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Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Lucius, Ginny, OC
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Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Romance, Angst
Next Generation
Mild Language, Mild Violence
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First Published
2005-12-08 12:08pm
Last Chapter
2006-05-12 6:59am
Last Updated
2006-05-12 6:59am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Finding out

Isabelle Dursley found strange things happening around her, that made her family mad and distant. When a letter arrived on her 11th birthday her father, Dudley, took it away from her. She read a letter sent by Owl in her room and discovered the truth-she's a witch. When her father made her choose between Hogwarts and her family, help arrived in the shape of an unknown relative. Now, five years on, this story joins Elle in her sixth year, full of magical moments, both literally and figuratively. She experiences the joys and woes of teen romance, and the heartbreak of a broken family.

1,748 10
2 I miss them

It's been five years since Elle, or Isabelle, Dursley left her family home in Privet Drive to live with her Uncle Harry and attend Hogwarts. Its the end of her fifth year and she is lost in memories of her parents. She feels guilty about wanting to see them.

1,075 3
3 I'm Sure

Elle Dursley wakes up to find all her friends and surrogate family downstairs ready to wish her a happy birthday. The next day she embarks on an important journey. A journey back to Privet Drive after four years away.

1,230 6
4 Despite Everything

Elle sees her parents for the first time after six years away. How does Dudley Dursley react to his daughters reappearance? What do Elle and her mother talk about?

1,463 3
5 An Elle Of A Summer

Elle enjoys another summer at Harry and Ginny's. She recieves her OWL results and is, quite rightly, delighted with her results. She's eager to get back to school, but she doesnt know how different its going to be...

1,165 2
6 Nothing More Nothing Less

It's the first of September, which means its back to Hogwarts for Elle. But, what is up with Ryan? He tried his best to convince Elle he's fine. But having been his friend for five years, Elle knows him better than either of them realises and can see right through it.

1,335 2
7 Friends?

Elle gets some good news at breakfast, thats cheers up her other wise dismal day. But what happens during her study period? What is written on that piece of parchment? What could Ryan have said to upset Elle so much? But, more importantly, what does Ryan reveal to his friends?

1,619 1
8 Lightening Strikes.

Elle, still furious with Ryan, goes out flying to vent her anger whilst Ryan thinks of a way to make it up to her. He finally settles on what to do and makes his way, accompanied by the rest, to apologize. But how engrossed is Elle in her flying? She doesnt notcie her friends below her, nor does she notice the impending doom the gathering storm is to bring...

1,166 1
9 Return to Normality...Almost

Ryan and the rest take Elle to the Hospital Wing for urgent medical attention. Ryan feels to blame for her accident, and Sarah agrees with him. As an argument breaks out Ryan leaves to go back to see Elle and talks to Hermione. But how do things go when Elle wakes up? Will things return to a state of almost normality?

1,338 1
10 A nifty Prank

Elle returns to the Gryffindor common room with a start of term prank set firmly in her mind. The next day, she sets to work with her plan, but what does a Care of Magical Creatures class have to do with it?

1,091 0
11 Quidditch Tryouts

It's Elle's first proper event as Quidditch Captain and with a new Professor to impress, Elle is definately trying her best, but will her best attempts upset those close to her?

1,422 1
12 Disappearing Act

Elle returned to the common room to find her friends chatting quietly in a corner away from everyone else. The guilty looks on their faces when she reached them confirmed her suspicions. Seething with anger Elle leaves the common room and isn't seen again all night. Where did she go?

1,504 0
13 Unexpected

Elle recieves unexpected news from an unexpected source. How does she feel about it? How does Harry handle it?

1,310 1
14 It's A Date

Elle is accomanied down to dinner by a rather attractive seventh year Gryffindor. The evening ends with Elle getting a date and Ryan asking someone on a date. But are they going with the person they want to?

1,123 0
15 Two Important Dates

Elle goes on her date with David, but finds his constant Quidditch talk annoying, but that aside, how does she enjoy it? How her first game as Quidditch captian go?

1,212 1
16 An Eventful Evening

A month down the line, and Elle is blissfully happy although will it last for much longer? An overheard conversation in the Library is set to brust Elle's bubble, but things don't stop there. What has Harry being hiding from Elle?

1,542 4
17 It's a Deal

Revenge seems like a tricky things. Elle has a plan to get David back...publicly. But will it work? And what are all the professors needed for? And why is the gryffindor Quidditch team involved?

1,216 0
18 Quidditch and Unknown feelings.

Elle finally faces David in the ultimate Quidditch Game. A lot is at stake for Elle, her team and her reputation. Can she keep both? And why does she keep getting this weird feeling in her stomach when she is around Ryan?

1,591 0
19 Things can only get better

The christmas holidays have begun, but three o clock in the morning finds Elle sitting alone in the common room. When Ryan joins her, Elle struggles to pretend she's okay. When she eventually confides how she feels about recent events, what does she realise?

1,131 2
20 With a little Help from My Friends.

Christmas is always such a magical time of year, and this year is no exception. Louise and Sarah are sick fed up of Ryan and Elle pussy footing about and decided some drastic measures are called for. With the help of some of Fred and George's finest stock, the girls put their plan into action, and fireworks are sure to ensue.

1,183 14


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