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Draco, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst
Mild Language, Mild Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2003-10-29 9:10pm
Last Chapter
2004-11-19 8:44pm
Last Updated
2005-12-13 4:49pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Juggling

*Post-Hogwarts* "There are hundreds of invisible people in the world – the ones that you would never notice. You can see them, because they are there, but you don’t SEE them really. I realized that night that I was invisible." When you feel invisible, you'd do anything to have someone really see you; the way you've always wanted to be seen. But if the only person who actually sees you is the last person you'd ever expect it to be, what do you do? [Complete - check out the sequel, The Balin Connection]

1,472 34
2 Duty Calls, Duty Paid

Ginny attends the engagement party and sparks fly.

1,438 18
3 Work Challenges and Broken Facade

Ginny Weasley is given an almost impossible assignment that will take all of her skill to finish. Enter Draco Malfoy.

2,046 19
4 Ice Queen

Can she be the cool-headed diplomat when he's there, adding fuel to her raging temper?

2,096 10
5 When Diplomacy Fails

Enter Plan B.

1,905 10
6 Nobel Scheming

The plot thickens as motives are revealed.

1,850 14
7 Exposure

Ginny takes the bait, learns a little about Bulgaria and vows to throttle Draco.

2,516 15
8 Something Different

Draco schemes, Ginny doesn't freak, and Ron plays the infernal role of the "Big Brother".

1,950 17
9 Travel Preparations

The impending trip to Bulgaria looms over them. Harry threatens and Hermione questions.

2,685 21
10 Ruse

Scheming Draco strikes again.

1,504 16
11 It Returns

The past can always return to haunt you.

2,741 10
12 In the Labyrinth

A longer chapter. Exploring the family home, a fight in the snow, and another Malfoy enters the scene.

3,737 12
13 Stupefied

Escaping and explanations...sort of.

1,983 9
14 Shimmering Light

One of the secrets is revealed, and Ginny realizes just how much this plot has her cornered.

2,163 8
15 A Bargain

Will Ginny be able to bargain her way out of the corner she's trapped in? Gabrielle returns, Darien is scary, and Draco broods.

2,997 14
16 Seeing Her

The Malfoy's little "get-together". Draco *sees* Ginny in action -- but he isn't the only one...Some violence in chapter.

2,708 14
17 Questions with No Answers

Events happen that leave both Draco and Ginny reeling, and the world spinning!

2,162 20
18 Corridor Discussions

Discussions in the corridor. Exciting stuff.

2,375 15
19 A Weight Lifted

Ginny is taken to the only place that can free her from her nightmare.

2,493 9
20 Search Party

Draco searches for Ginny and comes across certain complications.

1,864 14
21 In Victory Field

Draco finds Ginny, and answers to questions are found as well.

3,012 30
22 Startled in the Dark

Ginny is startled awake, and must make a choice.

1,684 11
23 Collision of Truths

Ginny makes the ultimate decision; between what she has been taught, and what she has learned.

1,461 27
24 A World Turned Upside Down

What happens after the night in the clearing? Read to find out! Plus a few visitors pop in.

2,330 18
25 The End of the Reign

Arguments, documents sent to the Minister and overheard conversations...

2,707 20
26 Half the Truth is the Best Lie

Hermione, as always, is the voice of reason, and Ginny discovers, by accident, a piece of the puzzle.

1,521 11
27 Family Trends

Ginny shares what she thinks she's learned.

2,377 17
28 The Growing Darnkess

The threat grows even stronger. Hermione gets an important owl, Ron acts in a shocking manner, and Gabrielle gets mixed up in the plot.

2,194 13
29 Brooding

Brooding Draco, missing people, yelling Ron and intense Harry.

890 6
30 The Writing's On the Wall

One of the other Malfoy men make an appearance.

919 16
31 A Glimpse under the Hood

*Warning: Cliffhanger* Find out where Gabrielle, Hermione and Ginny are. The boys plot, and the suspects are narrowed yet again...leaving the overall question, who really is behind it all?

2,382 18
32 Revelations

The mysterious person under the hood is revealed.

2,812 22
33 Family Alliances

A face-off - with a few explanations thrown in. Bit cliffy, so you're forewarned.

1,994 24
34 The Escape

Draco and Ginny flee, but they aren't the only ones.

1,453 17
35 The Catalyst

A confrontation in the forest.

2,201 22
36 Sacrifices

More of the showdown in the forest.

1,204 26
37 Pulling Rank

A solution to the problem is found, but for Draco, the cost may be greater than the gain...

1,671 21
38 Beyond the Barrier

A confrontation as Ginny makes it past the barrier.

2,241 13
39 Aftershock

The group deals with the aftermath, and take stock of all who survived, and find that there is one missing from their numbers.

2,330 11
40 Weighing the Costs

Everyone tries to deal with the events that have passed in their own ways.

3,349 6
41 Prodding a Sleeping Dragon

Another secret is revealed, with unforseen consequences.

3,154 18
42 Once Bitten...

Herein lie the events following Ginny's abrupt departure from Bulgaria. Politics, outrage and brotherly insight abound.

4,449 26
43 The Silence of Victory and Defeat

The last chapter of this monstrously large story.

6,681 99


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