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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC
Humor, Action/Adventure, AU
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-11-18 4:22pm
Last Chapter
2008-01-31 8:28pm
Last Updated
2008-01-31 8:28pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Mysterious Letters

Banner by Midnight_Whispers It's Here My Fabulous Banner maker Midnight_Whispers made this for me and it's perfect. Thank You!To my readers you'll notice it takes me a while to update, it's not because I'm lazy, but that my mind is crammed with the information from my life. And so to clear my mind I give you this story about my life and my friend Charity's life only modified by a few years.

1,020 9
2 Entering The Story

Alex and Charity go to the wizarding world and are pulled into their favorite story.

1,244 3
3 Meeting The Golden Trio

Alex and Charity get to see the characters of Harry Potter outside of the movies and the books, but in real life.

1,532 2
4 Babies Once Again

Haarry and Ron startle Alex and Hermione and are turned into babies. Oh brother.

1,248 4
5 More of Harry and Ron baby style

Yeah the title says it all

1,099 0
6 The Train

Alex and Charity get to go on the Hogwarts express for the first time.

1,216 1
7 Being Head Girl

Alex has to survive being stuck in the same compartment as Malfoy.

930 1
8 Those Fateful Words

Alex and Charity get sorted

1,205 2
9 The Common Room

Alex's first night in the Heads' Common Room.

835 0
10 The Classes

The first day of class starts

3,352 0
11 The FLying Lessons

Alex learns to fly. And Charity Embarrasses Alex.

1,319 0
12 The Tests

Alex takes a series of tests to join a new tournament in Hogwarts

1,021 0
13 Greeting the new schools

The Schools participating in the tournement are coming and Alex knows a couple of the more distu\inguished schools.

824 1
14 The Champions

chapter 14 everyone!

2,187 0
15 The First Meeting

Thierry gets into numerous fights with Malfoy and the girls are briefed on the first task

903 0
16 Doomed

chapter 16 people!

972 1
17 One more day

One more day till the first task

925 0
18 Getting ready

uhh.. read

500 0
19 The Fashion First Task

It's the first task! Can Hogwarts pull in some good scores and can Ginny keep Ron from killing anybody? Well the second question is an atomatic no, actually Hermione had to stop him scne nobody can find Harry.

1,507 1
20 The Fashion First Task Part 2/ Don't Mess With Chicks

It's the secound half of the first task and I combined another charpter with it called Don't Mess With Chicks

3,775 0
21 Four Violet Streaks

The girls het new brooms and Alex goes to Try outs.

1,427 0
22 Play till you drop

Gryffindor vs. Slytherin

1,149 2
23 Halloween Dance

Alex, in her usual fashion yelled, “Ron! Hermione! Stop sucking each other’s faces off and let’s go!”

1,332 2
24 What's The 2nd Task

Alex sleeps in and finds out what the secound task is, now all that's left to do is tell malfoy. Three guesses who has to tell him.

540 0
25 Adorable Isn't It

This is just a little chapter dedicated to my partner in crime. Charity, I couldn't have written this without you.

792 2
26 Quidditch

I'm sorry it took such a long time, but I hope you like it anyway.

1,637 0
27 Recovery

Alex laughed and fell off her broom to hit her head on the soft ground below. "Omf! Well I guess our fun is over."

653 1
28 Thierry + Dangerous Potions

Do I really need a summary? Thierry spills a potion and all hell breaks loose.

1,178 1
29 Potions

The girls raced up the stairs to the common room where Harry and Malfoy were sitting on other sides of the room glaring at each other. Ginny and Alex delivered the potion and food to their assigned guy and sat back as the boys drank the potions and passed out having their minds switched back

1,953 1
30 Awkward



884 0
31 Task 3

“Bloody Hell, I hate the cold.”

1,327 1
32 The Gryffindor Crusade

Homework, the bane of my existence

975 1
33 A pointless Chapter

do I need any explanations?

870 0
34 You Never Know

Ron, follow me, I’ll show you EXACTLY why I said we weren’t going to come with Harry

953 0
35 Winter Can Be Busy

“Are you so desprate that you have to resort to extortion to get what you want?” Alex said jumping up and down to retrive her book.

1,658 1
36 Yule Ball

What happened at the Yule Ball. Malfoy pisses off Alex. Remus and Tonks are walked in on, and a bunch of other stuff

1,861 0
37 The Golden Trio Gets A Thwacking

NOPE! you don't get even a clue whats about to go on... why?.... because the title says enough. but there is a TINY spoiler from the 7th book just so you know

2,340 0
38 One down Three To Go

We're finally after the horcruxes! YESH!

1,317 0
39 Cold Cruel World

Okay Everybody is flying to Albania. Problem is... IT'S COLD! And all of the americans are complaining. Why? because we're all from California and we hate the cold.

1,221 1
40 Hotel Hijinks

'I am having an argument with myself and you don't find that the least bit odd?'


1,548 0
41 Two Down two to go

Malfoy and Alex have a chat and then Thierry curses Malfoy

1,015 2
42 From Albania to California

Introducing... my mom! and Warren!

1,033 0
43 We Need A Plan

Alex makes a plan to ditch Malfoy

1,786 2
44 Underground Market

Time to go shopping

1,068 0
45 Alex loves Draco

Hey! somebody bring the oxygen I think like half of you just passed out from reading the title. Calm down it will make more sense after you read the chapter.

1,543 0
46 December 23rd

The day of supplying

1,437 0
47 The Day of The Stormcrows Cry

Okay, this chapter alone is what sent my rating from 15 and up to mature. Well I knew that was going to happen. So it's Christmas Eve

3,069 1
48 The New Ministry

Christmas Day comes at last and Alex goes to the ministry to see that some improvements are made.

1,145 1
49 Epilougue

Oh I'm so sad that this didn't go all the way to 50 chapters, but at least I got really really really close. Don't expect a sequal anytime soon since I have a few projects I want to finish, but I'll think about writing one.

1,160 2


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