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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Draco, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Draco/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Romance, Angst
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-12-03 2:36am
Last Chapter
2008-05-23 11:19am
Last Updated
2008-05-23 11:19am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 I couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing

Hosted by I never exactly had the greatest childhood and becuase of that I'm afriad to trust anyone. And now there's this guy in my life who won't give up. He keeps nosing into my life and trying to dig up all these secrets that I've tried so desperately to hide. (thanks to secret_soul for the beautiful banner!)

2,129 6
2 Tired of living like a blind man

I didn't see my psychopath house mate anywhere, and I wondered where he'd drifted off to. He had left the dinner hall after breakfast as Dumbledore, the head master, welcomed everyone to the school, and I'm feeling he probably took off somewhere to smoke crack or whatever it is he did.

1,023 3
3 I'm sick of sight without a sense of feeling

Being away from everyone at home (bastard dad, indifferent mom) is the best thing in the world. I mean, I get to have my own space, even if my own space requires that I share it with an equally disgusting House mate from the fiery pits of hell, yours truly, Draco Malfoy.

1,260 2
4 This is how you remind me of what I really am

Ginny is Harry’s friend, I think, and Draco seems to be bringing her name up each time Harry is around, and this makes Harry blush. I don't know why. Maybe I've been missing a lot of things, doing homework all the time. Being estranged from the world and absorbed in books, can reduce you into somebody like me.

833 2
5 It's not like you to say sorry

"You don't always have to be so sarcastic to me, you know." Draco reaches out to shove his spoon into my bowl and scrape out a mouthful. I glare at him. "Well, you're not exactly giving me any reason not to be sarcastic." "Are you always this uptight?" "Are you always this prying?"

920 5
6 I was waiting for a different story

The empty Quidditch pitch shoulda been the best place to teach somebody how to skate. Draco grabs a ball and throws it through one of the high hoops. Turning around to face me, he folds his arms across his chest. "What happened to flying?" I ask him, and he just rolls his eyes.

1,245 4
7 This time I'm mistaken

When Draco asked me if I'd like to play with him and his Slytherin friends, I knew I should've just said no. I was getting bad grades already; I had a hard time keeping up with all the brainiacs as it is. It wasn't because I was fooling around, either. It was because this strange school held high standards and really taught you the importance of hanging on to the teacher's every word. It's bad enough I couldn't write legibly, now I have to scramble notes on paper if I want to pass the term.

859 8
8 for handing you a heart worth breaking

Apparently, they all make fun of the new kids, and every year they score one. I shoot my house mate a dirty look which I don't think he notices. He's too busy trying to apologize to me as we slip carefully out of the school, stealthily in case Filch (or Hermione) spots us, my heart in my throat, a camera in Brian's hand.

639 3
9 I've been down to the bottom of every bottle

"At least we know each other's secrets now." Draco offers lamely. I feel my chest tighten and consciously rub at my left wrist. "Or at least…" He pauses. "I know yours."

524 5
10 are we having fun yet?

Draco walks over to me and touches my cheek. I flinch. "Who did this to you?" "Where do you get off asking personal questions like that?"

1,560 4
11 It's not like you didn't know

I shudder when I realize I'm here, safe in the harbor of Hogwarts. I let out a shuddering sigh and cradle my face in my hands, leaning forwards and trying to even out my breathing, holding back the urge to vomit, or worse, cry my eyes out like the girl I am.

718 3
12 I said I love you and I swear I still do

"I have detention today," Draco groans as he goes through the mail spread out on the table. I look up at him, still chewing on a chocolate bar, as I box my final answer on the homework I'm working on.

693 2
13 And it must have been so bad

Draco leads me to Ravenclaw House where his friend Jeff stays. Their common room is smaller, but I don’t tell them that. It overlooks the lake,small and quaint, pretty even, regardless of those who inhabit it.

708 4
14 These words in my head scream

I'm getting you something." Draco says softly, noticing our silence for the first time in fifteen minutes and planning to do something about it. "Oh really? What is it?" I ask, but I'm more interested in the ninety third three we've probably passed so far in the road. I'm far too immersed in my own thoughts to pay attention to whatever it is he's trying to say.

1,344 4
15 Seems like Just Yesterday

"What happened to Mr. Peanut?" What would ever possess someone to name their radio Mr. Peanut? "Gave it to Brian," Draco frowns. "Why?" I ask, confused, my eyes are drooping but I'm still a little bit coherent to muster up a decent reaction. "In exchange for you." I sniff, but I'm almost asleep. "Me? Why me?" "He had damning evidence in that camera of his. I had to bargain. It was either I give you up, Mr. Peanut or my gall bladder."

529 4
16 You were a part of me

I found out Harry had gotten the part and storm to his room the moment Harry announced this news. Draco is on his bed with headphones clamped to his ear. I glare at him and he looks at me weirdly, lifting them from his head.

736 4
17 I used to stand so tall

I sacrificed the extra credit for being with him. Maybe this is a bit too clingy but lately I feel strange. “Polonius should have should pay more attention to Lady Ginny,” she teases, and mix emotions cross Harry’s face. “Shush, Gin, I’m concentrating.” “No you’re not.” “Yes I am.”

824 6
18 I used to be so strong

“You okay, Jor?” Ginny asks and I moisten my bottom lip. “Of course I am, why wouldn’t I be?” Ginny throws Harry a meaningful look. “You were talking in your sleep, and we thought you were crying or something.” “Bad dream?” Harry asks me and I shake my head. “Can’t really remember,” I lie.

2,070 2
19 Your Arms Around Me Tight

“Jordan, you should stop.” He tells me quietly and I snap my head up. I glare. “Just drop it.” He nods, a little reluctantly and stuffs one hand into his pocket. He looks at the statue of the praying man, and shrugs again, smiling at me a little sadly.

535 4
20 Everything felt so right

“Nothing much,” I sigh, shrugging. This is true since, I’ve been bored listless for the past few weeks. I rub on my wrist and look out the window. Sixty four, sixty five, sixty sixth tree we passed--- “Looking forward to the play?” Draco tries again, lowering the volume. “Maybe.” I watch him smile into the rearview mirror and chew on my bottom lip. I still wished I could’ve been part of the cast. And I still wished Draco could’ve been too. “You?”

912 3
21 Unbreakable like nothing could go wrong

“If I were part of the Quidditch team,again, you think you’d wear those jeans? “No.” “If, say, um, I did a really good job with the lights, you think you’d wear them?” I sigh. “No,” “If, I begged and pleaded and go down on bended knee, you think you’d wear them?” I give Draco a look and fold my arms. “No,”

688 7
22 Unbreakable, like nothing could go wrong

“If I were part of the Quidditch tem, you think you’d wear those jeans?


“If, say, um, I did a really good job with the lights, you think you’d wear them?”

I sigh. “No,”

“If, I begged and pleaded and go down on bended knee, you think you’d wear them?”

I give Draco a look and fold my arms. “No,”

514 0
23 Now I Can't Breathe, No I Can't Sleep

The play is the main event, after which the reception comes after, and we get to invite the townspeople and our parents, too.

Only, I don’t invite mine.

And Draco tells me his aunt can’t attend because she’s on vacation, probably too old to travel. I don’t know why he doesn’t live with his parents.

801 3


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