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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Tonks, Cho, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Mystery, Romance
Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-11-29 12:34am
Last Chapter
2006-12-17 11:50pm
Last Updated
2009-07-21 11:19pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1 - A New Beginning

Sirius has died, and as Harry struggles with his guilt, new neighbors move in across the street on Privet Drive. But this foreign family from the Middle East has a very beautiful daughter, and she’s taken a liking to Harry. But just as Harry must hide his own true identity, so too are the secrets that run deep within the Darbinyan family… secrets of death, secrets of life, secrets that will unwittingly guide Harry to rebirth, and the ultimate discovery of how Voldemort must be defeated. [Novel length Fanfic - Book 6].

4,159 12
2 Chapter 2 - Hogwarts Forgotten

Harry's falling in love with a Muggle, and isn't sure what to do about it. But is Harry the only one hiding their true identity?

3,727 6
3 Chapter 3 - Shattered Glass

The mystery surrounding Gabriella Darbinyan churns, while at the same time Harry begins to lose control of his magic. Does it have something to do with his new found love, or is something more nefarious at play?

4,044 4
4 Chapter 4 - Tears in the Sunset

Love can be pure, wonderful, and intimate, but with intamacy comes truth, and Harry must lie to hide his true identity. But, is he the only one hiding something? Secrets proliferate as a familiar ache returns to Harry's life.

4,796 4
5 Chapter 5 - The Test

When vandals strike with knives, Harry learns a valuable lesson about what it will take to defeat Voldemort. And he learns it from Muggles.

4,432 3
6 Chapter 6 - Dudley's Confession

A fragment of Harry's past, returns to haunt him, reassembled by the very wizards Harry calls friends. And Dudley's gift of a blood-red stone sets the stage for the mystery to come.

4,132 5
7 Chapter 7 - Eyes of the Dragon

Gabriella sets in motion a new path for Harry, a path that reveals more than just his destiny with the Dark Lord.

3,392 3
8 Chapter 8 - Nowhere to Run

Grigor has a chat with Harry, and the young wizard’s life is changed forever. His dreams of a future with Gabriella are decimated, and in a misguided attempt to win her back he turns his back on the Wizarding world and his destiny with Voldemort. But destinies are not so easily changed, and Harry ultimately hurts the one person he loves the most.

4,416 4
9 Chapter 9 - An Uncertain Future

Harry wakes to find that he has returned to the Wizarding world, or has he? Ron and Hermione are happy to see their best friend, but much as last year, he finds it hard to return the joy. Indeed, his mind is back on Privet Drive churning over the sacrifice he was always destined to make.

4,018 2
10 Chapter 10 - Burning Water

Harry's feet are firmly planted back in the Wizarding world with Ron and Hermione, but his heart and soul are back on Privet Drive with Gabriella. But Harry's brought something with him into St. Mungo's... something he has no hope of controlling, and no one knows what it is, not even Harry.

4,290 2
11 Chapter 11 - An Unhappy Inheritance

Gabriella’s alive, but Harry returns to Grimmauld Place only to wish he were dead. Somehow he can’t tell his friends that he loves a Muggle. Instead, Harry must decide what to do with the Sirius fortune, Buckbeak, and the return of Kreacher. But, is that all Harry must worry about?

4,465 2
12 Chapter 12 - A Scar Too Deep

Harry removes the bandages, and finds something that will change his life forever. But his is not the only revelation. Ron has a secret he's finally willing to share; sadlly, it's not his only secret.

4,387 2
13 Chapter 13 - The Viswa Vajra

Harry discovers one interpretation for the scar on his arm, and comes to understand the scar on Ron's back. And in the absence of Gabriella, an old acquaintance enters his life.

4,496 2
14 Chapter 14 - A New Map

Hermione deduces the prophecy of Harry's fate, while Harry learns what it will take to defeat Voldemort.

4,136 3
15 Chapter 15 - Blood on the Hogwarts Express

What would happen if Draco killed the girl Harry loves? There are fates much worse than death.

4,646 2
16 Chapter 16 -- The Sword and the Snake

A battle of the houses to rival the ages. Pure hate -- without Voldemort raising a finger. What will the Sorting Hat say?

3,733 6
17 Chapter 17 -- The Metamorphmagus

Harry is growing up, and so are his friends. Each is learning new abilities and developing their own opinions about the world around them. But are all these changes natural? Are all these changes good? What might it take to sever the strongest friendship at Hogwarts?

4,257 3
18 Chapter 18 - True Colours

Harry struggles to understand Ron, and finds himself linked to Draco in an unexpected way.

3,965 2
19 Chapter 19 - Hidden at Honeydukes

Things look bad for Cho, and Harry decides that it's time for Draco to pay. But at what price does vengeance come?

4,407 2
20 Chapter 20 - A Stunning Defense

Harry longs to return home to Gabriella; but it's time to learn about the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher and the Unforgiveable Curses. Would Harry really want to save Pansy Parkinson's life?

4,082 2
21 Chapter 21 - Protecting the Snake

Harry joins the Ravenclaws in a plot to attack Slytherin, but his thirst for revenge is quenched when a cold wind blows through the front castle doors and Harry must find it within himself to begin a new relationship with Draco Malfoy.

4,121 3
22 Chapter 22 - Salazar's Pride

Harry struggles as he comes to terms with being the focal point of the deaths that seemingly surround him. In the depths of his alienation toward his best friends, hints of a new friendship emerge, and the seeds of a new alliance are sewn.

4,650 2
23 Chapter 23 - Chosen Paths

When times appear their darkest, Dumbledore holds out a hand to Harry and takes him into his confidence. Draco's future hangs from the thread that is Cho Chang's life, and the news of that future arrives.

4,725 1
24 Chapter 24 - A Dark Mark

Can Harry bring himself to say good-bye to Cho, and let her die with honor and grace? A flash of green--a portent of things to come.

4,812 2
25 Chapter 25 - Out of Bravery, Fire

A centaur peers to the sky, observing a portent of war to come. A house elf peers at the aura of darkness surrounding Harry, and sees the mark of a dark wizard. So many things Harry can't see, the greatest of which is the future that he holds in his very hand... a future that spells Voldemort's doom.

4,555 1
26 Chapter 26 - A Girl's Best Friend

A kiss from Hermione, and soon Ron is running around naked! It's time for the redhead to reveal his own secret. And a very special friend returns.

4,852 4
27 Chapter 27 - Flying to the Falls

With no word from Gabriella, Harry finds himseld falling for someone else. But just as he is about to give up hope, Hedwig returns with news, and with it comes an uncontrollable, and perhaps irrational urge to protect Gabriella at all cost.

5,047 3
28 Chapter 28 - Gray to Green

Ginny has had it with Ron's feud with Dean, and takes matters into her own hands. The frost between Goyle and Harry begins to melt as Goyle sets his own course apart from Voldemort. Alone with Tonks, Harry reveals a secret connection he has with another student.

5,554 2
29 Chapter 29 - Lost at Sea

Harry's emotions seem to be slipping out of his control, but why? A simple touch of Cho's hand, a strand of blonde hair between forefinger and thumb, a note from Little Whinging speaking of love... all are storming within Harry just as Voldemort moves his most powerful piece out onto the playing field -- a truly extraordinary woman.

5,494 2
30 Chapter 30 - The Stone of Cinnabar

How is it that the gift Dudley gives Harry for his birthday is is known for its magical properties? Ah well, Harry is too busy to concern himself with this revelation. He must rally the school in the wake of tremendous disaster, while his two best friends are out fighting the battle... or are they? He must push aside his jealously, and focus on his one true love... Cho?

4,375 4
31 Chapter 31 - Opportunity for Disaster

Dumbledore challenges Harry to decide between the two women in his life: Cho or Gabriella. But all Harry can think about is what Ron and Hermione have been doing all year. All this just as Draco makes Harry an offer he should refuse -- but won't.

5,762 3
32 Chapter 32 - Escape from Azkaban

Harry struggles to understand Neville’s antics with Helen, and discovers that there may be something more behind Malfoy’s offer of allegiance. More importantly, Ron finally reveals to Harry what is behind his racist attitude toward Dean. And as their friendship rekindles, Harry learns that a man will soon return with special plans for Harry.

5,327 1
33 Chapter 33 - Dealing with the Snake

Harry's relationship with Draco deepens, but at what cost? Without meaning to, Goyle strikes a fatal blow.

5,094 5
34 Chapter 34 - First of the Number

Skewered through the chest with the shaft of Goyle's broom, Harry discusses death with Sir Nicholas. In the commotion, a Gryffindor is taken hostage by Voldemort, but by whose hand? Is there a Death Eater in the castle? Is it Cho? She certainly seems mad enough, or is the red in her eyes caused by something more heartfelt?

5,076 4
35 Chapter 35 - The Truth Revealed

Neville is in the hands of Voldemort and Harry, in the midst of telling Cho about Gabriella, suddenly realizes that Neville knows about his Muggle love. And if Neville knows, how long before Voldemort finds out and takes action? Harry must tell Dumbledore, but when Harry returns to Hogwarts he finds the Headmaster... unwell.

4,498 4
36 Chapter 36 - Out of Wisdom, Blood

As Harry attempts to sleuth out the true meaning behind his birthday gifts, another challenge presents itself. The time has come to seal his alliance with Draco. But at what cost?

5,176 1
37 Chapter 37 - Diversity of Strength

In the midst of learning about the universe and what it is that makes us strong, Harry's persona begins to split. A darkness is seeping into his soul that he cannot see. Is it his closeness to Draco that's causing these strange changes, or is something more sinister at play?

5,376 1
38 Chapter 38 - And Then There Were Two

The day of the big match between Hufflepuff and Slytherin has arrived! Why is it then that Hermione doesn’t wish to go? Why is it that Harry is cheering for Draco? As darkness continues to consume Hogwarts, another student is taken and Dumbledore knocks on death’s door. How far will Harry go to save his friends? Will he go so far as to give himself up to Voldemort? Let’s see!

5,220 3
39 Chapter 39 - A Loss of Self

The last thing Harry wanted was to hurt anyone. His dreams were on Gabriella, not on domination. But now... this aliance with Draco... He never thought he'd given anything but a scar to Malfoy. But he gave the blonde more, much more. No, the furthest thing from Harry's mind when Harry woke this morning was murder.

5,384 3
40 Chapter 40 - The Marauder's Eye

Determined to leave Hogwarts and return home to Gabriella, Harry starts on his way. Only someone stops Harry cold and forces him to face an uncertain future--a future of madness that is beyond his control. But does Harry's path truly lead to insanity? And has Harry passed the infection of psychosis to his one hidden ally against the Dark Lord -- Draco Malfoy?

5,571 6
41 Chapter 41 - A Reason to Be

Greg Goyle prepares to return to Slytherin, but not before the Gryffindors have their way with him. Draco discovers that he, like Harry, might lose his mind, while Harry discovers that there's more to being Harry than just a scar on your forehead.

5,830 6
42 Chapter 42 - Out of Love, True Power

The true power behind the stone of cinnabar is revealed as Harry solves the puzzle left him by Gabriella. But no sooner does Harry gain a new strength, than Draco warns him of an impending doom. Christmas just won't be the same this year.

5,909 6
43 Chapter 43 - Holiday Surprise

Is the girl on the train really Gabriella, or is this chance meeting some sort of elaborate trap? A chapter of sacrifice, of murder, and of forgiveness that ends with a wonderful Christmas gift.

5,756 4
44 Chapter 44 - The Green Flame

Harry learns the power of the vivificus stone, only to discover that such a rare stone could tip the balance in Voldemort's favor -- Hogwarts is in danger.

5,686 3
45 Chapter 45 - Red Light at Morning

Strange astronomical events portend events that Harry can not see. If only he had paid more attention in Divination. If only Soseh could warn him.

4,076 2
46 Chapter 46 - And So It Begins

A perfectly perfect Christmas, but then everything goes wrong, and the battle begins -- the battle of magic that will forever change the lives of everyone Harry knows, even his best Muggle friend -- Duncan.

5,133 2
47 Chapter 47 - Lycanthropic Liberation

The school is covered in and evil darkness as Harry and the Weasleys arrive to recover the stone of cinnabar. On the grounds of Hogwarts they must battle werewolves, Dementors, and much more. At last, Harry faces the one witch he hates above all others. If only he could control his anger.

4,933 13
48 Chapter 48 - Demonstration in Kind

The war has begun, or at least its first salvo. With Dumbledore out of the way, the Death Eaters have come to take Harry away. It is a time for unity from the unlikeliest of allies. In the end, Harry must offer Draco the ultimate demonstration in kind.

6,833 5
49 Chapter 49 - Voices from the Past

Harry's future is calling, only he doesn't hear it, not yet. And while the first great battle is over and the wizards heal their wounds, Harry returns home to discover how the Muggle world was also touched by darkness.

5,246 7
50 Chapter 50 - A Time to Grieve

Duncan, distraught over Emma's death, struggles to find meaning in life. Unfortunately, neither he nor Harry completely understands what is to befall them, as the second puzzle is revealed.

5,547 8
51 Chapter 51 - The Truth Revealed

The time has come to reveal everything to Gabriella. But as Harry tells all, his understanding of the Darbinyans diminishes. Mysteries swell as Tonks challenges Harry's rescue of Lucius in the caverns, only to reveal her own special plan -- a plan that will lead them both to disaster.

6,234 2
52 Chapter 52 - Rescue

Bring back Sirius!? The possibilities swell in Harry's mind as Occlumency is recklessly forgotten. The link with Voldemort could spell Harry's doom, but instead provides him the opportunity for rescue.

6,662 7
53 Chapter 53 - Awakenings

Neville and Luna have been saved, but it's Ron that receives the credit. How does Harry handle the fact that he's no longer in the spotlight? And with Voldemort on the ropes, Tonks returns with news about her attempt to bring Sirius back from behind the curtain.

5,334 7
54 Chapter 54 - Pure Water

Waking suddenly to a loud crash, Harry finds he can neither see nor move. Soon he will be offered as a sacrifice. But instead of dying, he will emerge reborn - the stain of darkness gone forever.

4,924 7
55 Chapter 55 - The Wizard Next Door

Finally we discover the truth about Gabriella's father! And if you believe that, I have some swampland in Florida I can sell yeh, real cheap!

4,248 5
56 Chapter 57 - A Fine Team

Quidditch! The chance to play for the Magpies comes to Harry and Ron, but to what end? An intimate moment between Harry and Draco may turn the corner for Draco's addiction.

4,909 1
57 Chapter 56 - Friendship

Harry returns to Hogwarts, to find a very different Draco than the one he last saw in the caverns. He also discovers that there are some things more important than fighting Voldemort -- like friendship.

4,844 5
58 Chapter 58 - Darkness Returns

Harry's relationship with James strengthens. Harry senses Voldemort's return to power. Gabriella tells her father that she murdered his old friend.

4,917 1
59 Chapter 59 - A New Game

It's time for Harry and Ron to strut their stuff in front of the Magpies. Unfortunately for Harry, the Magpies have something far different than a simple match of Quidditch in mind.

4,772 3
60 Chapter 60 - Bad Timing

Harry tries to convince Tonks that the water from the falls deep inside the Forbidden Forest will complete the potion to set Sirius free from behind the curtain. But she?s having none of it. Frustrated, Harry finds himself on Valentines Day with Cho, when an unexpected guest arrives.

4,881 3
61 Chapter 61 - A Giant Mistake

Gabriella visits Harry for the weekend. But while Harry's preoccupied with his girlfriend, something is afoot at the castle, three very big somethings that might spell the demise of Hogwarts. If only Harry had listended to Draco.

5,321 3
62 Chapter 62 - Crushing Defeat

Restored to strength, Voldemort has sent the giants to destroy Hogwarts Castle and murder Minister Weasley. What he didn't plan on was that a young wizard would ruin those plans, a wizard not named Harry Potter.

4,377 3
63 Chapter 63 - Vanished

Harry reconciles with Remus and Tonks renews her interest in bringing back Sirius. All may be for not, however, as the Plague of Al Bsahri attacks the Hogwarts Express while Harry heads home for Spring Break. Unfortunately, know one realizes it until it's too late.

5,434 3
64 Chapter 64 - A New Day Dawns

The heart of Hogwarts is rocked at the fate of Greg Goyle, and all are surprised to find Harry Potter his greatest advocate. With Beauxbatons attacked, transfer students arrive at Hogwarts, but not all are from Beauxbatons. No, the black plaque of Al Bsahri has returned.

5,186 3
65 Chapter 65 - The Black Key

At last Hermione reveals to Harry her concerns over Tonks and the dangers now facing Harry. But is Grigor the evil mastermind, or is the center of this evil someone much more familiar?

4,950 2
66 Chapter 66 - A Tiger's Stripes

Harry heads to the falls to retrieve the last ingredient that will bring back Sirius from behind the veil. But a very unexpected friend tags along for the ride with some very unexpected results.

4,962 2
67 Chapter 67 - Dreaming with the Snake

The night to save Sirius from behind the veil has finally arrived. Only things don't go nearly as well as Harry had hoped. It seems his dearest friends are determined to stop him, but at what cost?

4,497 5
68 Chapter 68 - A Black Slate

Wanting to save Sirius, Harry finds himself trapped only inches away from his godfather's rescue. The enemy that has immobilized him? A very old enemy, a very dear friend.

5,701 5
69 Chapter 69 - Sacrifice

Trapped by the temtpress witch Anaxarete, Harry turns to Grigor for help only to discover that the man he might one day call father has very different plans.

4,181 4
70 Chapter 70 - The Power That Lies Within

Trapped within the Ministry of Magic, Harry senses the return of Voldemort just as his godfather, Sirius Black, begins to emerge from behind the veil. It’s a race against time, a race that Harry can’t win without help. It is a race that only one will finish: Voldemort or Harry Potter. How is it then that Harry finds his fate, and the fate of his friends, rests in the hands of his enemy--Draco Malfoy?

6,647 4
71 Chapter 71 – The Return of Ebyrth

The last war has ended, but not without a price. Draco has left Hogwarts and Harry must face a new foe. He is not the only one. Ron and Hermione must face their own demons, demons that have haunted them since last summer, demons that only now are to reveal their true nature.

4,578 2
72 Chapter 72 – The Razor’s Edge

What does it take for the most upright citizen to fall into darkness? What's the fine line that separates good from evil? For all of us, it is the razor's edge.

5,428 3
73 Chapter 73 - The Burden of Becoming

While dreams of Centaurs cloud his mind, Harry learns his fate from Soseh and discovers that this orphan has a VERY large family.

5,809 0
74 Chapter 74 - Epilogue

In the grand conclusion to Harry Potter and the Burden of Becoming (book 6), we discover the true fate of darkness.

910 45


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