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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Tonks, Luna, Draco, Fred/George, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Draco/Luna
Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-12-09 3:57am
Last Chapter
2006-05-01 12:57am
Last Updated
2006-05-01 12:57am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Back to the Burrow

"After Dumbledore’s funeral Harry returned to the Dursley’s for one week. He had promised Dumbledore that he would return and so he did, showing up on their doorstep a few days after the funeral..."

3,070 112
2 Resisting Ginny

"Harry sat at the table with Ron and Hermione the next morning, eating breakfast and planning their day. Although they had passed their apparation tests, both Harry and Ron felt they needed more practice…"

2,314 42
3 The Gift of Love

"The rest of Harry’s time at the Burrow passed quickly. He spent the days with Ron and Hermione practicing spells and charms by the lake; learning anything they thought would help them..."

2,013 28
4 I'd Wait Forever

"The night before they were supposed to leave Harry stared at the ceiling in bed, unable to sleep. He shifted onto his side, trying to get more comfortable but it was no use..."

2,750 36
5 Letters

"Ginny didn’t hear anything from Harry for several weeks after he left. No one heard from any of them..."

3,563 29
6 The Healer's Daughter

"They approached the house slowly, moving carefully under the invisibility cloak. It was raining softly, slowly soaking them through the fabric..."

2,511 56
7 Not Over It

"It was summer when they returned. A year after they had left. Ron led the way up the path to his house, with Harry and Hermione following silently..."

3,090 21
8 A New Enemy

"Two days after they got back, Mrs. Weasley took Ron Hermione and Harry to Diagon Alley, insisting they get new robes. “They are a disgrace! Look at the holes,” she exclaimed as she moved towards her son..."

1,890 32
9 What You Made Me

"Harry made his way quietly down the stairs to the den. The encounter at the shop had made him antsy and Ginny's words of scorn kept running through his head; an unwanted reminder of her feelings, or lack there of anyway..."

3,578 21
10 Timing is Everything

"Harry stood in the shower, letting the water run over him. Beth is coming today, he kept telling himself. Everything will be easier when she gets here - better..."

2,848 33
11 A Fragile Friendship

"Harry found Ginny in the tree house. He hadn’t been looking for her; it just seemed like a good place to hide out while he thought. Apparently she had thought the same thing..."

2,590 35
12 Actions Speak Louder...

"Ginny didn’t go swimming that day, and when the others arrived back from the lake she seemed a little distracted; a little detached. Hermione pulled her aside and asked if anything was wrong but she just shrugged her off, avoiding her eyes..."

4,400 36
13 Unable to See

"The day after Harry’s party Ginny went to Diagon Alley to have an early lunch with Luna. Luna always ate early, something about the Smurgen Rollenstags in food that became active between 12 and 5 and caused you to hallucinate, or something like that..."

6,311 39
14 Only A Game

"About two weeks into the semester Ginny was walking down the hall with some of her friends when she heard someone call her name. “Oi! Ginny!” She turned and saw Harry coming towards her with a smile..."

4,840 43
15 Harry's Choice

"Ginny woke up on a bed in a room she didn’t recognize. She jerked up, looking around, but didn’t see any doors or windows. She was alone..."

4,953 64
16 Aftermath

"Riddle smiled in triumph as Harry told him his choice. He rose up and spun around, facing the girls, a sick smile on his lips..."

7,051 67
17 Whatever You Want

"It was almost a week before Harry saw Ginny. You would think that one day they would actually close this off, he thought as he crawled through the tunnel from the shrieking shack to the whomping willow..."

4,199 73
18 Show Me

"Harry lay on his side, with his head propped up on his arm, tracing patterns lazily on her arm as they talked. She told him about last year, stories about when she was young, and he told her more about the Dursleys, about the horcruxes, and about his childhood..."

4,882 54
19 The Trouble With Tutors

"Ginny knew that Harry meant it when he said he would see her soon, but “soon” came much sooner than Ginny expected..."

4,948 47
20 I Want That Day

"The days began to pass quickly as Harry and Ginny moved through class in the honeymoon type bliss that was their renewed relationship. They got used to being a couple again, keeping mostly to themselves in a sort of isolated world that ignored the past and focused only on the present and the future..."

6,640 34
21 Too Good To Last

"It was early in the morning on the last Saturday before Christmas break. Ginny’s eyes fluttered open and she stretched, turning her face away from the offensive stream of sunlight falling on her eyes..."

4,653 64
22 Like Father - Like Son

"Harry stepped into the fire at the burrow, eager to get to Ginny. He had stayed up late with Ron and decided to sleep at the burrow instead of going back Hogwarts. He hadn’t slept well though, and woke up ridiculously early..."

5,322 52
23 Protection

"Draco began to wonder if this was some sort of pattern when he found himself shoved up against the wall yet again. This time, however, it was Ron who held him in place, with Ginny and Hermione standing behind him looking murderous..."

3,680 69
24 I Know Love

"Ginny knew he was angry. She knew he was livid and he refused to look at her. They got him to the hospital wing and onto a bed and Madame Pomfrey began healing him..."

5,357 236


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