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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Cotten Candy Breathing Fluffy Little Bunnies

15-year-old Lily had yet another row with James Potter. That night,when she goes to sleep,Lily despises James Potter more than ever before,but when she wakes up. . .she still despises James Potter more than ever before,it's just. . .she's 18 and engaged to be married to him. . .

1,734 38
2 Remus and Peter Get "Lady Friends"

Mrs. Evans is the charming matchmaker for a reluctant Peter and Remus. Lily's fainting, shocked, being kissed, and having The Three Words Spoken to her by, you guessed, Potter, her fiancee.

5,586 24
3 Talking Wedding Dresses

Is Lily going insane? Her wedding dress is talking to her!

5,710 19
4 Carol's Friends and Hug Misunderstandings

James has a suprise for Lily!

4,252 21
5 The Attack of the Rocks

The Marauders, Lily, and her mother have an interesting car ride.

3,936 22
6 Happiness Shattered

A late night visit from James, an ice cream discussion, and death.

3,626 13
7 Reunions

Part 2 of the attack.

1,848 23
8 The Memories of Lily Evans

Wedding rehearsal and Lily remembers.

2,883 16
9 I Do

Here is the chapter we've all been waiting for. . .the chapter that has all (or most) of our questions answered. . .the chapter that has The Big Day-or wait, will there actually be a Big Day with the way Lily's thinking?. . .and will Carol be able to get Remus, Sirius and Peter dates?. . .will Frank ever stop reading the newspaper, rolling his eyes or being sarcastic?. . .will Lily ever go back to her right time period?. . . will James' heart be broken?. . .will Lily's?. . .will "I do" be said?. . .I don't know, but we're going to find out. . .NOW!

2,802 55


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