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Harry, Dumbledore, Snape, Voldemort, Neville, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Angst
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme,
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-11-19 12:52am
Last Chapter
2007-04-28 4:24am
Last Updated
2007-04-28 4:24am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Eynhallow: Holy Isle, Unholy Inhabitant.

Image hosted by Corrine has lived her life with a terrible secret: she is cursed to be the only child of Lord Voldemort. Isolated, she has lived in a desolate island in fear of becoming a dark wizard like her father. Now she must go forth and finish the task of her dead mentor and true friend, Dumbledore. Will she be able to complete the task, and help the Chosen One fulfill his destiny, or will she be unable to resist the pull of evil that courses through her blood? 600 reads!

2,945 35
2 Choices

Corrine must decide if it is safe for the daughter of Voldemort to study magic.

4,171 23
3 Learning

Corrine must try and learn magic, but is it safe for the daughter of Voldemort to use it?

5,162 24
4 Deep Magic

Dumbledore shows Corrine that she must learn to confront Deep Magic.

5,956 18
5 Who Teaches the Teacher?

How will Corrine react when she learns that she must now be taught by Snape?

4,170 17
6 The Dark Lady

How will Corrine handle the addition of Snape into her well-ordered life?

6,781 20
7 Out on A Ledge

Snape must help Corrine out of a dangerous situation.

5,193 13
8 Graduation

The years go by and Corrine's education is complete. What then will happen to her?

3,594 6
9 New Chapter 9: Child of Darkness, Woman of Light

How will Corrine's life change now that she is no longer a student, but a grown woman? And how will that effect other things?

6,450 7
10 Not All Mistakes can be Unmade

Will Love bring joy or tragedy to Corrine's life?

4,612 7
11 New horizons

Corrine decides to leave Eynhallow

4,099 3
12 Death and the Longbottoms

Corrine begins her journey through her father’s past

4,793 2
13 Hems and Hogwarts

Life proves harder in the real world than Corrine thought it would.

6,668 3
14 A year in a life

Corrine slowly adjusts to life with the Longbottoms, though, just in time for everytihng to change . . . again.

6,401 3
15 Chapter 15: Difficult Times

Corrine spends a diffult year where she and Dumbledore grow further apart.

6,804 2
16 Horcrux, or Horcruxes?

Corrine must come face to face with one of her father's Death Eaters. Is the risk worth the knowledge gained?

6,666 3
17 Wandering and wondering

Corrine wanders the magical world, but will it bring her closer to Dumbledore, or break them apart?

9,586 3
18 The Cursed, and the Chosen

Corrine begins her journey with Harry Potter. The dying wish of Albus Dumbledore.

6,114 4
19 Hunting

Corrine begins her march to destroy her father and his Death Eaters, Harry by her side.

6,400 4
20 Lost and not quite found

Corrine and Harry discover the secret to one of the Horcruxes

7,184 2
21 Quid Pro Quo

Harry has to swallow his pride and go to the Ministry in order to find and destroy another piece of Voldemort’s soul.

7,488 2
22 Can You Never Go Home Again?

Corrine must rush back to her home, Harry, Hermione and Ron in tow. But will the Death Eaters get in their way, or will the Order?

6,520 3
23 A Kiss in the Dark

Corrine and Harry must share something before their final task can be done.

6,951 2
24 The end of one thing, the begging of another

It's over friends! Thanks for the help, reviews, praise and patience! I couldn't have done it without you!

7,700 15


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