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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-11-26 9:46pm
Last Chapter
2008-05-14 9:01pm
Last Updated
2008-05-14 9:01pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Frustration, Infatuation, Contemplation

Delia Moore has quite a few problems, her frustrating family, her newly friendless existence, her goalless future and of course her hopeless and life consuming crush on a werewolf classmate of hers. Equipped with an unshakable annoying sidekick in her 7th year, things finally begin to start looking up for Delia as she attempts to vent out how she really feels about life in a common teenager way. ~thank you casually_a_weasley for the banner

2,681 16
2 Conversations are Neat

Okay it was hard enough mustering courage to talk to Remus but I have to talk to Sirius instead? Alright deep breaths, he is a friend of Remus; this is just a good opportunity as any.

2,221 10
3 A Wrong Interpretation

I jumped and immediately snapped the book shot. It made a loud noise and I blushed slightly. The person in question was standing right in front of me.

2,173 12
4 Operation HWTD

“They also fancy themselves a handsome lot, but we know us Gryffindor boys are the prettiest” I jumped up, startled as Sirius Black read over my shoulder.

2,589 9
5 Animated Anger

ANIMATED?????? ANIMATED!!!!! What on earth does that mean, does he think I’m cartoonish and therefore thinks I’m immature and therefore thinks I’m not fit for dating? I may never know, but rest assured I will agonize about it for eons. ERGH boys are so unreadable, especially the nice smart ones. At least with the dumb pervy ones you know what to expect, childish pranks and jokes about sex. Maybe I should have tried Black out.

2,411 13
6 Charging Admission

I’m already driving myself crazy enough with wondering what’s going on in Remus’s mind, I don’t want to try and wrap my head around this mystery too.

2,267 9
7 Self Appointed Protector

While trying to escape some of the more annoying things in life, Delia and Charlotte find themselves suffering at the hands of the Marauders

2,542 13
8 Messing with my head

December comes and Christmas is approaching and the idiot invention known as boy decides that its national mess with Delia's head month

2,593 12
9 B words

Then it happened

2,173 13
10 Eat Chocolate Not People

“Delia, hullo” he says politely. I pick up on the calm way he greets me, as if suggesting everything is normal and that I have gotten over my desire of inflicting pain on the Marauders.

2,554 15
11 Taking the good with bad

Okay my master plan was to dodge, duck, avoid and hide as long as it was possible. Also ask Ross for actual good ideas. In the letter she sent me she recommended the truth but that’s never done me any good.

3,054 14
12 Heat

She scoffed, “Oh please, I don’t believe in wasting time with tea leaves when I can be making a much better future elsewhere. Now about that little secret you’re hiding”

2,893 8
13 Do you know who your friends are?

I tried to make a weak joke about Hogwarts installing a heating system but he interrupted me “How did you find out?” he blurted quickly.

2,461 12
14 Devious Intentions

My eyes just widened and I did sort of a half nod. She grinned and waved before disappearing behind the doors. Probably the reason it seems like all the girls in our year and house worship her is because they don’t know what else to do in her presence.

2,708 11
15 Fortune Favors the Bold

I held back a cringe before answering politely. “Thank you, but it would feel a little weird dressing up for Leo, since we’re going as friends” I repeated the term friends again before giving them all an apologetic smile and leaving the room. Plain suits me anyways.

4,075 15
16 Actions Speak Louder

I must of looked pretty annoyed because he had tensed up, no doubt thinking we were about to have an argument. I just kept remembering what Sirius said, how I couldn’t just wait around for Remus, I had to show him how I felt.

2,545 13
17 Waiting for those Good Things

Unfortunately my brain was absorbed in other things. My eyes would dart up anytime I heard the portrait entrance open or sounds footsteps coming from one of the staircases. It was not only disappointing but extremely annoying as I couldn’t stop myself from doing it.

3,138 16
18 No Rest for the Wishful

He was doing that adorable thing where guys have one hand on the back of their head messing up their hair anxiously. Seriously though, if he’s about to turn me down he needs to stop making me like him more.

3,582 19
19 The Proof is in the Writing

I felt awkward. Remus looked awkward. This was awkward.

2,760 11
20 The Sound of Settling

Umm closing statement. “I don’t see how it’s a bad thing and I’m thinking we should be together” I paused yet again. “So…uh….what are you thinking?”

2,670 24


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