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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Cho, Hermione, OC, Oliver Wood, Ron, Fred/George, Luna
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-12-17 2:40am
Last Chapter
2006-03-12 9:28am
Last Updated
2006-03-12 9:28am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Call me Andy

New Chapter being Validated! Image hosting by Photobucket Hermione was hurt in the final battle. With no memories to go on, will she choose the hero who saved her from the war? Or the Healer who helped her find her way? In the end...Will it really matter?

1,924 18
2 In the Bedroom

Hermione (Andy) Finally gets a room at Pewits house

2,656 10
3 The Sighting

Hermione spots Draco and knows she has to talk to him.

918 4
4 I'm your boyfriend

Hermione finds out shat her name really is.

1,166 4
5 I couldn't sleep

Draco and Hermione share a night of passion!

2,051 15
6 Hermione meets Ron...Or is it the other way around?

Alex brings Ron home to meet Hermione ("Andy")...big mistake

2,981 8
7 The Empty House

Hermione along with several other people go back to her house...but it's not Draco she falls asleep with...

1,255 7
8 Is She Pregnant?

they find Alex and Hermione together...and a crazy Alex makes some...interesting...confessions...are they true?

1,309 9
9 My Baby?

Draco finds out that, if they do find out Hermione's pregnant...then by the time they know, the baby could very well be his instead.

2,182 18
10 The Pink Room

Hermione and Draco leave the Burrow for Malfoy Manor. Longest Chapter So Far!

3,119 7
11 Not so New Found Love

Hermione and Draco find out about Olivers special relationship :D And Hermione tells Ginny some news about the baby!!

2,896 4
12 Baggage

Draco and Oliver go through they're plans for they're surprise vacation for the girls...

2,741 7
13 When in Rome

Draco and Oliver have had a romantic evening for the girls planned for a good amount of time. They want to take this chance to propose! But...will they're proposals be everything they hoped?

7,128 15
14 Hermione turns 20

It's Hermione's twentieth birthday, but Ron HAS to take this time to tell Hermione and Draco about the dangers that WEREN'T Alex...poor dears...

3,534 16
15 Attack on Draco

Looks like the gang wont make it home tonight...Well....not the same as they were supossed to.

3,656 14
16 Stalkers's official...their being stalked!

1,405 8
17 The Tiniest Present

Hermione tells Draco some *surprising* news :D

1,724 14
18 What's in a name?

What could possibly go RIGHT when Hermione has a BAD memory of Draco?

4,720 26


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