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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Sirius/OC
Drama, Romance
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-12-11 2:35am
Last Chapter
2011-06-30 7:12am
Last Updated
2011-06-30 7:12am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 I Quit - Part One

First Chapter is a bit of a starting off point so please bare with me. Harry returns to Privet Drive after his fifth year and a secret life never known by his friends appears out of nowhere after an old friend comes back to him from a five year term in France. Surprises seem to never stop coming. Please Read and Review. And if you can, please make me a banner. Thanks.

5,029 17
2 I Quit - Part Two

Please continue to read as the story gets more interesting after this chapter as more surprises arise. Three people are back from the dead and two other characters come to the stroy that will have small influences on future chapters. And what is this about a school in Germany?

5,956 6
3 Bad Bruise and the Kumquat

New Chapter up. Please Review. Harry gains some new powers. A new friend from his past comes back to him on Privet Drive from her five year vaca in France. And some old secrets about her and Harry's childhood arise and they had not in past chapters. Things get very interesting down on Privet Drive this summer. (Whole story does NOT take place during summer.) Please Review!

3,644 4
4 Bonnie at Grimmuald

This is a missing chapter. It's not a huge difference to the story but I'm adding it for anyone who wants to read it. Thanks for the Reviews. R&R

1,849 3
5 Rose Petals

New Chapter up. Chapter 4. A bit shorter than the others. Three people are back from the dead and Harry doesn't know what to do. A person from his past resurfaces and his friends see the bond between his old friend and him that had been forced to be held back for five years. Oh, and he gets a small (very hot) change in his looks while sitting in the tattoo parlor. Please R&R.

1,871 6
6 A Place for Girls to Put Thier Teeth

New Cahpter up. Thanks to those who reviewed. Harry has a problem with being touched and feels he has to stay away from his parents as much as he can. It's kind of hard when you're in such a small house. And Harry goes on his second date with "Alicia", who finds a place on Harry's lip to put her teeth. (Sounds wierd but it's not that bad.)

2,793 4
7 Giving In

New chapter 3 up and chapter 6 as well. Please R&R. A new couple is revieled between two characters you would expect. Some fun betting takes place... and plotting against Harry? And a very mushy mushy scene between Harry and his parnets. Sorry for those who don't like that. it won't happen too often.

2,899 2
8 "Missh'

New Chapter up. Fish's sister lends Harry and ancient book that will help you at school. Hmm. Harry and his long lost friend have a few secrets revealed about thier childhood and some things about Bonnie's life that explains her lack of parents around. Please R&R

6,201 4
9 I Wish I Could Have You

New Chapter up. Harry discovers the wonder of delicious food, the group takes a trip over to Bonnie's house while the others plan a secret. Then someone is sent to the hospital wing and someone gets a new house. And who happens to be frightened of snakes? Who knows? Happy Birthday Harry. R&R

5,930 4
10 The Party I Didn't Get

New Chapter up. Harry and Bonnie are caught in the same bed, someone has something in common with Merlin, fear of worship, a party, and a snake. Birthday parties are a lot different this year.

1,934 6
11 A Surprise!

Chapter 10 up. Two more presents, pictures of mud, hyper on American sugar, and a sad yet happy story of everything Harry's parents missed and a sad helping of evil Dursley past scum.

11,102 4
12 I'm a Child Star, and a Hypocrite and Voldemort Wants My Head Again. Yay!

Chapter 11 is now up. Harry's shows off his obessesion for Da Vinici while being held captive in his room. Many phonecalls are made. The St. Jimmy/ Jesus of Suburbia whacking stick. "My people". CNN. "my fear in the first place. That I would get them, and then they would just go away." A special party is planned and a few past secrets of Jesus of Suburbia are revealed. Hope you like.

11,842 3
13 St. Jimmy's Comin' down Across the Alley Way!

New Chapter up! Just wanna say thanks for all the reviews. Spending the day in bed so he can spend his night out, he calls up some people. What is Sober Day, who has left the Suburban Children of Sub Gossip Parents, who is breaking up? Training?, a speech, "here's to St. Jimmy", the ballroom, "St. Jimmy's girl. No one's allowed to touch her."

5,427 4
14 Mrs. Nent and the Elle Girl Magazine

Harry ends up in the paper. Twice. He throws up and Fish offers to shave Hanna's head. Why? Read and Review. Thanks

3,497 8
15 I'm Not As Innocent As I Look In This Dress

Sorry for the long wait and Sorry if i'm still dissapointing you. But it will all get better soon enough. The group is heading back to school, Bonnie burns her dress, Malfoy has a nice arse, Cho tries to get Harry back now that he's bachelor of the Year, Bonnie doesn't like Cho why?, what are the maruarders like as professors, who's the new Quidditch captain, no more wand and other things. hope you enjoy. R&R

10,339 3
16 I Am A Marauder's Son

Hey, here's the next chapter. Sorry I've been taking so long to put up new chapters but i promise the next will be quicker so you don't freak out and leave the story. Things are getting a little sticky in Hogwarts. Date's with Cho Chang, slaps, knocked out camera men, and someone's hands are set on fire. Who is Mr. Turnip? Why is Bonnie talking to Draco Malfoy and is she pulling Ginny with her?

5,247 5
17 A Dream of the Stupid Childhood

Sorry it took so long. Here's chapter 17. In the story it's said how Bonnie and Harry have been friends for so long and all that. Well in this chapter, Harry falls asleep in the library and goes into a memory of the first time him and Bonnie met. A bit of swearing on Harry's part and you meet a young Bonnie's father. Enjoy. R&R

2,373 4
18 Breaking Up When You Don't Have A Relationship

New Chapter up. 17. You may get angry but this must be done. Some interesting things are going on at Hogwarts that aren't making Harry happy but Malfoy seems incredibly egotistical. Harry calls Fish for a little get together and nobody get's blamed for the mysterious fight. What am i talking about? You'll have to read to find out. R&R. Would someone like to make me a banner. if so that would be great. Thanks.

4,089 7
19 I Need You, Please Don't Leave.

New Chapter Up! Yay! I'm so sorry it took so long and i made my readers worry i would put the story on hold. I couldn't get on the computer but here it is. It is NOT on hold. Umm... if someone could send me a banner i would be greatly thankful. My next chapter is very upsetting and i know i'll have a lot of angry reviews but it doesn't end here. There are many chapter to come after this. Malfoy is getting a black eye and some broken ribs, we see Fish! in Hogwarts, Bonnie is missing Harry and regretting her desision, and... well i won't spoil the ending. So here it is.

6,215 7
20 Part I of Meeting Bonnie

Well, I think this is one of my longest chapters. Here it is. Sorry for scaring you all. the story will not end, there are many chapters to come. There is one flashback, some appologies, Tootsie Rolls, pairing up, mud, a house in France, and much more. Hope you all like. R&R (I had to break this into two chapters so the other part will come soon.)

8,735 8
21 Part II of 'Meeting Bonnie'

I'm glad you like the new chapter. And since i had to split this one chapter into two parts the next one is just going to be a big shock at the beginning, since it was supposed to be the middle. I hope you enjoy. I tried to time it right and make it different so i hope you like it. Another flashback and many many interesting things happen. Some strip poker, another flashback and a Voldemort is on fire. Enjoy! R&R

10,616 3
22 Happy Christmas!

New Chapter up! Hope you liked the last one. This one has a few intimate scenes in it. I hope you don't think that Bonnie or Harry is suddenly getting slutty. There is also a church scene and i only put in the things i remember from going to church. Then we have some lovely presents under the tree and another couple to deal with. Who? you ask. Well you'll have to read to find out. R&R And if someone could make me a banner i would be much thankful. :) (AN: I had to do a lot of editing to make it "less then 'mature' so i'm sorry if some scenes don't make sense. I tried.)

14,810 6
23 Back to School

Here is your new chapter. Sorry to my reviewer who asked for it on monday but i would have unhappy others. I'm still waiting for someone to send me a lovely banner but that's okay. Anyway! This chapter is all about back at Hogwarts just like it's title implies. We find our Potter a little more famous, wandering with his new girlfriend, stalked (a little) (and he was trampled i just didn't put it in) and then we have a dance and what is the beginning of the new age war with Voldemort. Hope you enjoy. R&R Thanks!

6,897 6
24 Meeting the Other Suburban Children before the Final Battle.

Hello again. Here's the next chapter. The war is coming and this is where it starts. In this chapter we meet new characters that will later be seen in future chapters. It's short but I hope you enjoy. R&R. (And if anyone would like to make a trip back to Chapter 12, i've made a huge edit. (Seems i was missing almost a page so i put it in. I didn't even notice it. Sorry.))

1,901 3
25 The Date

Next chapter up. Sorry the last one took so long. There was a reason it was so different as well. You had to meet the others because they'll become important in future chapters. Plus I just wanted you to know them. Anyway, here's the next chapter. Guess what "the date" is for. You'll never guess. So read and find out. This is one of my favorite chapters so i hope you like it. R&R

7,755 11
26 “Why does [everyone] stare at me like [they’re] hungry?”

Next Chapter up. I got the title as a quote from my aunt. I didn't ask her but i used it. I really don't like Harry's big speech in this chapter but i had to write something. A better speech in coming in a future chapter. But yeah, there are huge surprises awaiting us around every corner, some unvailed secrets and you finally meet Fish's sister. Yay! Here it is. Enjoy! R&R

6,314 7
27 God Save the Queen (and all the Witty Banter of Wars)

Sorry for the long wait on the update. I was in New York. Anyway, here's the new chapter. The war has begun. I hope you enjoy all the witty banter.

7,134 8
28 “I love him.”

Sorry it took so long. This happens to be one of my favorite chapters because it goes back and you get to see a bit of how the whole relationship started and how much Bonnie actually worshipped St. Jimmy's attention and how much she wanted him even from the very beginning. So i hope you like it and review.

5,205 6
29 Sir Harry James Potter, Sir Saint Jimmy, the Chosen One, Our Savior

Next chapter is up. Harry is about to be knighted. Let us count the names. Are Bonnie and Harry really going to get married. But their so young. How would all their freinds feel. What's going on with all the crazy fans. And what did Voldemort mean about reading the ashes. You'll find out in this chapter. Hope you enjoy. R&R.

10,192 8
30 The Week That Everything Else Happened

New Chapter up. It has taken longer then expected but i have a bit of writer's block. Anyway, here's the next chapter. It may not be your favorite it but it brings up a few things that had to happen over the summer. We go to court, Bonnie's wearing pink again. It's a huge parade of things to happen. So here it is. Read and Review and i'll try to post the next one faster. It had to be edited a lot and it got rejected like 3 times, so sorry about the wait. Especially to my friend Christina. Sorry.

7,171 9
31 The Secret Insanity of Our Savior

Sorry about the wait. Here's the next chapter, i hope you enjoy it, i've been having some writer's block. I can't sum up the story or i'll end up giving something away so read and review. I hope you enjoy.

5,828 5
32 I'm Seventeen!

Hey, sorry it took so long to update but i had writers block and it's pretty long. I hope you enjoy this chapter, i had to force myself to put important things in it. Anyway, Harry and his new tattoo, return home, The Black Parade, Press, Bonnie doesn't wear jeans, bashing from the press, worry, does Harry really hate children, and the party of a lifetime. I love Mohawks. These are all the things going on in this chapter. It's shoved full of stuff. Hope you like. R&R

12,853 4
33 "Who is St. Jimmy?"

Bonnie's gone on a "Beauty Knows No Pain" coming of age trip with the McNeal women leaving Harry without her. She comes back with someone who has serious doubts of the forecoming marriage. Meet Grandma Evil. Harry's asked to talk to the reporters and finally talk about the war and let the people see who he is. Harry has another meeting with his therapist and expresses his fears of losing his followers and why he still hasn't opened those Birthday presents.

10,924 5
34 “And How Did the School Blow Up?”

Where will Harry's friends go after their school blows up. Someone is getting fired from St. Jimmy's crew. Three guesses who. Snape is sitting at the breakfast table and Sober Day will soon be upon us. Hope you enjoy I really tried because I had writer's block.

8,664 5
35 I Miss the Slytherins. I Don’t Miss the Slytherins.

The prayer room and the days they start back  at school. Draco Malfoy might show his face and there is some turmoil beginning in someone's relationship. Pretty simple chapter. Hope you enjoy it. R&R

7,829 8
36 Mooshie-mooshie Dog Hates Harry Potter

There are problems in the "Ginny and Fish" relationship, Harry starts his classes with Dumbledore, and a small grudge forms against the Mooshie-mooshie dog.

3,699 10
37 Drum Roll Please

Sorry it's been taking so long to post the chapters and i'm sorry they're getting kind of short. I am trying. This isn't my favorite chapter but it's not bad, i hope you enjoy it. Make sure to pay attention to "Ash" because the next chapter is mostly about her.

4,765 7
38 The Mysterious Ashley Story

Ashley may not be here anymore but the memory of her will haunt Harry's mentality for the rest of his life, much like his uncle does. Ashley didn't have strange parents, she didn't have drug addicts or alcoholics to go home to. But she had her own problems. Harry liked this about her. Sad for him. Ashley got obsessed and chose the wrong path on her way out of the group called The Suburban Children of Sub Gossip Parents.

7,109 7
39 The Cancer

This next chapter is all about Bonnie getting into her own fame and Harry going in and pulling himself out of depression. 
An: just to let you know, there is mention of homosexuality in this chapter but it won't effect the story.

9,706 6
40 Here We Go a Vaulting…

Hey, sorry it took so long to post. I hope you enjoy this chapter. Harry gets some more money and learns some interesting facts about his family. We also discuss Voldemort a little.

7,943 6
41 Into the Snake's Lair

Sorry, this chapter took so long, and it is a little shorter then the others but it's still good. Harry wonders whether to use his new key and things flow from that. And what is going on with Ron and Hermionie. And a new couple is thrown into this chapter who i like very much.

5,964 9
42 Meeting the Cousins

Sorry it's been taking so long. I'll try to speed it up now that's it's coming toward their wedding i have more to write. Anyway, i hope you enjoy this chapter. Grandmamma Evil and meeting  Bonnie's cousins, as the name explains.

9,209 11
43 Pizza, Punks and Soda Pop

So sorry this chapter took so long. But we're nearing Christmas and then we'll be heading toward Wedding Planning and then I might get out of this writer's block. I really hope so. I'll try to post faster now. I hope you like this chapter. It's a fun chapter. A big party, Sex Pistols, lots of Punks, boys in makeup. Fun.

9,585 10
44 Crumpets and Polotics

Well i know, it's been a while since i've updated. I'm sorry, i've had some serious writers block but its dying now. And you won't have to suffer the consequences of it till the chapter after this. But i don't think it's too terrible, just not as great. And then we head on to the preperations of the wedding. Anyway, here's the chapter. We celebrate Christmas, see little Sirius and the group has a private Chrismtmas rendezvous.

11,913 13
45 The Best Man

Harry thinks over who he's going to make his best man and goes to therapy with Josh to get over his fear of white. Thank you very much for all your nice reviews. I'll try to update more often .

10,243 11
46 School's Over, Let's Prepare

Quite a short chapter, i guess. Sorry for the long wait but my computer is acting up. It still is but i got on just to put up this chapter for you. I hope you like it. We're very nearing the wedding now and Harry's secret. Anyway, i hope you're not too angry about the long wait. Hope you like the chapter.

6,915 12
47 Eight Days.

Yay! Finally a new chapter. I'm sorry for the wait. I had writer's block but it's picking up a little now. The wedding is on it's way. In this chapter we are eight days before the wedding, as the title hints. Fish finds out what he's going to be doing while Harry is on his honeymoon and little Sirius has his first birthday. I skipped the celebration of the 1st anniversary of Voldemort's death. There was too much going on. It's also a bit shorter than my normal chapters but the rest will be longer. Promise.  But at least the chapter is up. More to come soon.

4,615 0
48 Four Days

There are four days left until the wedding. We meet the secret side of the family, there's some cricket, Jacobie has a surprise, Cameron hides, Harry kidnaps little Sirius, Severus brings a date and all is well before you wake up wearing a wig and can't make a fist. Enjoy and please review.

12,902 0
49 Four Days continued...

Please make sure you read the first part of this chapter.

849 0
50 The Secret

Well it's the chapter you've been waiting for. The wedding and Harry's big secret. And something even more shocking at the end. Hope you enjoy and i hope nobody hates me after this chapter. This is not the last one.

6,581 10


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