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    Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, McGonagall, Snape, Tonks, Voldemort, Draco, Ginny
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Harry/Ginny, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing
    Mild Violence
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2005-12-06 6:14am
    Last Chapter
    2009-10-04 12:11am
    Last Updated
    2009-10-24 8:49pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 A New Leaf

    Harry begins to prepare for his battle with Voldemort while also trying to instill hope back into the wizarding world. This story picks up where JKR's book six left off. Harry has to change the way he sees the world around him as well as the way he functions in it.

    2,034 35
    2 The Hidden Cellar

    Harry discovers a piece of the past.

    1,930 18
    3 Diary Entries

    Harry gets insight into his parents past.

    7,288 21
    4 What Can't be Left Behind

    Harry realizes there are some things that should not be forgotten and others that can't.

    2,466 20
    5 Return to Number Twelve

    Harry has a visit with friends as he tries to save the shop owners of Diagon Alley. In the end he is drawn back to a place he never thought he would be again.

    5,554 25
    6 Confrontation

    Harry awakens in time to prove that he is growing up.

    3,330 19
    7 Loyalty Tested

    As plans move forward, will the group hold together.

    2,183 19
    8 Friends, Map and the Minister

    Harry gets more helpers and tries to smooth ties with the Ministry of Magic.

    5,287 20
    9 The Noble Elf

    Harry talks to Dobby.

    2,570 17
    10 Black Thoughts

    Harry gains new information and finds his rage.

    5,025 20
    11 They Must Know

    Harry reveals something to the wizarding world, and then Voldemort reacts to it.

    1,394 15
    12 Wrath Unleashed

    Voldemort's demonstration is revealed, but will it end as he had hoped?

    5,871 22
    13 Believe Me When I Tell You

    Harry and Voldemort recover from battle.

    2,884 25
    14 The Visitor

    Harry gets an unexpected visitor at his home.

    2,911 23
    15 Enigma

    Harry and the D.A. encounter a mysterious helper.

    4,238 22
    16 Into the Lair

    Harry has big plans for an unlikely team of helpers.

    4,400 21
    17 Diagon Alley

    The aftermath of the last chapter can be found here. Will Harry survive the deadly snake bite? Will Ginny ever forgive hm if he does? Well, there is only one way to find out. Read on and enjoy.

    6,685 21
    18 Hogwarts

    Harry and the gang return for a new year at Hogwarts, but will it be different than any other year?

    3,859 18
    19 Night of the Dark Lord

    In a night of triumph, is an equal marked?

    3,530 20
    20 Hallow Headmasters

    Harry has his night time encounter with McGonagal and others.

    4,232 21
    21 A Talent Revealed

    Exactly what are the effects on a wizard who stays up too late, and how can it be dealt with?  Harry and the gang begin their first day of class.  Is there a hidden talent waiting to be found?

    4,738 16
    22 Harry's Busy Evening

    Harry experiences emotional ups and downs in the evening before and during dinner time.  From Centaurs to the possible spy, and a few more things thrown in.

    5,569 16
    23 Lies, Question, Monster

    Harry is forced to lie to Ginny to keep her out of what he is doing.  Harry gets to look at what Snape might have left behind.  Narcissa Malfoy has an unwelcome visitor.

    5,829 16
    24 Honesty Among Friends

    Hermione hears a good truth from Ron, but hears another truth later in the day that she has to decide if she should tell Harry.

    4,452 16
    25 Professors Parley

    Harry has a couple of encounters with Hogwarts professors and learns some new information from each.  Then it is Hermione's turn to gain information from one, but she would have liked to have heard the debate that took place after she left.

    4,681 22
    26 Rage, Blood and Reconciliation

    November arrives and with it comes rage from Harry about searches and an incident that happened.  Read to find out about his confrontation with McGonagal and if their relationship can survive.

    5,708 23
    27 Smoke and Mirrors

    Ron is called to a meeting with the Order and Harry has to hide to look after him.  Neither expect to end up where they do.

    8,227 18
    28 Fury

    Voldemort hatches a plot to make Harry's mood change dramatically.

    5,379 13
    29 Return and Departure

    Harry returns to the hospital, but how much will he be able to stand before he heads off again?

    2,425 19
    30 My Enemy, My Hope

    Harry turns to an enemy to try to help Ginny.

    3,919 27
    31 Connections Revisited

    Harry returns home with his guests in return.  He puts them where they need to be so he can get back to the woman he loves.  Little does Voldemort know that it will be a bad night for him.

    3,285 17
    32 Ginny

    Harry struggles to give Ginny the time she needs so that a cure can be found to save her.   

    3,548 20
    33 Debts and Gifts

    The day after the antidote is administered.  A surprising events day.

    5,141 15
    34 Christmas Day

    Harry celebrates Christmas with the Weasleys, and there is happiness there.  Elesewhere, the mood is made darkened by a pair of death eaters.  An unlikely hero comes to the aid of someone who thought they would never want it.

    8,213 24
    35 On the Offensive

    Harry proves to Voldemort that he is still in to the fight to win.

    4,910 13
    36 Attack of the Rescuers

    The death eaters are coming for Theodore.  Harry may be the only person who can stand in their way.

    2,367 21
    37 The Standoff

    Nott gets a new home.  Harry has no hope of defeating Ginnny on wizards chess.  Snape gets a blast from the past.  Harry tests just how far he can push the Minister of Magic.

    3,174 17
    38 Train, Housemate, Centaurs

    Harry and the gang return to Hogwarts, and Draco discovers someone.

    2,446 7
    39 Heart of a Woman

    Harry and Ginny move to a new stage with their relatonship, but it won't make Harry any safer.

    5,860 4
    40 HARRY!!!

    Harry's decision to rescue Cho meets with some unexpected consequences.

    2,117 5
    41 The Ties that Bind

    Voldemort reacts to Harry's rescue battle.  Ginny discovers a part of Harry she never knew existed.

    3,595 8
    42 The Shocking Proposal

    Harry's condition raises more questions.

    4,610 17
    43 Reaching Out

    A death eater in the castle!  Harry is confined to the hospital wing!  Or is he?

    4,618 24
    44 Healing

    How many wounds can be healed?

    9,234 25
    45 The Glow, The Confessions, The Rage

    The glow persists.  The confessions come.  The rage explodes after a trip into the mind. 

    7,293 21
    46 Desperate Time for Magic

    Desperation escalates on all fronts in the aftermath of Harry's false memories to Voldemort.

    4,611 22
    47 And the Greatest of These... Part 1

    Those bells are ringing, but dark clouds are on the way.

    4,229 5
    48 And the Greatest of These... Part 2

    Bells ring and dark clouds approach.

    6,770 5
    49 And the Greatest of These... Part 3

    Bells ringing, with dark clouds approaching.

    2,317 5
    50 And the Greatest of These... Part 4

    Bells have rung, almost time for the clouds.

    3,638 5
    51 And the Greatest of These... Part 5

    The dark clouds have arrived.

    5,139 3
    52 And the Greatest of These... Part 6

    Fighting the impossible fight.

    10,355 14
    53 Epilogue

    Events after the battle.

    3,784 31


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