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Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-12-05 10:09am
Last Chapter
2008-02-04 2:08pm
Last Updated
2008-02-06 3:34pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A Silver Ring, A Golden Carriage

Eloise Scrimgeour is the blessed daughter of the Minister of Magic, and she’s screaming inside. Draco Malfoy's parents are murdered, and he is suddenly ordered to assassinate Rufus Scrimgeour. Everything goes awry and nothing is as it was. "I murdered your father! How the bloody hell can you possibly trust me?” “Because I don’t believe that you did it.” Together, they set out to avenge their families; together they become the wild.

2,306 72
2 Portrait

“What have they done with her.” Draco was shivering with rage or fear or the chill, maybe all three. Severus did not reply. “IS MY MOTHER DEAD?!”

1,621 46
3 Adagio

Severus did not flinch when he said, “When I point my wand at you, Malfoy, you must take my life.”

2,713 38
4 Interlude in the Dark Room

Draco was crying like a foolish little boy and couldn’t stop himself. “This is all their fault! The Order didn’t arrive like they were supposed to and now everyone is dead!”

3,068 42
5 Ash Like Snow

Draco pressed himself against her.
“What are you playing at?” he seethed and tightened his grip. “You have no idea what you’re trying to get yourself into.”

2,994 30
6 The Ninth Room

“A room,” said Draco firmly. The man’s watery blue eyes flicked between Draco and Eloise. “Haven’t had two young ones come in here in years,” he noted in a low drawl. “Try not to be too loud for the other guests. I won’t have anyone complaining or you’re both thrown out—” “Just give us the room,” snarled Draco.

2,209 43
7 A Story Behind Every Door

Eloise wet her dry, cracking lips. “Harry… Potter?” she murmured to Hermione. Her brown eyes fell wide on Eloise. “Oh…!” she said with a twitch of an uneasy smile. Instead of answering she hurried to the others. Eloise heard Ron mutter, “Who was that?” before they turned and walked briskly away. Hermione cast a worried glance over her shoulder before they vanished completely. That look solidified everything. It was Harry Potter. Eloise knew it.

3,303 36
8 Meader

Something warm was on Draco’s skin, blooming and spreading across his entire being like full, white flowers. He felt in his mind a strange easiness he hadn’t known in years. He smelled clover and cherry blossom and grapefruit. It penetrated the dark corners of his mind with the hopeful glow of a sunrise, scaring away the shadows. And he could imagine the stars: silver fire, gleaming and crystal, in a way unseen to any human eye.

3,856 23
9 Shedding Old Cloaks

“Do you feel that?” she whispered. “What?” Draco grumbled, but she noticed him gripping his wand tighter. She swallowed and felt chill bumps rising from her spine. “It’s getting colder.” He scowled and said, “Listen, if you can’t manage to calm down—” “BEHIND YOU!” she screamed.

4,235 11
10 Blood Moon

“I’m sorry,” Harry said suddenly. Eloise looked up at him, her heart skipping a beat. “Why?” she asked breathlessly, worry overcoming her. Then she noticed a tingling sensation beginning to run through her body. Her eyes went to the empty cup in her hands and widened. “You poisoned it!” she gasped.

4,740 13
11 The Burning Mark

She didn’t move from her place and looked at him, pleadingly. “He’ll kill you because you’re not a…a follower…any more—”

Before she could even finish, felt something break in his mind. Words he had wanted to scream for so long were now finally tumbling crudely from his mouth, or somewhere deeper. “A DEATH EATER?" he bellowed. "IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY? THEN SAY IT!”

3,401 12


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