two boys standing by the door. Harry felt his stomach drop when he saw the tear sliding down her cheek. “Her heart stopped beating just a moment ago...she's dead."

2,517 16
24 Open your eyes

"Look at me," he said softly. "Open your eyes."

2,633 17
25 For the love of books

“It’s a book!” She exclaimed as she pulled it out of its hiding place. She held the ancient tome in her hands and examined it closely.

3,294 17
26 Fate is a fickle thing

And then he saw something that surprised him. The couple, both looking so sad just a moment before, started smiling at each other. Bright happy smiles that lit up their faces and showed no signs of the grief or pain that he expected them to be feeling.

4,139 16
27 It Ends Tonight

It was working. They could practically feel a change in the air as if they were already in a different place. A sharp pop sounded and the five teenagers vanished from the spot.

3,766 40


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